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I'm not sure how many people this would interest, as it's almost totally unrealistic, but here goes anyway...

One of the side effects to the whole WotC transition-to-4th-edition thing has seemingly been to totally ignore the Star Wars rpg for quite a while. Looks like upcoming we've got a book about spaceships for Winter and then all the way until the end of Spring for a video game tie-in book. Could be cool, but... it's a video game tie-in.

Anyway, I love Star Wars and I love the Star Wars rpg. This isn't exactly a dead time in the Star Wars mythos, so there's no reason not to market it much more than they do. I also really like the Saga Edition, but my feathers got pretty ruffled when I read that it was just a testing ground for 4th (which was backed up by virtually no updates on the web site and a very sparse release schedule).

So, to the plan: WotC gives Paizo the Star Wars license and use of the Saga Edition like they get to use the OGL. They then get to make high-quality sci-fi stuff with a license that would make it worth their time. Their stuff is better than the non-existant stuff WotC isn't producing (and probably would be better than what they could do anyway), WotC is free to focus on 4th, Star Wars rpg fans get sweet new material, Paizo gets to cash in on a highly-desirable license, and everyone is happy.

So, if anyone working for Paizo loves Star Wars and has connections with the Lucas marketing people and/or Wizards of the Coast... I implore you to pitch this. And I would love you for it.

I can't seem to figure out how to subscribe to Pathfinder starting at issue 2, because I get issue 1 from my Dragon/Dungeon rollover. I tried the transition page, but it wouldn't let me select anything but starting with issue 1, which I didn't want to commit to because it seemed to be charging me for it instead of giving me rollover credit. The regular subscription option doesn't let you select which issue to start with, and I don't want to buy issue 1 twice. What do I do?

Sorry if this has already been brought up and discussed, but I've got a concern regarding GameMastery products and their relationship with Pathfinder.

One of the things I was really excited about when Pathfinder was announced was that I wouldn't need to buy anything else beyond my Pathfinder subscription to fully enjoy it. I'm not sure if it was by choice or encouraged by WotC (or a little of both), but a lot of the content in the magazines referenced a lot of stuff from the regularly-produced WotC splatbooks.

While the books weren't necessary, I've sort of got a completist mindset and wasn't always pleased with the minimal detail in the magazines in regards to the references, causing me to buy the splatbooks with some regularity to get the more fleshed-out details of the source material being drawn from. I understand the word-limit of the articles, but can't help feeling a bit left out when the space-saving technique is to reference another product.

My concern is that the GameMastery products will be used as references in Pathfinder, leaving me feeling obligated to collect the GameMastery products so that I feel like I can get the whole experience of the Adventure Paths. While I do plan on picking up as many of the GameMastery products that fit my needs as I can afford, I feel that Pathfinder's increased page-count and cost compared to the magazines warrants a lack of need for referenced material.

Will Paizo be continuing the trend of cross-referencing different product lines? While I understand the usefulness and value of the practice, the paranoid side of me can't help but feel a bit gouged, as I am not within the demographic of gamers who can afford every product and I am within the demographic that feels I don't need to in order to fully enjoy the Pathfinder experience.

Thanks in advance, and I hope I'm not offending anyone with this line of thought. I'd just like to know what exactly to expect regarding the connection between the product lines.

Depressed about Dragon and Dungeon being cancelled? Worried about Pathfinder not being worth the money? Four words: read the Whispering Cairn! The company behind that adventure is running Pathfinder, a brand new world full of fresh ideas and limitless potential? Sounds good!

So... where did these two go? I may have missed something in the previous adventure that killed them off/removed them from the Sea Wyvern, but if I didn't, what happened to them?

If they died between adventures (presumably by drowning), why develop them in the first place? I guess Skald served as a red herring for Rowyn, but just having them both disappear seems a little weak.

Maybe their deaths are examples of the harsh situation the PCs have gotten themselves into?