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Full Name

Reckt Lamplighter




Aegis/Cryptic Gestalt 2 | HP 19/19 | AC: 19, T: 13, FF: 16| Fort: +4, Ref: +5, Will: +3 | BAB: +2, CMB: +5, CMD: 17, | DR 2/- | Init: +2 | Perception: +7 |PP: 11/11








True Neutral


Common, Goblin, Draconic, Gnome, Orc



About Reckt

Reckt Lamplighter
Male Blue (Goblin) Brutal Disrupter Cryptic 2 / Crystal Warrior Aegis 2 Gestalt 2
True Neutral Small Humanoid (Goblinoid)
Initiative; +2 Perception +7

AC 19 touch 13 flat-footed 16 - (Base +10 - Dex +2 - Astral Armour +6 - Size +1)
hp 19
Fort +4 Ref +5, Will +3
Damage Reduction - DR 2/-
Resistances - None

Speed 30 ft.
Deep Crystal Lantern Staff - +8 to Hit - 1d6+9 Bludgeoning Damage + 1d4+1 Fire Damage - x20 Crit.

Power Points per Day - 11

Psionic Talents

Psionic Powers - 1st Level
Absorb Weapon - Merge a weapon into your arm for up to 24 hours.
Minor Metamorphosis - Change appearance and add two abilities for every two power points spent.
Natural Healing - Heal 3 HP per power power points spent.


Str 16(18), Dex 14, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 8,
Base Atk +2; CMB +4(+5); CMD +16(+17)

1st - Burn! Burn! Burn! - Add 1d4 damage to any non-magical fire attack.
Bonus Feats
Psionic Talent - Gain 2 Power Points. Gained as a Blue Racial Trait.
Unlocked Talent - Gain 2 Power Points and an additional 1st level power from any list (Natural Healing). Gained as a Blue Alternative Racial Trait.
Alertness - Gain +2 to Perception and Sense Motive so long as PsiCrystal is present. Gained from PsiCrystal.
Scribe Tattoo - Create a Psionic tattoo of up to Third level. Gained from Cryptic.

Militia Veteran - Add +1 to survival, and it becomes a class skill.
Extremely Fashionable - While wearing 150gp or more of clothes and jewellry gain +1 to Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate - Diplomacy becomes a class skill.
Bruising Intellect - Use Intelligence for Intimidate.
Mournland Scars - Take a -2 penalty to Stealth to be spotted in a crowd, and those using magic to find Reckt get a +2 bonus.

Racial Traits
Darkvision - See without light up to 60ft.
Psionic Aptitude - Choose a Power Point as a favoured class bonus.
Self Reliant - Take a -1 to Diplomacy but a +3 to Survival.
Keen Senses - +2 to Perception.

Skills Craft (Food) +8, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +8, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +7, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +7, Knowledge (Local)+7, Knowledge (Planes) +7, Knowledge (Nature) +7, Knowledge (Religion)+7, Perception +7, Sense Motive +6, Survival +8, Sneak +12
Languages Common, Goblin, Draconic, Gnome, Orc
Combat Gear Deep Crystal Lantern Staff
Other Gear Lamp Oil x 20, Tindertwig x 20,, Flint and Steel, Masterwork Thieves tools, Fishing Tackle, 100ft Hemp Rope, Compass, Waterskin x 3, Crowbar
Masterwork Backpack, Medium Tent, Bedroll, Blanket
Adventurer’s Outfit, Traveller’s Outfit x 2, Cold Weather Outfit, Warm Weather Outfit, 150gp Jewelly (six earings with fire opal, silver necklace with fire opal charm), Signet Ring, Bandoliers x 2, Belt Pouches x 6
Ink Pen, Ink, Chalk, Chalkboard, Charcoal, Paper x 10, Rice Paper x 20, 5 x Parchment, Mapmaker’s Kit
Cooking Kit, Coffee Pot, Coffee Beans x 5, Tea x 50, Wandermeal x 10, Travel Cake Mix x 10, Trail Rations x 10, Dried Meat (3 lbs), Cheese (3 lbs), Chocolate (1 lbs), Honey (½ lbs), Basil (50 grams), Cinnamon (50 grams), Ginger (50 grams), Dried Chillies (50 grams)
Baiju, Mead x 3, Dragonpunch Whiskey
Coin 47gp 5sp 9cp
Special Abilities

Cryptic Abilities
Altered Defences - As a swift action gain a defensively ability for 4 rounds plus intelligence modifier a day.
Disrupt Pattern - As part of gaining Psionic Focus, choose a creature type. As a standard action the Cryptic can fire a ranged touch attack dealing 1d6 + intelligence modifier. If it is not the chosen creature type the damage is halved.
Hidden Pattern - Gain +2 to Stealth.
Insights - Cryptics get a variety of unusual insights that help them in various ways.
- Discerning Pattern - Make a Knowledge check to identify a creature, and if successful bypass the limits of Disrupt Pattern.
Intimidating Pattern - Gain half of Cryptic levels as a bonus to Demoralize opponents.
Pattern Designs - A Cryptic’s abilities form the tattoos covering their body. They can be read via a Spellcraft Check. Whenever a Cryptic Psionic power is used, it creates a unique visual effect.
Unnerving Disruption - When a target is affected by Disrupt Pattern, Psionic Focus can be expended to Intimidate them.

