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I have purchased the Mummy's Mask Pawn set and have noticed that both sides have just the front view of the creatures. shouldn't one side be the front view and the other side a back view to keep players from getting confused as to which direction the creatures are facing?

I have noticed an error with the map at the beginning of this book. The Dragonfly River just below the town of Bellis is missing. This river is depicted in the Inner Sea World guide and on the Golarion Poster Map. Could a correction be made to the PDF in the future?

I have played in the Forgotten realm setting for over 20 years. I have the Forgotten Realms interactive Atlas which has been an invaluable tool in my campaigns and various adventures. I was greatly disappointed with how little support it had gotten from Wizards. They did not advertise it very well, I just happend across someone who had it then had to buy my own copy.

I was wondering if there had been any ideas in making an interactive atlas for the world of Golarion. I know new maps are constantly being added, but that is what updates are for. I have the Campaign Cartographer from Pro fantasy to make my own maps. Pro Fantasy was contracted to create the Forgotten Realms atlas. My map making skills with this CAD system are sub par at best.

I would definately buy an Interactive Atlas of Golarion. I have stepped away from the Forgotten Realms and have moved on to bigger and better games with Pathfinder and Golarion. The level of Product release as well as interesting and well written options are amazing!

How much of a market would there be for an Interactive Atlas for Golarion?