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This is a new colony, we're just the second wave to get it self-sufficient after the basic infrastructure was set up six months ago. If anyone is still there, Rayland Arkley was the expedition leader, but it seems all but abandoned, so I'd keep a wary eye. The goal for this settlement is for Andoren to eventually have a real presence on the Shattered Continent. This is our first real foothold here, so little to no infrastructure. We just need to keep the colonists safe.

"Very much so," she says glumly “Something is wrong. Nobody’s in sight. There’s no smoke from cook fires or the smithy. Some of the buildings look burned out.” As you peer through the spyglass, you can confirm that for yourselves. “Sailors can’t keep their mouths shut. Soon all the other colonists are going to hear about this—if they can’t see for themselves already—and things could become… tense.” She runs her hand through her hair before continuing. "We need someone to row out to shore to check that out, and you four seem to be my best bet for that. There's a secondary landing site that we'll wait for you at. Once you've checked out the town, meet with us there, just along the shore of the island. We'll plan our next step from there, okay?
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