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Thanks, it sounded like just the same rules for sneak attack but I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy before taking it to my GM

Is there a way to increase the Gray Warden's Slaying Judgement? Would you allow having sniper's goggles or something similar to increase range?

what would happen if I didnt choose an imp?

Just some questions about conjuration(infernal binder)...
1. Is there still an alignment restriction if it's just VMC?
2. Do you get the +3 to knowldege(planes)?
3. If I took Improved Familiar before the level 7 ability (at level 19) does it do anything?

If I have a competence bonus on my next attack and a competence bonus to trip, would they stack if I decided to replace my attack with a trip maneuver? I would assume that I would just take the higher one, but I wanted to double check...

my local lord ordered me to investigate stuff, and being a lawful person i follow what my leader says. Partner is taking care of the child. It gives a couple good hooks to my GM.

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im already calling him pali-dad then pali-done with your s~$&

So I'm in a new campaign as a paladin. My character is easily the oldest at 34 with everyone else being 17-20. In my backstory my pc has just become a father to a baby girl. I was thinking of uping the fatherly-ness and become the party dad. However, besides the lame dad jokes, how else do you be fatherly? I pay for the group during meals and when staying at an inn. Should I have talks with my new children or scold them or what?

Rory wrote:
Further, if you did trip a foe and cause AOOs, if your allies go between you and the tripped foe, they will get a second AOO when the tripped foe stands up as their AOO action has reset.

Somehow it never registered that my allies would probably renew their AoOs before the bad guy goes. I think this pushes Greater Trip to the front of this race...

claudekennilol wrote:
Assuming you rage when you fight, that will increase your weapons enhancement bonus to +3 (which will also overcome silver/cold iron DR). Because it has Dueling, it would get an extra +4 (total of +6)

WOW, I didn't even think how furious would stack with dueling... dang this will definitely be getting added to my trident.

My 9th level was unchained barbarian this got me improved uncanny dodge as well as superstition. Up till now I was only raging to boost my will save and if I really needed that extra damage. I also had 8,000 extra gold but I was thinking to get the headband of havoc for the immediate +5 will when we get ambushed.
Obviously I haven't played level 9 yet so I can still totally change these if you guys think that there are better options.

claudekennilol wrote:
You could take Vicious Stomp which would give you another AoO if a foe falls prone next to you (which also stacks with Greater Trip).

I was planning on finishing my last two levels with ninja 5 and 6, increasing my sneak attack and getting me another ninja trick (which was probably going to be Sneaky Maneuver). However, if I picked up two levels of Monk instead I would get the same amount of attacks after tripping, plus an extra bonus feat and evasion. Right now my character is Chaotic Good, but I can just take Martial Artist or change my alignment...

I just hit level 9 on a PFS melee character and am looking for some advice on which feat I should take and what items I should buy...

He is currently a super mobile melee support character, who uses tumbling and tripping to control the battlefield. And while he is not optimized to deal that much damage, he has so far been helpful to most parties he has played in.

The Build So Far:

Ninja 4/Unchained Barbarian 2/Lore Warden 2/Whirling Dervish 1

HP 70

STR 14
DEX 20
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 14

AC 24 Touch 16 Flat-Footed 18

Fortitude +10
Reflex +13
Will +3 (+5 for a total of +8 while raging)

BAB +8/+2
CMB +10
CMD 26

Acrobatics 20 base/24 jumping/26 tumbling
Bluff 6
Climb 6
Diplomacy 14
Disable Device 9
Disguise 7
Escape Artist 9
Handle Animal 6
Heal 5
Knowledge (Local) 8
Perception 14
Day Job 10
Sense motive 4
Sleight of Hand 9
Stealth 9
Use Magic Device 6

+1 Adamantine Dueling Trident
Akitonian Blade
18 Javelins

+1 Glamered Comfort Mithral Breastplate
Mithral Quickdraw Light Shield

Headband of Havoc
Quick Runner's Shirt
Cloak of Resistance +2
Belt of Tumbling
Boots of the Cat
Efficient Quiver

Feats and Special Abilities
Unorthodox Strategy

Canny Tumble
Confounding Tumble Deed
Spring Attack
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip

Acrobatic Master
High Jumper

As I said previously, I just hit level 9 and I have an empty feat slot I haven't decided on. I also have 10,000 gp I can spend on items. I have a couple ideas, feel free to give any and all input.

