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I would actually prefer if they let the npcs in the campaign setting main book as rules-light as possible.

Gives me more room to customize the adventures to my group. It also adds the benefit of better compactibility with 1e and 5e.

I am not really sold in the 2e system yet, but its very likely that I'll buy an updated campaign setting.

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It looks like a step in the right direction as far as I am concerned.
Not enough to make me thrilled, but an improvement nonetheless.

I don't have a playtest group anymore, but I'll be waiting for further developments.

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Ckorik wrote:
Garretmander wrote:

If you're expected to have so much AC +/-1, why doesn't the system just give you so much AC +/-1?

The way tight math works, the rulebook might as well say: at level x you receive +1 full plate as a fighter class feature.

To me this is a very large frustration with the entire 'tight math' paradigm. The fact that monsters *uniformly* increase to hit numbers - and ac values - mean that there is only an 'illusion of choice' instead of real choice when it comes to your player character.

You can choose to have an AC value of at least 10-(even level monsters to hit) or you can expect to get crit more often, and on boss monsters that have that extra +4 (or more) to hit - if you aren't at the baseline you might as well say one hit you die.

So the guy who chooses to wear more nimble armor (looks cool/matches my mini/whatever) better have the dex to back it up, or know what his target is ahead of time or he's asking for a knock out. The story of the party that starts in a cell with no gear - no longer is a challenge - it's a slaughter against any enemy that attacks. Arrows are now 'caster slaughter' guns, as the to hit value is based on the fully armored fighter.

This to me feels like there is no choice in the matter. If you want to melee and hit more than 50% of the time - your build has to focus on hitting the same 'to hit' value as a fighter of the same level (so perhaps you rely on flank/conditions/etc. to hit that number - but you still need to know what that number is to be effective). With the numbers needed per level *so solid* now - that is - codified into the rules - why are they still hidden?

If these numbers are built in and scale (which they do) then they should be up front targets. It isn't system mastery to know you need a +9 AC value to be 'average' against a level 9 monster. I mean - it is in a sense but I don't see how that's 'rewarding' for a player to learn - not when the alternative is death and pain. Why not be up front about it. "Here is...


Our group largely gave up on the playtest after these hidden expections became obvious.

So, for the moment at least, we've decided to try out other rpg systems.

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I don't really see any serious issues with the problems resonance points were created to address.

Am I crazy?

Not trying to be antagonistic or anything, but is that really a thing? Are people really bothered by those?

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I like alignments.

Please keep it in the game.

Zon-kuthon is LE btw, not CE.

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I am torn.

While I understand it is only natural for Pathfinder to go trough different editions and I want to continue to support Paizo and its products, the blog description made me think of a simplified rule set (which I would hate).

I'll wait for the playtest document and see how I feel from there.

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Should the spells magic circle vs. evil/good/law/chaos be added to the psychic class list? I find it odd that they have lesser planar binding, planar binding, greater planar binding, agonize and dimensional anchor in their list but have none of the magic circle spells nor the thaumaturgic circle spell to complete the calling ritual. Please hit faq if you feel this needs clarification.


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First of all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate that you still take the time to answer our questions here. I know of no other place in the internet that I can interact so directly with the person in charge of the creative process of a product line that I love.

Here goes my question:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and discouraged throughout the development of a story? I Ask because lately have been feeling like that a lot. Maybe it's because of the fact that I don't have as much time anymore to elaborate on the story elements of my games as I used to have when I was younger, but that has led me to a lot of self-doubt and aborted ideas.

In your years of experience have you found a good way to deal with that? If so would you mind sharing it?

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Really excited about this announcement!

Obviously will have to play an investigator! Have being eying that class for a while now.

Perfect opportunity to play one

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If I recall correctly, a long time ago, you said in response to one of my questions the the average Azlanti was likely LN or N in alignment.

Would you be willing to say how rare was a good Azlanti in the later days of the empire? I was going to go with something like 10 out of 100, but re-reading my sources I couldn't find a single good (known) azlanti character; even Savith was LN.

Essentially, I am trying to figure out a background for a Follower of Acavna in the later days of the empire. This character won't really appear in game as he is long dead, but the adventure would reveal fragments of his life.

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Godd evening James!

1)Within the city of Magnimar, how common would you say are polyamorous relationships?

2)Would you say this kind of relationship is more common among common people within the nobility?

3)Are there specific factions that you can think of that would actively oppose such practice?

4)How different would those answers be in regards to Korvosa?

Thank you so much.

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Couldn't enjoy that.

Would be boring as hell at this point, after decades of the same vanilla stuff.

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Really like it! Was hoping for an Iconic from Nirmathas!

Also really excited about the possible changes to the hunter class. I am hoping it will be THE CLASS to go if you want to focus on your animal companion.

