Rajiistra Firestinger's page

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Full Name

Silver Crusader Rajiistra Firestinger


Half Elf


Cleric 7 / Holy Vindicator 4








Neutral Good





Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Rajiistra Firestinger

Hailing from Sedeq in Qadira, Rajiistra learned from a young age that life wasn’t fair. Elves were more likely to be servants than citizens in her home city, but that did not stop them from having relations with humans. Growing up in a household to one such union was hard enough without adding poverty to the mix. Rajiistra hoped to escape the harsh life her family lived as early as she could, so she joined the Church of Sarenrae at a young age and trained to be a priestess. She went on to become an ordained cleric of Sarenrae and traveled between villages in Qadira, but she quickly settled back down in Sedeq when she met her future husband at the local church. Rajiistra was smitten with this man who shared a similar focus on religion as she did, and the two were to wed shortly after their courtship began. However, not all was as it seemed for the happy couple, as Rajiistra returned home early from the church the day before the wedding to find her betrothed engaged in relations with two other women. In a fit of rage Rajiistra burned the whole house down, killing the three occupants inside and destroying all of her belongings in the process save what she normally carried. By the time the fires had been put out she had left Sedeq and boarded a ship heading for Absalom, the city at the center of the world. It was a rough voyage and Rajiistra had to work manual labor jobs to pay for her passage, but when the ship finally docked she had a strong feeling that this was where she needed to be. She made her way through the city to the Church of Sarenrae, and after some talks with the local priests she was given a room and a place to pray in peace. Days passed and Rajiistra stayed within the confines of her room, praying for forgiveness and the strength to move on from this downfall. It was in those days she realized that Sarenrae had not forsaken her for her actions; she had retained her patron’s blessings through it all. When she emerged a week after her arrival, Rajiistra felt confident that Sarenrae would be with her as she worked to build her new life in Absalom. Spending most of her time in the church Rajiistra worked alongside other clerics and paladins as they offered charity to the destitute citizens of the city. Many of the people she worked with were part of a global organization called the Pathfinder Society, and occasionally they would talk about their travels to different parts of Golarion in their quest to vanquish evil and to help those who need it. After some time Rajiistra decided to investigate more into the Pathfinders Society, and eventually joined their ranks. Now she travels all over Golarion to help where she is needed.