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Lilith wrote:
Running a Pathfinder game at a store would also help, I think. It would generate interest which would (hopefully) turn into sales for the store.

It's now some 12 years later after this post was originally added.

I am relatively new retailer on Vancouver Island in Western Canada and totally agreeing that running an instore game or regular basis is almost a necessity.

We have a regular Saturday afternoon game that welcomes observers and first time players and we charge $5 per player to help keep the lights turned on.

By doing this in a region of 50,000 people that has never had a game store we have built up a dozen core players that all have switched from D&D 5e in last few months...because of our promo, availability of local stock, and knowledge. (Do we lose D&D sales by doing this you ask? From our experience to date...Answer is "NO" as we have three separate beginner in-store D&D groups playing per week.

Having said all that...I do have a gripe as the retailer who does the heavy lifting of introducing players (and customers) to the PF system. They turn around and start purchasing direct online and the retailer who introduced them to PF gets no credit when hard copy and pdf products are purchased... Seems to me that today's retailer could issue a PAIZO # and membership and that somehow a way could be found to credit the bricks and mortar operations for future online purchases...Some recognition would be nice.

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We're beginners here...still working out of Beginner's Box...but would certainly like a sense as to the overall world map of Golarion...

What's best crack at it now in May 2022...Is something new coming soon? Or must we just all rely on what's in the new 2e core rulebook?

Nothing available in jpeg or pdf that we can have blown up to wall map size for our players????

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Relatively new retailer has new Pathfinder 2E rules, beginner boxes, bestiary guides and startup in-store player group....but seeks advice on where to really begin with stock for startups????
(1) Given the building blocks are in place,
what 2E (3) adventures are best to carry?
(2) What about the monthly adventures and the society with organized play?
If beginning with a regular group....where does one begin?
(3) Would love folks to share their experience with younger age groups?
What about 10=-12 year olds? How about 12-14 year olds?
Thanks in advance.

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Elfteiroh wrote:
Also of note: This will let Paizo get their foot in the door of a not insignificant number of shops *only* selling D&D products. I have a couple around here...

This post by Elfeiroh inspired me to make my firs PF post on here...

OK...here goes...New retailer posting after playing himself in first Beginner's Box game last night as "Valeros" and loving it...btw...I'm basically a retired person..but run this games store on Vancouver Island, Western Canada...(in case your mapping skills are poor!)

I've done a bit of rp gaming...not a lot of D&D...but couple of sessions and much much prefer PF....played last night with couple of young 30 year olds (very experienced with D&D--but first timers for PG)....

To stick to theme of thread....My new store is next door to an established older store that sells new D&D and when I opened I agreed not to compete directly...but there are lots of D&D players around and they are signing up to use my games rooms (he doesn't have any)...( I have some old D&D modules that I do sell..but that's about it plus some miniatures...) Anyhow THE THEME QUESTION IS..."How best to move them over to PF"...and maybe PAIZO have come up with answer!!!!

My second question posted here in April 2022....is what adventures should I carry in my store for early players and their DM's??? I have 2E rulebook now, character sheets, bestiary, and couple of adventures..but looking for more input on what to stock? Thought I'd come to those who play...

Oh yes...first game as player...(1) rat (1) spider (1) zombie and (1) other something or other..(forget cause I'm old!!!)...like a goblin but I think not... Gained lots of experience that our DM announced after every encounter...so really liked that part...