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I'd like to see less books...or more to the point less of them being requirements...

I got totally sick of the endless waves of additional options in PF1 and the fact that the Adventure Paths required you to own many of the books containing them. The cross referencing was tiresome and threw me off the system to the point where I dumped it.

I'd like to see EVERY adventure with just the Core Rulebook and Bestiary 1. Any additions being presented in the modules/publications.

I am all for supplements for those who want to use them but I think to keep the game accessible the adventures/modules should work right off the bat with the Core books...and NEVER deviate from that.

That being might be interesting to see Paizo take a stab at a new setting? Maybe a Grimdark variation or perhaps a licensed world...books that I have read that could enjoy an rpg license include: Miles Cameron's Traitor Son Cycle, Michael Sullivan's Riyria series, Joe Abercrombie's First Law books, John Gwynne's Faithful & Fallen lark...just to mention a few :)

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This doesn’t sound like a very elegant system to me.

I’d like the Bestiary books to each get no bigger than about 400 pages, same with the Core Rulebook. Anything bigger is unwieldy and prone to binding issues. I find the current CRB a pain in the neck to handle. I really like the current Bestiary size at 320 pages...perfect.

Hi GM Rednal...thanks that is very helpful. It is a lot to take on but I know my players will love the depth of options and be enthusiastic about the game so I think it'll be worth the effort on my part. I had best get reading! Cheers.

Hi all, already posted this on Enworld but then remembered this forum as well....

I am going to give PF a good go and run some games of it. It's a bit fiddly for my tastes but my players will enjoy it and the adventure support is perfect so that more than balances things out.

Having played it already with many of the supplement books...I'm not a fan of system bloat and will be sticking to the Core Rulebook for players this time.

I've bought that, the Gamemastery Guide and Bestiaries 1,2 and 3 in hardcover. I also have many pdfs that I got as part of the humble bundle. questions are...

When the published Adventures say they draw from the Advanced Players Guide or other books. Will I really need those at the table? I don't want to be doing SRD internet searches during play if avoidable.

Also, in the Bestiary descriptions...many of the monsters have 'Feats'. This is a bit of a pain as you have to reference the Core book for what they do or learn them over time...but what about the Bestiaries 2 and 3 etc...are those creatures just using feats from the Core or do you also have to then know which supplementary book to go to (the descriptions don't say) to find out their effects from that seems a really messy design choice if it is so?

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Sounds good. I don't like the concept art or fonts etc. I think having a less 3d modelled art style and more painterly style would be better...but interested in the product.