I am jumping between three different feats...

The first is Greater Trip.
If I am tripping with my trident I get +18 minimum with additional +6 for canny tumble, rage, and flanking. Greater Trip would give me an additional +2 as well as getting the enemy to provoke AoOs.
The problem with this is that I nor most other people I play with have combat reflexes. This means that the enemy I trip is usually going to be free to stand up, and the only reason why I could get by on 24 AC up till now was because of the -4 to melee attacks while prone. It would, however let us get an extra attack in on casters who don't care about being prone.

The second option is circling mongoose.
This lets me move and full attack when I start next to the dude. Allowing me to canny tumble/confounding tumble and get two attacks per turn in, or a trip and attack, or other stuff...

The third option is Two-Weapon Fighting.
This is similar to circling mongoose. It doesn't let me move and full attack, but it does give me a third attack with my shield.

I haven't really thought about what to spend my delicous money on. But right now I think my two weakest points are AC and damage.

I can spend 9,000 gold on my armor, shield, and a ring of protection to boost my AC up to 28.

Or I could boost my trident up to +2 giving me 3 more to trip and an extra hit and damage with my regular attack.

The third option I am thinking is a brown thorny ioun stone this would give me +2 competence to trip as well as acrobatic.

Once again, these are just some things I thought of. I'm sure that you guys have some awesome ideas to and I would love to hear them :D

So I'm thinking of creating a new PFS character and need some advice on a level split...
The character is a simple magic using blacksmith as a backstory, however I want him to have a familiar and a bonded weapon.
Because of all of this, I am thinking about going Wizard Conjuration Creation and Magus Soul Forger. However I don't know what level to split them. As this is PFS it only really goes up to level 11. I was thinking about going Magus 3/Wizard 8 so I get the minor creation wizard ability. The other option is Magus 6/Wizard 5 this gets me the magus arcana broad study... Any input would be great...

hmmm, do you guys know of any other feat or class ability that can give clustered shots to a melee weapon? Its really all i wanted out of the feat chain

Hmm, i never thought of immovable rods as a 1 shot item... but i guess it never does talk about getting it to move more than the 10 feet when pushing it...

So is it still there because melee clustered shots is too powerful, or they don't want to give pounce on a feat chain?

Pummeling Style for refrence

What are your guys thoughts on removing the "This ability works only with unarmed strikes, no matter what other abilities you might possess." line? It was my understanding that this was placed in pummeling style to balance it out when you could make a single massive crit. But they have since removed that part but still kept the thing that sort of (not really) balanced it. Keep in mind you would still have to get your attacks to count as unarmed strikes like with Feral Combat Training
Running it by you guys before I ask the GM.

A couple questions dealing with the Immovable Rod

  • If you jump up and plant the rod, what is the DC to pull yourself up so that you are standing on top of it?
  • What is the DC to stand and attack on a single rod?
  • What is the DC to climb in the air using two immovable rods?
  • What is the action to get a moveable rod to move again?
  • using climbing and jumping can you move up the air with just a single rod?

Are any of these answers different if I was using a weapon with anchoring?


A quick question on the thorny ioun stone. It is a legal ioun stone found in inner sea combat. My question is how I decide what the resonant power is. Do I pick either athletic or acrobat, or do I roll and have a GM sign off on it?

It is currently banned in PFS, probably for the same reasons that you posted above.


so both sides seem pretty sure about what they think is the correct ruleing... Did you want to try to get an answer through FAQ? Or just agree to disagree and move on?

hmm, bummer. I took reactionary level 1 because I didn't exactly know which direction his flavor would go. And now I would kinda like to change it to a trait that gives heal as a class skill. Unfortunately I am passed the legal retraining period.
maybe I should ask this on a different board but...
Do you guys know of any items that give heal as a class skill?

has there been any updates on retraining traits?
Are there any legal work-arounds like taking and retraining additional traits?

so the general consensus is no?

Parrying does require a lot of patience and good timing IRL, however there is no mention of it in the rules. So I could see a GM who is super into the flavor of things to make the argument against doing both. Hopefully, as this is PFS, I will not run into such a GM.

Vital strike just says that you need an attack action not a standard.

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Just a quick theorycrafting rules question. If I ready two attack actions with overwatch style, can I then vital strike with both readied attacks?

