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re: the Endurance, I will check those out. In response I must recommend 'Alive' by Piers Paul Read, which was brutal and gripping.

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Thank you all for the recommendations, I will definitely check them out.

I am genuinely flattered to have received a response from the creator of Radovan and Jeggare. Let me just say: I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. I think they are the cream of the Pathfinder Tales (Master of Devils was glorious btw).

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I'm starting this campaign soon (as a player) and am very excited. I enjoy background reading and fantasy novels as it helps me flesh out my character and get into the theme of things. I recently read 'Winter Witch' was very enjoyable. I am looking for suggestions for other fantasy novels with a cold/snow theme. I recall reading the 'Icewind Dale' trilogy many years ago which was pretty good as well.

Any recommendations welcome!



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I ran this last night and had a blast.

End encounter spoiler:

The last encounter was absolutely brutal on the party. I'm pretty sure I could have TPK'd them if I'd went all in. Unless I misinterpreted any of it (this is from memory so may not be 100%):

Prepared and buffed bad guys!
2 * 5d6+3 explosive bombs a round with 10ft splash damage!
7th level fireballs!
9th level hasted and shielded rogue with 5d6 sneak attack and poisoned blade (AC 25 I think)!
10ft radius acid spillage and obscuring mist (for 1 round)
Hasted claw/claw/claw/bite (+13/+13/+13/+13) on the alchemist if I recall.

The rest of the scenario was a walk in the park for the party (1 plant, 3 rat swarms, 6 mooks and 3 medium elementals in total) so I didn't feel so bad hitting them hard for a CR10 encounter at the end.

All in all I very much enjoyed it, great job!

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Seriously, don't you already have your own entire sub-forum for this ? There isn't a single person here who isn't already getting spammed to death by this kickstarter. It's getting a bit much.

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Aye, great job JP. Maybe we'll get a game of CoC in sometime ?

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Dave the Barbarian wrote:
Wow. I wish I was Hobbun's GM. I had to order my own.

You know we'd chip in and buy you it if you wanted ;)

I ordered one too.

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Cool - got mine too. Looks great.

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Will the Pathfinder Advantage discount apply to minis ?

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Excellent - Prince of Wolves was a great read and was enough to convince me to sign up for a Pathfinder Tales subscription. Looking forward to some Radovan goodness, with his 'big smile'.

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Hi Ryan - I was trying to get in contact with you regarding your combat tracker. Do you think you could send me a mail with your email address ? My email is

Best Regards


omg_ryan wrote:

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words! I’m glad the Combat Pad is working for you.

CapeCodRPGer and TwilightKnight, I’m sorry that you’re having problems with the magnets peeling, and I appreciate your feedback. I personally had not had any problems with the magnets when I used them, so, I went back and did some extensive testing. I did find some cases where they didn’t hold up as well as I’d like. In the future, I’ll be using your feedback to investigate options for making the magnets more robust. The good news is, if you follow the tips below, the magnets should last you a long time!

Tips on making your magnets last:

1. When cleaning off wet-erase ink, avoid putting water on the magnets directly. Instead, wipe them with a damp cloth or paper towel.
2. Pop them out of the magnet sheet carefully. I noticed that if you twist them out, sometimes the twisting motion causes damage.
3. Avoid twisting the magnets.

Happy gaming!
Ryan Thomas
CEO - Open Mind Games, LLC.

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Tangible Delusions wrote:
Joseph Wilson wrote:
Rivermurk the Vengeful wrote:

Cool - glad you guys like it. Wife thinks it looks like a large window ("into another world" I keep responding) and my 3yr old daughter keeps asking me where our house is on the map.

I haven't gotten the actual product yet, so for my own reference, what size frames did these take? Did you have to modify the maps at all, or are they a common size? (I showed my wife the pictures you posted and she was immediately on board with setting this up in our new game room! SQUEE!)
I just got done putting mine up in place of my Greyhawk maps (Though those moved to a different wall) I got the 23X34 Poster Frames which worked out nicely

Yep - 23x34, might have even been 22 & 3/8 x 34. I bought them in target for $9.99 each. Its kinda painful to center the maps to minimize the amount of overlap/duplication. You'll know what I mean when you try it, but you will end up shifting each map into a corner of the frame and that will leave a gap (about 1/2 inch) on 2 sides of the frame. I put black electrical tape behind the mapin those cases so you don't notice the gap. Its pretty hard to get perfect.

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Joseph Wilson wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:

Wow! That looks great!
Agreed! This is exactly what I will be doing for my gaming room. Thanks for the inspiration, Rivermurk!

Cool - glad you guys like it. Wife thinks it looks like a large window ("into another world" I keep responding) and my 3yr old daughter keeps asking me where our house is on the map.

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TwoWolves wrote:

Are those Dragonlance modules framed on your wall?

Yup. The War of the Lance was the defining campaign/setting/novels of my teenage years.

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I recently did some investigation into getting these onto my gaming room wall. Turns out to be prohibitively expensive to get a frame this size custom made (in the region of hundreds of dollars).

My solution was 4 * $10 frames from target. Some pictures below of the final result. Total cost, including the map-pack less than $60.

pic one
pic two
pic three

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Stebehil wrote:
An exceptional musician died today: Gary Moore is dead at age 58. He was one of the greatest guitar players of our generation, his work spanning rock and blues music. RIP, Gary - now we have the blues...

RIP to a true Belfast man.

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This is the best thing on the internet.

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Todd Lower wrote:
Todd Lower wrote:

Someone put this one out a couple of weeks ago that I like.

Senerio List
Anybody know who created this? I hate to not give credit where it is due.

Hi Todd,

I created it. We've actually gamed together - I played at your Heresy of Man table a while back with JP and Drogon.

I had forgotten to schedule the cron job to update the database, which is why things where out of date. I have updated things and it now includes the sanctioned modules etc.

Feel free to let me know if you would like any additional functionality added to the site, its pretty easy to do.