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I can dig the finesse thing. But at least they should be a slashing version of what they have as a bastard sword (which is its own issue but that is another place and time). It would at least allow for the image that is more constant to katana combat styles.

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Indeed. I still have my first edition play test book on my gaming shelf. After the goblin thread I was concerned there were going to be changes both to be different and to appease the masses. At the time there were statements about a desire be true to the setting you created. I am fully convinced that that is the heading you have set and applaud you for sticking to it. You're going to have some difficult days ahead but regardless of a decision being popular or not, you have a loyal family here to support you.

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Wanted to thank Paizo for the hard work they've done with the Paladin.

I'm a fan of the alignment staying as a lawful good requirement and seriously good work on the adjustments with the code. If players want to annoy a GM with a paladin or GM wants to make a player suffer for being a paladin, it's gonna happen but at least prioritizing loosens the noose a bit.

Having said that and as much as i like paladins, image as a whole, i still believe it is a niche class and i think that if you're only going to give one "armor master" class in the core book, it shouldn't be a niche class. I think you would be better served replacing the alchemist with the cavalier.

Just my thoughts and thanks again.

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I'm kinda with Voodist on this. My brother and i have tried this off and on for years and it just doesn't seem to take very well. Starfinder's rule set might work better.

Being said, there will be skills like computer use and various other sciences that will need to be added, as well as some skill mechanic for driving. There are more advanced firearms in one of the Pathfinder Adventure Path modules (the last one involving Baba Naga i believe) but those are only getting you to WWI level.

To try this you have your work cut out for you. Good luck.

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Just gonna say, not a fan of this. I'm a guy who like to play the "villain" races too. Set them up as heroes and the like, or at least even handed NPCs. But not as core options. Because I'm also the guy running the game. Giving an unlimited license for players to play the most destructive race to story is just asking for problems. And while evolving a setting can be a good thing, forcing an evolution to make an option viable becomes messy. Forgotten Relms had that problem too.

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So just gonna say that I'd love to see paladins remain lawful good. But this is just personal preference. Love the alignment system too.