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Thanks for your help everyone! With the recent release of Occult Adventures, I got just what I needed - an Elemental Astetic that punches allies to heal (and Styles twisted in for even more punch gimmicks) ;D

He will always quote randomly made up philosophical-sounding sentences that makes no sense ("Hey what should we do about the prisoner?" "As the sun rises in the distant sea; the blind man sees ever more.").

I have a whole bunch of ideas for this new guy, and I haven't even settled in on a race yet! Anyways, thanks for all the help and creative ideas, especially the Wizard Kits from the Sha'ir Handbook (you'll be pleased to know the Sha'ir Eastern mysticism theme appears as an Archetype Option for the Occultist class). I'll definitely keep those in reserve!


Hmm, excellent suggestions, one and all. However, someone's already beaten me to the punch with the Drider - who is currently missing and being mistaken for as a mop of new, growing hair on the Forest Giant's previously bald dome, after a natural 20 Stealth check...

The monster equivalent of a Goldfish in a Mechanized Fishbowl sounds like a highly interesting concept, however! I may be able to figure something out with that one!

And as for the Wizard Kits, they look amazing. Especially the Digitalogist. You see, mathematics -is- magic! I have a feeling I might stick with that one. There's a certain charm to a Monster in a Monster Campaign defeating fellow creatures of darkness and brave adventurers alike with the power of equations!

Now the rest of you, don't be shy now, speak up! Reveal your most horrid desires and your guiltiest dreams!

Hello, mighty Paizo forums! I've heard rumors about this board, some bad but mostly good, but never had a reason to visit you veterans and newbies alike until now!

(There's a TL;DR section at the very end of this paragraph for the actual request itself, but I recommend reading the other stuff too, to grant you a firmer grasp of the situation)

Bit of a backstory with the game I'm in, to help it all make sense: I'm currently playing in a "Monster" campaign with a bunch of friends. We're all (mostly) responsible adults ranging from young 20s to 30s, and get together online every Sunday to blow off some steam and have fun; we affectionately name our campaign "The <Fecal Matter> Show". Replace <> as appropriately.

Regardless, whilst it's a light hearted campaign with a very important primary focus on "FUN" in all caps, there's a twist... being that every single character are of the stuff of nightmares. Nightmares from regular, responsible, and fair players.

For example, we have a Harpy in our group. This particular Harpy has a firearm. A little bit strange and out of place, since gunpowder weaponry is just recently emerging, but she doesn't have just any old firearm. She has what is equivalent to a modern day, fully automatic rifle with four distinct firing modes which may or may not include adding elemental damage dies to her attack. With a silencer. Aaaand a scope.

We also have a Half Dragon... something. Classes aren't really regulated in our group (we have everything from Paizo published to 3.5 homebrew converted to Pathfinder to just completely made up crap), as well as other labels such as alignments and what not (we're all veteran roleplayers and extremely comfortable with each other). Anyways, this Half Dragon has the power to capture and utilize souls of different lifeforms... and one of his abilities is complete immunity to all magical effects. All.

Aaand let's not forget the Aaismar-Orc, who is the Chieftain and sits at the head of an Orcish army, having united all the individual Orc clans and tribes. Though a recent battle cut the numbers down severely, we're still looking at 150 Orcs at her disposal.

I think you get the point I'm trying to make! All the ridiculous things aside, we've been having a lot of fun and tacking on some choice bits from the "Creating New Races" page from the d20pfsrd onto our characters - the average party RP value sits somewhere between 25 and 30.

My old character was an Orc Scarred Witch Doctor, a full Constitution-primary caster, who also had Fly, Invisibility, Haste, Enlarge Person and Cure Light Wounds as At-Will Spell Like Abilities. Probably the laziest character out of all of the colorful cast, but I thought I had a good thing going, and abused the game mechanics very liberally - infinite heals and Haste, CON-casting primary, and a DC 24 Slumber Hex at level 6.

Buuuuuut, surprisingly, my character has been under performing the past few sessions, especially when he gets caught alone. So, being one of the only two people to have yet swap out their character, I decided it was time to change... but alas!

My grand scheme of playing a Machinesmith with a giant medieval wagon-tank has been temporarily foiled, mostly because I didn't want to add yet another "tech" or "Science based" theme to the group.


So then, here I am, completely at a lost! I am in dire need of fresh ideas to throw at my stagnating imagination; the only criteria is that it needs to be mechanically solid, not infinite-damage-d2-crusader or gamebreakingly so, but enough to make your regular players, much less GMs (or DMs), shudder and throw up in disgust! I unfortunately don't have much experience in this regard, with that Orc Witch thing mentioned above the fullest extent of my foray into this gray territory.

Not exactly looking for a specific build, but I would welcome those too to see what you used to make a specific concept work. You can get away with most anything, including Psionics (though its probably a last resort, since I would be the only Psionic in the entire game) - I'm mainly looking for 3rd party material* usually tossed to the side or avoided due to how inherently weird or unbalanced they are to draw ideas from.

That secret abomination you mashed together with the lights out and internet disconnected? The horrifying creation you dreamed up in your mind by accident one day? Or a carefully crafted monstrosity you kept in the deepest, darkest depths of your heart, too ashamed to let the day of light shine upon it? Let them loose! (Please!)


Edit: * By 3rd party I mean outside the usual Paizo published. This may also include Pathfinder homebrew, actual 3rd Party Published such as the famous Dreamscarred Press, or 3.5 stuffs - official, dragon magazine, homebrew, 3rd party, most anything would be fine!

Edit 2 : It is worth mentioning that the insanity you see is mostly intended. All giggling and jokes aside, the core of the game is to have a bunch of powerful individuals clash with titanic forces, either a singular powerful, deity-like being, or a clash between two armies.