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Excellent module with just a couple rough edges

****( )

This module is an amazingly well done murder mystery for PFS. There only issue is the GM needs to be prepared for everything to go out of order at any time, but even the module notes that.

If you liked the clue boardgame, you'll love this PFS module.

This is a HEAVY roleplaying module, and I would highly suggest you play it up. If there was ever a module a GM needs to be on his feet about, this is it. Player interaction is key to making this work but it's possible to break the plot, so be careful with how your NPCs respond.

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Please Retire This Module

*( )( )( )( )

The premise of this module is certainly not a problem. However, the execution is poor.

The first area leaves much to be desired, with a scene that has players wanting to roll initiative and the DM intended to hand wave it away. If players have encountered Grandmaster Torch at all in PFS prior to this module, good old GT is easily put back into his role of the elite information broker.

The problems start when the players start looking around for their targets. Three potential combats can occur without any maps for the encounters in the module, two of which must occur and are in rather large buildings that a GM has to craft with care. The encounters involve extremely annoying combinations of mechanics for players to deal with. Players WILL get frustrated at your table.

The faction missions, specifically the Taldor and Qadira missions, break PFS rules. Poison is specifically not allowed in PFS. Why is it showing up in a faction mission? The Taldor mission can easily directly violate the terms on which the pathfinders even tolerate the existance of the shadow war for Absalom.

This module is not fun to run as a GM. It is a logistics nightmare, a roleplaying nightmare, and requires a large amount of preparation to run in any method that most players I've ever GM'ed for would find acceptable.

Mr. Frost, if you're looking to retire some more season 0 mods, start here.

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All aboard the Sewer express

**( )( )( )

This mission suffers from the same problem that plagues all confined-space missions. When you have a full 6 man table 5 foot corridors simply do. not. work. Mobility can really bog down in certain areas.

That said, the adventure is salvageable if your GM runs this with comedy in mind, as there's plenty to be had. A good GM can turn this 2 star module into a 3 or 4 star module easily, but you've really got to play up the hilarity that COULD happen.