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I agree, it may take some finesse to convince the DM ;)

Spear dancing spiral allows one to wield a spear as a finesse weapon with added benefit of treating a spear as a quarterstaff for feats and abilities, thus allowing the spear to be used for flurry. Three levels of rogue will add dex to damage for a finessable weapon

I like your more liberal interpretation as well ;). One other potential benefit of the combination, for the price of one more feat (tiger pounce), would be increased accuracy (+2 using your example)

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Yeah I think that is fair to say. I'll probably go with your interpretation.

I am curious how this would stack (if it would stack) with the increased strength damage modifiers inherent with dragon style/dragon ferocity (assuming one was able to blend the styles via MoMS or free-style fighter archetypes)