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When can we expect an Errata update on Starfinder?

At the last GenCon (September 2019), the developers talked about a running 'in-house' list of errata for Starfinder. I'm just wondering when will such a list be released to the general public?

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This might be a twist from traditional Alien Archives, but I would like to see an exploration into the legacy races and how they fit in the science fiction setting of the Pact Worlds.

Half Elves (subculture of humans or subculture of elves)
Half Orcs (subculture of humans or subculture of orcs)

I'd like details on their government(s), political agenda, economics, interesting laws, common criminal activity (perhaps something unique to their culture), the affects of space travel on their biology (if any), psychological insights, societal norms and social customs (even etiquette), brief historical development since the Gap, important locations, and even a specialized theme common to their species.