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I get that their chance to hit their allies shouldn't be 100% but as someone who has experienced the level 20 range (we had a campaign that stretched from level 1-20 I see an issue to properly hit their allies in combat at the higher levels. While most campaigns never make it there a few do and it'd be nice to address this issue.

So correct me if I'm wrong but we have a theorem that gives +3 chance to hit allies, they have a +2 from using injection weapons that stacks with + 2 from weapon focus and a BAB of 15. You also have allies being flat flooted for another essential +2. This adds up to +9. So 24. Plus 8 dex if fully optimized takes your chance to hit an ally to 32. This means we hit an AC of 42 on a 10 and AC 40 on an 8. Anything higher (which is possible) and we have less than a 50% chance to hit.

This is specializing entirely on hitting our allies and going full optimization to do so. Is there something I am missing? Because according to this math (which might be wrong I admit) it looks like not only is the theorem required for party support but so does full optimization. Ally AC is always higher than enemy AC and enemy hit chance is higher than party hit chance.

At level 20 our party had between 37-42 AC but we saw ways to push that a bit higher.