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Thanks for this! If nothing else, having the errata in one place until Paizo makes a real errata file is very useful.

I like some of what you've done with the other items so far as well.

A couple questions:

First, your spontaneous casters; they would not have to learn the same spell at a higher level in order to heighten it (signature spell notwithstanding)? That solution for them never sat well with me.

Second, What's your thought (if any) on Magic Missile? There is a thread debating if it is subject to the miss chance from Concealed, since it specifically avoids mentioning it in the spell description.

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On a related note, 1e had a bunch of improvised weapon feats (such as Catch off Guard and Throw Anything); I haven’t found anything in the crb that might offer a way to make an improvised weapon fighter, or something to negate the -2 penalty for using improvised weapons. Am I missing anything or has this basically been simplified out of the game (subject of this thread notwithstanding)?

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Phaye wrote:
I like it! very clean. my only negative feedback is that melee strikes can use dex or str.

Thanks! I was not aware of that! I just purchased the rule book pdf so haven't had a chance to dig in yet, but I was going by what Paizo had listed on their sheets.

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Hey gamers! I redid the first page of the 2E character sheet for my own use. It's not perfect, but the main goal was to be utilitarian while also being easier on my (not great) eyes. Figured I'd post it for anyone who might want to use it.

My attempt

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Thanks for those links VestOfHolding! Very interesting. And, I'm afraid, applicable to these sheets, especially the color one. Very busy, hard to follow, unflattering colors; it made my eyes very unhappy.

I gotta say that, while they weren't perfect, I kind of liked the playtest sheets better. Landscape should also be an option for those who like them as well.

Oh, and the B&W character sheet I just downloaded still has Pathfinder misspelled in the footers.