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Not up to their usual standards


It is hard to not look at the Incident at Absalom and compare it to other adventure path volumes from Pathfinder. The first thing that strikes me is that it is about 30 pages shorter than a typical Adventure Path. In in of itself that would not be too much of an issue; however, coupled with the price point it does make one wonder what is going on. It is all of $2 less expensive than current AP products for Pathfinder.

The adventure is not that inspiring. It is fine for what it is but I was left wanting a bit more from the first AP installment from a new product. There are some interesting things going on but some that are not. What it does well is that it will allow for all PC types to have a place and will allow for the GM and players to explore quite a bit of the mechanics of the system through the adventure. That said, the missing 30 pages seem to have come directly from the adventure.

This part I find to be excellent. The description of the space station, the relics, aliens, and world profile are all very good.

This AP suffers from the brevity of the adventure. It is very short in terms of other APs. For example, Mummy's Mask: Empty Graves has a 51 page adventure and Hell's Vengeance: Hellfire Compact has a 49 page adventure to the 31 page one provided in this product. In the end, there just isn't enough there to justify the price point. My hope is that future AP products will get better. This is not really up to their usual high standards.