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It's okay!


I bought this for the purpose of using it as a mini for Black Fang in a future adventure that I have created. When they said "Small Black Dragon," they really meant "SMALL." This dragon is small than some Godzilla mini figures that I have bought. I thought this would be a decent size, but I was wrong. All in all, this is not a bad miniature and I have an idea on how to use this for something I'm planning for about six months down the line.

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A little too bright.


I bought two of these miniatures to use in my Pathfinder game. The miniatures look pretty good, but the color is too much. They're nice looking, but nothing like the fiendish and Flame snakes that I got that belong to the D&D miniatures. All in all, they're not that bad looking.

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Like the look.


I bought this miniature for a future adventure that I've written. It fits in perfectly with the Earth, Air and Water Elementals that I bought that are from D&D.

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Just what I was looking for. I needed these miniatures for an upcoming adventure that I created along with some werewolves and a barghest. Though the minis aren't painted, I like them the way they are.

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Just want I was looking for.


Needed this miniature for a future Pathfinder campaign that I've written. This miniature is just what I was looking for. It'll work with the wolves and werewolves that I've bought.