Aegis Abilities
Form Astral Suit - Create an Astral Suit.
- Astral Suits (3 Customisation Points) - While Astral Suits can be made in various ways, Reckt typically uses his in the following, as Astral Armour.
--Brawny (Free) - Gain +2 Strength.
--Improved Damage (Free) - Add +3 to damage
--Flexible Suit (Free) - Sleep in armour with no penalty.
--Powerful Build (2 Points) - Wield a weapon one size larger with no penalties.
--Improved Armour (1 Point) - Add +1 to AC.
Craftsman - Gain +1 to one craft skill (Food).
Damage Reduction - Gain DR 2/- while the suit is active.
Psicrystal - Gain Alertness and +3 to Diplomacy.
Psicrystal Affinity - Gain a Psicrystal that can become part of the Astral Suit.
Missive - Use the Missive power as a Psi-Like ability as long as the Astral Suit is functioning.

As with most of his folk, Reckt doesn’t look that scary. A meagre 3ft 4 inches tall is very easy to overlook. Reckt, however, is noticeably bulkier than most of Goblin kind. Wide shoulders and heavy arms fill out his clothes, and his bandy legs are also fairly hefty. This is, of course, by Blue standards - to most humans he simply looks like a bulky Goblin.

His size is probably the only part that’s easy to overlook, however. He has the traditional bald head of his kind, sharp teeth and one glimmering yellow eye in a flat face above a maw full of sharp teeth. His left eye, however, is black and surrounded by angry, inflamed skin running down his neck and to his shoulder. This mark is boxed in by odd tattoos in the Goblin tongue that cover the rest of the left side of his face, running down his neck and shoulder and to his back and left arm. When he uses Psionics these tattoos glow an eerie white-blue.

Reckt’s skin tone is a dark greyish-blue over the rest of his form. He typically smells of nothing, if he can manage it, and he speaks in a piping growl. His usual garb is a massive fur lined overcoat with a heavy collar, covered in his Aegis suit - usually plates of dark, smokey crystal covered with small flecks of colour. His ears are each pierced three times at even intervals, and a fire opal in a silver setting hangs from each. A large silver neck that matches the earrings hangs around his neck.

Finally, Reckt is rarely seen without the Lantern Staff that gave him his epitaph of Lamplighter, and will only give the weapon up grudgingly. If given the choice he will uses his powers to stow it as a tattoo.

A leader without a people and a man without a purpose, Reckt is focused on serving with the Hounds more because he has nothing else in his life anymore. Part of him is broken, barely functional. But he is also far too stubborn to curl up and die, and too smart to waste his life on living pointlessly. He is well aware of how unusual he is, and refuses to waste it. If he will carry the memory of his people then he will make sure it’s a memory for the world to treasure.

Reckt prefers to work with others, as he has rarely been alone since he can remember, although he can operate as a scout quite cheerfully. If he can, however, he’ll work with others even then. In the end, Reckt searches for a place and a people to belong - truly, permanently belong - and as such when he makes friends he makes them for life. Betrayal...does not end well.

Surprisingly chatty much of the time, Reckt is still a Blue, and his thought and priorities can be a little...foreign to other races. He certainly doesn’t share in some moral quandaries. He understands the concepts of good and evil, however he tends to view them from a more pragmatic standpoint.

Born to a Goblin tribe, Reckt was born a gifted little monster. No bigger than the others, he was stronger and smarter. He used that strength to impose his own will on the other children his age, but soon learned that hoarding all the best food and supplies for himself lacked in reward. After all, it was scraps. Instead he started to mold the smaller goblins into something useful, more efficient...it was better for the whole to be fed and work together than one be fed and on his own.

As he grew Reckt continued this philosophy, and his chieftan occasionally tried to kill him. It was obvious that Reckt was different, and would become a threat. Reckt took this in stride. After all, the tribe saw him survive - again, and again - growing stronger, gaining new gifts. He forged a suit of armour with his mind, wrenched open the secrets of the universe with his will, and when he decided he was ready he used that and main strength to take the position of chief - as was his due and destiny.

Looking around, it came as something of a shock to realize that there was a war on. It was possible that the rest of the tribe hadn’t noticed - who cared what bigguns did? Well, Reckt did. He chose to put the scouting abilities of his people to good use, signing up with the Hounds of Khorvaire as a full member himself while using his people as scouts and irregular fighters. The locals in Cyre weren’t overly fond of the tribe, after all. Reckt hoped to use the war to gain some standing for his people.

Serving for sometime, Reckt was wounded in a battle on the border and forced to rest, as his neck had been gashed open and his eye almost destroyed by an enemy greatsword. As a result he was not with his people or at the village they called home when Cyre was destroyed. Hearing the destruction, Reckt ran to the tent but was thrown back before he could reach it, the twisted magics that destroyed the nation twisting the healing wound as it touched him, forever brainding him with its mark.

When he could, he began to hunt for survivors...but his people were gone. Of his tribe, Reckt was all that remained.

With no better options and his purpose gone, Reckt returned to serve the Hounds, hoping that one day he could find something to fill the void. He had a staff crafted, one with a lamp attached, both as a weapon and a symbol - he was looking for a new life.