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Did anyone incorporate any other modules into your Strange Aeons campaign? If so, what were they, and do you have any suggestions/tips?

I'm thinking of running Carrion Hill. It's for level 5 pc's; it seems the most logical place to insert would be between books one and two, after the group leaves Briarstone but before they arrive at Thrushmoor.

Obviously I'll have to mess around with clues, motivations, and geography.

Any thoughts?

In the OA playtest, the Aether Kineticist could choose the Wild Talent Foe Throw starting at sixth level. In the final product the prereqs changed slightly (class needs to be the effective level of the power x2), and Foe Throw is level 3 now (thus at least a sixth level Kineticist - as before). However, my issue is that they separated Wild Talents into Infusions and Utility Wild Talents, and Foe Throw, being an infusion, wouldn't be able to be selected until the class gains its first infusion after level 6, so 9th level. This seems off to me, having it at sixth level before but not until 9th level now. Am I missing something?

My DM and I are trying to figure out whether a spell slot is expended when using the Arcane Strike feat to add damage. The wording doesn't say it does but we'd like clarification to be sure if it is like old 3.5 or different.