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Kind of a too honest, long response I realize. But I am only responding similarly to the post anyway. Please do not get mad out of disagreement.

tanath said wrote:

1. Most players are really, really bad.

I am so sick of 16 strength rangers, bards that sing and do nothing else, and 10 con melee rogues, there is some kind of huge bell-curve; there seem to be a few really decent players, and it's like everyone else makes bad choices on purpose. I've essentially solo'ed or two-manned a scenario more times that I can count.

If and when they exist, I don't mind those players myself haha. Just sounds like people learning how to make character types and builds and having fun with what may be common D&D mistakes sometimes.

So yeah, I don't understand that problem there as I don't mind those "problems" at all lol.

To be honest though, i think stopping playing is based more on whether you were actually two-manning or soloing or not. To me, I am fine with small groups (two is just the minimum of course..) although four or five people is much more ideal than two.

But still, even assuming you are just talking about "solo-ing" the combat, rather than the whole game (LOL), which from what I read .. the roleplaying and not just the combat is concerning you too, then YES, QUIT IF YOU ARE IN FACT SOLOING.

But as I said earlier, that's not two-manning. That's solo-ing. Like I said, I don't prefer two-man compared at all compared to 3 - 6 playing.. but yes please just don't play if you find yourself "solo-ing".

tanath said wrote:

However, this doesn't stop at stats and numbers. These same decent players are the ones that also get into their character, use different voices, have unique and interesting character concepts, use things like table-tents and pictures to tell a story about who they are. Everyone else (the majority) uses their regular people voices, have completely uninspired character concepts ("I'm a fighter, I have a chain shirt...that's about it") and don't do anything except just act like themselves playing a non-role playing game.

It's not the new players either. I just played three slots at a convention where the only thing standing between a horrific thornekeep TPK on every single encounter were two second level wizards, played myself and an 18 year old teenager who had *never in his entire life played anything resembling a roleplaying game*. We burned through two entire wands of magic missile, because we were evidently the only characters capable of doing any damage to anything.

About getting into their character: I could give less than a rat's but how hard other people are trying to role play their character. Everyone role-plays to the point where that INDIVIDUAL is having fun for THEMSELF. Go wet your pants somewhere else while you get over that life fact.

Using voices is good but not important. Unique/interesting character concept is optional, as is making a well-built combat character.. wow so hard to guess that too, eh? What.. pictures and artistic power-points for what purpose, LOL? Now this is just exaggerating a bit hard .. :P

So is everyone after "using their regular people voices". Because this is actually pretty freakin NORMAL. Gamers using regular people voices you say? welcome to earth.

have completely uninspired character concepts = whatever. go tell your mommy (that also = whatever, unfortunately).

act like themselves playing a non - role playing game = yeah, they were actually just trolling you this whole time. obviously. if they were trying to actually play the medieval fantasy game they'd have just shown up and done the same thing, like it or not. or maybe that's just paranoia.

"It's not the new players either." - Considering that You are the Odd man Out, I wouldn't think so either, :P

tanath said wrote:
2. It's impossible to find one anything higher than 3-7

Yeah, I would agree that it's better to have more or all of the level ranges represented when possible, but

tanath said wrote:
3. You can't ever play up

Just ends up being alot of annoying moaning about the already stated (2.)

tanath said wrote:
4. People like me are despised
tanath said wrote:
5. It's not the geo.

We do not need exaggerations

tanath said wrote:


So, talk me off the ledge, or bid me good riddance. GO!