If I decide to go with the tripping route I will definitely squeeze in greater trip. but for that first level the AoO from standing up will have to be enough.

I completely forgot that the rapier has a much better crit range. I will keep it in mind if I ever need to change.

I have so many ideas now if I ever want to rebuild the character :D


While increased DEX would be sweet while raging, the loss of uncanny dodge and HP bonus is painful. Furious is also an interesting choice to increase my hit and damage while raging, however it only increases bonuses to skills and not to save bonuses.

I honestly probably would have gone with unchained rogue if I had the book when I was originally making the character, and if I ever decide to play the character through again I will probably try it out. However, 4 levels of retraining is a big chunk of my prestige and I gotta save some of it for a resurrection or two ;)

As far as I can tell by reading the rules there is nothing that specifically calls out that you can't use deeds while raging. So if it ever comes up, I will argue my point but the DM's word should be final. If it does come to that, making sure to not double rage and deed shouldn't be too hard.

It's odd, I have yet to run out of rage in a day even with only 5 rounds per day. I don't really need it in the early fights, being able to hit most things when they are flat footed. Only on the end boss fights (remember this is PFS) do I really use it to get some extra hit points and the small boost to damage.
That might change if I pick up superstitious and the headband of havoc, but if I get there and find I want more rounds I will keep Extra Rage in mind.

After looking at the trip and adding up my bonuses it honestly doesn't seem that bad... With Canny Tumble and Flanking I should be looking at a total of +17 to trip (+6 BAB, +2 STR, +2 improved trip, +1 weapon, +2 dueling, +2 canny tumble, +2 flanking) against their CMD without DEX, then if I take a level in swashbuckler I would add my DEX instead of STR for a total of +19.[source]side note, does fury's fall stack with weapon finesse?
IDK what a normal trip CMB should be

I was kinda attached to my trident, Is the extra 2 damage an attack that important, for a build that is not really the main damage dealer? I guess I could be willing to switch...

After a quick search I believe the ioun stone you are talking about is the clear spindle which gives protection from possession and mental control, while this is great, does it help against confusion? that seems like the spell that is most often tossed around in combat. Although i will probably pick the stone up regardless... thanks for the idea

Is using up two feats worth it for Improved Iron Will? if the general consensus is yes, then I will look into working them into my build, although I already feel feat starved...

Quick Runner Shirt got some heavy nerfs a couple months back. You can't switch shirts every combat, and your turn ends after the extra move action. because of these PFS has made it legal just two weeks ago. And sense I am not using a shirt slot, it still seemed worth it to me. Being able to run away after an attack or pull out a wand at the end of turn has its uses.

Dex to damage is still pretty tricky, but if you guys know of a way that i can either dip or an item that would let me, that would be super cool. Keep in mind that damage isn't the main goal of this build, and having Dex to hit still helps a little. The swashbuckler is mainly so i can get access to confounding tumble, the rest is just gravy. although i don't know if i need it at level 7 or if I can wait till level 9...

I hear you about the trip, there are times when I even have problems trying to tumble past people without using up a ki point. Obviously I won't try to trip anyone bigger than medium, but i feel having it up my sleeve would be handy. Now if having the random trip is useful enough to justify a level and 2 feats is debatable...

So one of my pfs characters has just hit level 7 and i need some advice on the direction to go.

He is currently a super mobile melee fighter that can easily pass through enemies threatened squares and get to flanking positions to help ally fighters. He is however fairly unoptimized for damage and due to multiclassing his will save is embarrassing

the build so far:

ninja 4/unchained barbarian 1/ranger 1

HP 49

STR 14
DEX 18 (16+2)
CON 12
INT 9 (8+1)
WIS 10
CHA 14

AC 23 Touch 15 Flat-Footed 18

Fortitude +7
Reflex +11
Will +2

BAB +5
CMB +7
CMD 22

Acrobatics 16 base/20 jumping/22 tumbling
Diplomacy 11
Perception 11
(while this isn't all of my skills these are the ones that are most important character wise. I do have at least one point in every STR and DEX skill. I will probably be putting my level 8 ability point in INT giving me one extra skill that i can max or spread out.

+1 adamantine trident
mithril quickdraw light shield
+1 glamered comfort mithril breastplate
quick runner's shirt
cloak of resistance +1
boots of the cat
belt of tumbling

unorthodox strategy(+2 to tumble)

spring attack

acrobatic master
combat trick (canny tumble)

I just hit level 7 and have around 10,000 gold that i could spend, so with that in mind here are the options i was think of...

