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kevin_video wrote:
Charlie Bell wrote:

But also, I hope PF2E does the following:

1. Jettison any complexity that gets in the way of play.
2. Fix character creation.
3. Fix high-level play: get rid of the buff-stacking and rocket-tag games.
4. Give us a robust conversion document so we can easily convert past content to PF2E.
4b. Make that conversion document robust enough that the community can convert and share past PFS content converted to 2E, and run it for credit. Don't abandon the old content! Crowdsource conversion so your PFS designers aren't trying to tackle it alone.
5. Don't try to make adversaries play by PC rules. There are some things boss monsters need that should never, ever be in PC hands. In particular, absolute immunities (e.g. freedom of movement) and things that affect action economy (haste, dazes, etc.) should be really, really hard for PCs to get.
6. Fix magic items. No magic item should ever be "required" for a PC's "build" to function. Make magic items feel special again. Put control over magic item acquisition back in the GM's hands, not the PCs'.

I'd like to add to this...

7. Make it practically impossible for ridiculous broken power gaming. Too many times have I've seen players become absolutely invincible by level 4 with their 34 AC and assembling of feats that give them six attacks of opportunity before they even have their turn. All because they own all the books and min-max the hell out of their multiple classes. And I especially never again want to see someone be able to have AC 108 by the time they're level 20.

100 is for chumps! We can crank that AC all the way to 150!

I've been working on this character for a Pathfinder campaign for a few days now and I've finally found all of the silly stuff I want to slap together. I would love for some additional advice on maximizing the fun shenanigans I can pull with this. We're starting level 3 with 3000 gold.

Unchained Rogue(Sniper) 2 Wizard (Spirit Binder)1

Stats were rolled 4d6-low.
Str 8
Dex 16
Con 13
Int 19
Wis 13
Cha 11

+2 dex +2 int from human (sacrificing feat for another +2)

Weapon Finesse (Rogue 1)
Evasion (Rogue 1)
Combat Trick(Rogue 2)
Point Blank Shot (Combat Trick)
Improved Initiative (Level 1)
Rapid Shot (Level 3)

For use with a light crossbow.

Spending 2080 of my starting gold on energy palm to add 1d6 electric damage to all attacks made with that hand. If I can make enough money, I want to grab up some more prosthetics for those sweet bonuses.

For my spirit binder familiar, I'm using the school familiar archetype.

At first level I can get my familiar 1 feat and another at 5th. I think I can take 2 feats to get my familiar its own familiar? That seems a bit too silly to be possible but I'm still reading and jumping around a lot of my ideas.

And my wizard 1st level spells are

Gravity Bow
Unseen Servant
Reduce Person

I have not yet picked my wizard's school. I need to pick one and then pick my familiar's cantrip from that school. Please advise.

I plan to take one level of Arcane Trickster to get ranged legdermain.

If you have any ideas for shenanigans, would like to correct my misunderstandings, have advice to improve the setup, or any other comments you may have, I would love to hear them!