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I always felt Nightcrawler was a blue furred creature more than a demon. A Kitsune could be a good choice: blue fur-check, agile-check, charismatic-check. From time to time, he pulls out the rapier as well. If I were playing him, I would consider an arcane trickster build using unchained rogue/arcanist. You could also consider a swashbuckler/arcanist as well.

Part of the teleporting is just being in one place rather than another, which the spells like displacement and blur take care of. Of course dimensional slide doesn't hurt either.

Kifaru wrote:

Well, thanks everyone. I was pretty certain everything was legit, but the recent pushback was getting me worried.

Maybe I'll go over it with the local venture captain and get him to sign off on it.

I am fairly certain I GMed your table. When posed with the idea, and after doing some research, the build is brilliant and creative. As a GM, I wanted to reward you for your creativity. But at the same time, this build poses two difficulties.

First, on a rules lawyer level, the last sentence of Paired Opportunists becomes a bit sticky since it says "This does not allow you to take more than one attack of opportunity against a creature for a given action." Now, the follow up question becomes, what defines a given action? Is it the first critical hit? or is the successive critical hits that can cause this to become a potential infinite chain?

On this level, I have to say, I trusted that you did your research.

The second difficulty is that, as a GM, I'm trying to find a balance between your fun, my fun, and the other players' fun as well. That often involves finding yet another balance between challenge, risk, uncertainty, and reward.

When posed with the idea of an infinite loop, I immediately thought of how it felt like to play alongside players with game-breaking abilities, like a sleep hex witch, an oracle with tons of save or die spells, or even a rogue with circling mongoose. From time to time, when party members are bleeding out, these abilities are absolutely valued. But most players I play with, want the story to unfold where everyone has a chance to contribute. They all want to be valued, have a challenge, and enjoy good company.

As a GM, and, not knowing you for more than a minute, I was worried this could devolve into an hour of six people watching Bob and Frances play solitaire with the dice. Or even worse, I was worried the table would start to smell like axe body spray and testosterone where everyone tries to outdo one another.

When discussing this with you, I asked you to pull it back some. Quite admirably you did, and I think we all had a good time. I'd play again with you in a heartbeat.

I apologize if I didn't explain myself better at the table.