Option 1: leveling the barbarian AKA the defensive option
With a level 2 barbarian i not only get improved uncanny dodge but also a rage power, which would be superstition. Then with my gold i could buy a headband of havoc, letting me rage as an immediate reaction and giving me a +5 to will (2 untyped 3 competence). The feat is currently undecided.
While this option does cover one of my big weaknesses it doesn't really push the character in any supportive direction.

Option 2: leveling the ranger AKA the damage option
When I hit level 2 with ranger i get a free feat in a combat style. If i choose two weapon fighting that gives me an extra attack (giving me 4 attacks a turn if I use a ki point). For my level 7 feat I am looking at taking circling mongoose. This lets me use canny tumble for the almost guaranteed first hit and still full attack with flanking. With my money I would probably upgrade my shield for attacking either going +1 bashing shield or upgrading it in the weapon enhancement side.
The current problem is that I wasn't planning on having my character be the main damage dealer, and there is also usually 1 or 2 characters who are optimized for smash-in-face combat. Keep in mind however, I will probably be taking circling mongoose sometime, either now or in the future for the tumbling full attack option

Option 3: starting a swashbuckler AKA the support option
While it might seem weird to go into my 4th class, hear me out. A swashbuckler not only gives my dex to hit for my trident, but it also gives me some fun deeds and more importantly panache. This lets me take the feat confounding tumble deed which makes it so all of my allies should be able to hit for one round. I am not sure of what to buy...
The drawback is I can only count on doing this two times a day as I probably won't be the one to make a killing blow, nor will I be getting a lot of crits. Note, I will be taking a level in swashbuckler before my character is done, but I am not sure if this is the most opportune time for it.

Option 4: leveling ranger AKA the control ranger
With this ranger, instead of going two weapon fighting and moving around we go for a more controlling build with tripping, the underhanded style from ultimate intrigue lets us take combat expertise and it's related feats without having 13 INT. So we would take that for our style feat, then take improved trip for our 7th level feat. Then with our gold we enchant our trident with the dueling enchantment from pathfinder society field guide. This would give us a +13 to trip against a foe who is flat footed if we successfully tumble past them with canny tumble.
While we would have a decent trip, we would still have a problem with non-humanoid enemies and our damage would go down to effectively 0

two other options, while they wouldn't take everything up, can be substituted if you like them better...

Akitonian Blade... Is a reach weapon, so if I want to try a combat maneuver I could potentially do it without taking a AoO. Also blasts my jump checks into the stratosphere, literally.

extra rage power... simple, gets me an extra rage power if I want to go barbarian 2, lots of options, looking at knockdown stance or something similar.

Thanks for reading all of that, I would love to hear your opinions. If you think any other options might be better for me, just let me know. I do have a healthy supply of prestige points, so if you want to retrain something that is also an option. Keep in mind that this is a PFS character, so if it needs GM approval it probably won't work.

Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
Are you the real Renarin?

well I did hide behind my brother a lot growing up and am also a trust fund kid so....

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Just a quickie, If i am a hex channeler witch, who then prestiges into envoy of balance and takes the spiritual equilibrium endowment, the power level of my main channel does not change, right?

wow those additional resources can be super difficult to read

Additional Resources wrote:
Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 75-133 are legal for play, except forgepriest, hex channeler, musketeer, mutation warrior, packmaster, primal companion hunter, primalist, spirit summoner, and steel hound. Hex channeler, mutation warrior, and primal companion hunter are now legal for play.

I just stopped reading after except hexchanneler... Thanks for the info

Looking at the prestige class mystic theurge... in PFS spell like abilities don't count towards pre-reqs. Meaning you won't be able to get your first level in until 7 and at 11 you still will only have access to 4th level spells...

IDK it seems like a lot to give up, but the flavor is so tempting....

just a quick question...

Is there a intelligence based caster that can channel both positive and negative energy?

doing a quick search I have only found three options. the necromancer wizard, can only channel to turn or command undead. the spirit whisperer life wizard, can only channel positive energy. hex channeler witch, absolutely perfect but banned in PFS because of exploitable wording.

Are there any other options that i missed?

