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Hello all,

My very first thread! So, I'm contemplating setting up an E8 game (rather than E6) for a variety of reasons (I just prefer that power level). Now after a PC caps at level 6 with E6 every 5000 xp they gain a feat. My question is this: if the level cap is 8, should the PCs gain a feat every 5000 xp or should that bar be raised a little? If so what should that benchmark be? 6000 xp? 8000 xp?

I'm looking for fun, but a slow and steady advancement (confession: I have never been too great at the xp number crunching... always found it tedious... )

So, I'd see what the community perspective is. If it matters, I will probably be using 3.5 rather than Pathfinder. I have a few Pathfinder books, but I have ALL the 3.5 books, and ALL the Dragon mags and I'd like the players to have a wide variety of feat selection. My goal in using E8 isn't so much power limitation, it's ease of GM prep, limitation of higher level spells, and faster combat. I know the players will eventually feel like 10th level or so if the game goes long enough, which is fine by me.

Does an item that grants a bonus to Constitution prevent death from being damaged (not drained) down to 0 Con? One of my players suggest that it would, that his Amulet of Health +4 would, even if he is dropped to 0 Con by poison, be enough to sustain his life since the Amulet's power is not negated- in effect, holding him together and granting him an effective 4 Con, no matter how much poison he takes. Sure, his hit points would drop considerably, but he would still be alive. Since ability scores can't go into negatives, is my friend right?

Any opinions would be appreciated. I think this takes a bit of the sting out of poison if someone knows that they can't really be killed by it... at least not poison by itself.

(btw, we play 3.5, not pathfinder...yet. But unless pathfinder is radically different in this regard the question may apply to both systems)