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Please, let's stop pretending that ranged attacks are as valuable as melee attacks.

Moving is frustrating for melee characters (as they have to sacrifice extra attacks to move beyond 5 ft.).

Ranged characters don't have to move as much and can attack from safety.

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Gorbacz wrote:
I've kind of suspected from the beginning that The Real Issue here is: "some moderators express views which I don't like (and even worse, by voicing these views they empower others), so let's build an elaborate argument against them taking part in discussion".

That's what it seems to me too.

Back on topic:

If anything I think the moderation is a little too light handed, but I've always assumed that's because of how busy the staff usually is.

It's hard to find a thread in which there isn't a poster being snarky, offensive and/or nasty.

Also, if the Paizo moderators have a bias against aggressive, jerky, demeaning, homophobic, misogynistic and racist comments, I am OK with their bias.

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LazarX wrote:
magnuskn wrote:

The biggest turn-off is that the Arcanist seems to be devoid of flavor, i.e. it has no real identity like the Wizard and Sorcerer do.

What some see as a blank sheet, others see as a canvas free of clutter, ready for painting upon.

I love the sorcerer bloodlines, and I love wizard school powers, but for some characters I have in mind, they're baggage that gets in the way of what I want to sculpt.

I agree completely.

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Love the classes overall, but they still need some adjustments.

Specially the Skald and the hunter.
Both look a little bare-bones to me (at moment) to be a full class.

Also I really like the concept behind the warpriest, but mechanical I can't see a lot of reason to take up the class. It's probably better to just build a regular melee focused cleric.

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1) I think summoning spells spells are overrated.

2) I believe both the monk and rogue classes are fine as they are.

3) Limited number of prestige classes is a good idea in my book.

4) IMHO the paladin code is supposed to be hard to role play.

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Dudes, I am a 100% sure this is trolling.

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Odraude wrote:

I don't see the issue of getting essentially a +10 after 10 MTs.

Overall I like the mechanics here. Surges being an immediate action doesn't bother me. It just means you have to make a choice on what to use your swift action on.

And as for them not listening to the playtest after the second one, I'm not sure what to say. Playtests don't mean that the developers automatically implement whatever feedback people give them. They are there to get feedback about certain issues and then the developers take that into consideration when making decisions about them. To be honest, the Surge dice increase and amount of Mythic power you get per day are fine, but also feel like a matter of taste between people.

So it's not that they didn't listen to the feedback (since looking at the first playtest, they clearly do). It's just that they heard the feedback, talked it over, and didn't agree with it. To be honest, the forums can be this echo chamber that overexaggerates things immensely, so I am glad to see they don't just blindly agree with everyone on the forums. But this also isn't belittling the feedback either, as there is some good feedback that changed a lot and brought up concerns. I would like to hear the reasoning behind why they kept some things. And also, I still don't see the issue with a +10 at Mythic Tier 10, considering the things you fight.

Amen, Brother Eduardo!


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Because figments and glamers are unreal, they cannot produce real effects the way that other types of illusions can. Figments and glamers cannot cause damage to objects or creatures, support weight, provide nutrition, or provide protection from the elements. Consequently, these spells are useful for confounding foes, but useless for attacking them directly.

So I am guessing the subschool is wrong in this case.

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Wow, that's awesome!
Is it August yet?

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Do wordcasters (users of words of power, from ultimate magic, pg. 162) exist in Golarion? What about the Inner Sea Region?

If yes, where would you say they are the most common?

Thank you very much!

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I blame Cosmo for Aliens: colonial marines!

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

Likewise, I strongly believe that everyone should be required to study and be able to identify the philosophical foundations on which science is based.

Philosophy is useless. It hasn't contributed anything to society since it cranked out science, and science was basically a way of saying "you know what, trying to philosophize our way to an answer just flat out isn't working, lets TEST this junk we're coming up with"

You are actually proving his point.

Science does not exist as you seem to believe it does.
It is pretty much a broad array of non-unified methodological techniques
rooted upon distinct philosophic ideas/basis.

One cannot be a serious scientist without knowing the distinctions between different scientific methodological schools (i.g. instrumentalism , pragmatism , logical postivism , Polanyi theory o knowledge etc).

... and no, I am not defending my bread-winning or anything like that.
I am a mathematician.

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sunbeam wrote:
If I were on the walls of a city or fortification I'd be happy to see a mage wasting his time on a siege engine as opposed to what else he could be doing.

I like the archetype a lot thematically, but I have to agree with you there.

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This refers to the Witch-bounded archetype twin soul ability.

While I am excited about using this, I am a little unclear on how it actually triggers. For the purposes of this ability, what would "gravely injured or about to die" be (rule wise)?

Furthermore, what kind of action you spend to activate it? None? Standard?

Help please.