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Dozens of stone pillars known as the Gloomspires rise from the ocean west of the Eye of Abendego. Built during the Age of Serpents by a humanoid race remembered only as the Makers, many of these columns contain numerous levels and chambers since used by both the devious and the desperate to hide themselves and their wealth. Since ancient times, the Gloomspires have intrigued explorers, yet the columns’ ever-present wind-resistant fog and their tendency to shift locations at random means studying any one in particular—much less getting an accurate count of their number—is extremely difficult. Only for three nights during the winter and summer solstices do the columns stay still.


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I threw this up on Reddit as well.

The feat Dorn Dergar Master lets you use the dorn dergar as a one handed weapon.

The fighter's advanced weapon training let's you treat a one handed weapon as a light weapon for two weapon fighting penalties.

Would these stack to swing double dorn dergars at -2/-2?

Can they also be modified with Dual Balanced from adventurers armory 2 to bring that down to -1/-1?

Is there some place where weapon training groups are regularly updated? I have a PC who's using a dorn dergar and a boulder helmet and can't find an official listing beyond the core book listing that GM's can add to these groups.