So I was thinking about making an oracle/paladin lifelinky tank thing. Originally, I was also going to buy Boots of the Earth, however PFS has errata'd it so you can only use it once a day, and while this would probably be ok most of the time, it got me thinking about other options.

I was wondering how good an oracle/inquisitor is? Also would it be worth it to grab fast healer with the healing judgment? If I wanted a mount would it be worth it to go 4 levels of cavalier and grab horse master? At this point is it any better than just the normal oradin?


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I am currently level 1 (this is pfs so retraining before 2 is totally doable), the character used to be a blacksmith's apprentice before bonding with a familiar then going off to magic school. I was hoping to reflect this in my combat style, being able to create weapons and, after practicing, living creatures. Do you guys have any suggestions that would be better while still maintaining the flavor side.
Like I said it is for PFS, so it only needs to be viable up to 11th and I am not overly concerned with power as there are other power gamers that could probably solo/duo most combats by themselves.

I only have the psychic dilettante boon

but if someone wants it for an Aasimar boon, that would make my day

So I have a conjuration/creation wizard. I will mainly be using summoned creatures in combat, however I was also hoping to use a standard action when I don't summon a creature to create a weapon. My strength is a 14, and my dex and con are high enough to survive in melee combat. I was wondering if there were any ways to boost my attack so I can hit things more often, or is my only option spending another action to cast magic weapon.

Don't worry about weapon proficiency, I have improved improvisation and quick learner, and my gm is letting me stack it favorably.

If a character uses the feat Antagonize to intimidate an enemy and force them to attack, can they use the diplomacy part of the feat on a later turn to give minuses? Or is the 24 hour thing at the end of intimidate apply to the entire feat?

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lol, i read that page at least ten times and somehow it never registered what maximum meant... awkward

Is the heavy load the max you can carry? what are the penalties for going over?

thanks for the advice guys, i think im going to go for the boots of the cat and the flavor win.
I do already have canny tumble so if i successfully roll they are flat footed and will probably hit them anyways... at least for the first attack

Just looking for some advice.
I have a ninja character who maximized acrobatics, specializing in tumbling... I am currently looking at boots for my character (who is PFS fyi).
I was thinking that i would just buy boots of striding and springing for the increase in movement speed. However, I already have 40 ms and dont know how much increasing that to 50 would affect things. So I have expanded my search.

The boots I am currently looking at:
boots of the cat... Act as a psuedo-feather fall with unchained barbarian rage, but at full speed, so flavor win.

cat burglar's boots... Allows a reroll for acrobatics once a day, which i hear is better than a flat bonus.
As i dont currently have this adventure path, I am hoping that this isnt the best choice so i wont have to buy it...

daredevil softpaw boots. gives all my attacks +2 untyped bonus if i tumble. which is handy considering i do it all the time, and when i get circling mongoose can tumble during a full attack, while dual weilding...

If you guys have any other options I am willing to hear you.

Just a quickie...
If I have canny tumble(link), and succeed in my acrobatics check, then replace my attack with a trip attempt, does my enemy get their dex to cmd? and do I get +2 to trip?

After a normal hit with canny tumble, if my weapon had ki intensifying(linker), and i tried to free action trip him, would the bronemy still lose their dex? and would I still get +2?

I am mongoose circling(link2.0), and I trip them on my first attack, does my next attack count as flanking?

sorry for the lame questions :/

my current character is a ninja, so no running start needed.

@Claxon In the tables you have participated in, has taking the highest of the DCs made it too easy? Idk...

So after scouring the interwebs I am leaning towards just doing what the GM did, where you just add the two DCs together. While this method does make jumps even harder than they already are, it is the only thing that I see that is easy to calculate and can be applied to any situation.

Backstory: My character was on a boat and jumped to a nearby dock to clear an area of enemies. The dock was 20 feet away and 5 feet up. Rushed for time, we concluded the DC would be 40 (20 for long jump+20 for high jump). Which was fine, this character can make the jump without rolling. However, wanting to make sure I have the information in the following scenarios Also as this character is PFS if there is any RAW on this topic that would be preferred...

Searching the forums i have found that a lot of people use the old 3.5 rule where you make a parabola with the apex being 1/4 your distance, this is fine for some jumps, my dock example would have been around a DC 32 if you were following these rules. However this doesn't always work, especially if you need to travel up more than you need to travel forward, jumping to the top of a 10 foot wall 5 feet away for example.

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