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Cool Insectoid Look


I purchased three of these from my local game store, and am very happy.

They look great, and their posture is not leaning backward as another reviewer mentioned. Also, all three are glued to their bases well.

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Something Familiar, Something New


Upon opening the package, I am more than delighted with this flip-mat. On one side is a somewhat familiar cave system, with a good layout and multiple levels, providing new experiences. But the flipside features a 'badlands' look: A wood cabin and firepit, surrounded by cliffs. My first use of this will be in my first Starfinder adventure, as the home of a prospector. The cliffs provide excellent terrain, and a field of wildflowers can be a source of a poisonous pollen, or indication of a patch of fertile soil. This flipmat gets my highest rating, and I can see using it often!

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Get Lost!


Just received this 'Bigger' flip-mat. Wow, it is nice. The larger size provides for using all, or just parts, of the caverns. One side has a natural crystal cave. Just looking at it right out of the package, I can envision adventures here. And....no drawing out rippley lines!

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Home of the Spared


I used this great flipmat for the area of Xin-Shalast (Rise of the Runelords AP, The Spires of Xin-Shalast) where 'The Spared' reside. The players loved it, and so did I. Small pathways between shacks make combat very different. Highly recommended!

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Different and Fun!


My usual group loves combat. As much as they can get. One of our newer Pathfinder players decided to try this module for his first shot at DMing.
He did a great job, AND our players loved the storyline! Plenty of combat, different encounters, horror and a mystery, all wrapped into one. Everyone had fun trying to figure this out, even those who are not as much into 'thinking' as the rest of us. We highly recommend it. And it would work in Pathfinder Society as well.