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"What is this talk of 'roleplay', Dickie? I told you to keep your perverse fantasies to yourself in polite company! now would you be a dear and fetch the two latest massive giant hounds I don't remember the names of? I want to gift one to poor Dool here... thank you dear..."

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"Master Dool, my good man, I do understand your plight. Not even yesterday I had to deal with several complaints from the nobles in Egorian who have apparently been unfairly targeted by various harbormasters throughout the Inner Sea by a recent, largely unfair hike in their mooring fees. Some of them are even considering reducing some of these vessels' crew sizes to compensate. Would you believe this? trying to make do without some of their ladies-in-waiting, in some foreign port, while their dresses are being fitted for a formal gala... the horror!!"

LOL well played Sedoriku.... well played... ;)

DeathQuaker wrote:
The Honest Trailer for TFATWS is out!

OMG! LMAOROTF! exactly how I feel about the whole show! :) :) :)

Reads thread a little... gives up halfway... now thankful there was only 6 episodes... :P

Ok... Season 1, Episode 6. And that's it?

Anyone else think they filmed 12 and are just keeping the other half for 'Season 2'?

Werthead wrote:
That being said, ultimately, I think she was not the best choice for the role. If, as in the comics, they try to reveal her as Madame Hydra or an agent of Leviathan, all I'm ever going to see is her sitting in the diner with Jerry and the others. Maybe she'll do okay in the role. I think they could have done far better.

It's been 23 years since she last did that role and she's been a lead in two successful, long-running shows since then, one of which wasn't a straight-out comedy (though it was still a dramedy), so it seems pretty silly trying to typecast her for a role that's a quarter-century in the rear view mirror.

My thoughts exactly. If you can't see her potential beyond Seinfeld you haven't paid attention to what she's been in since. She's an AMAZING actress and to be honest, they are very LUCKY to have her in that show, not the other way around...

Nice episode. Really glad they got that new character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. That is now the best actress in the whole show. I'm hoping she plays a major role befitting her real-life awesomeness as an actress. Hopefully:

Madame Hydra...

Edit: YES!! CONFIRMED!!! -->


I feel the opposite of many posters here. For some reason this show has not grabbed me yet. I'll keep watching it, since it's the only reason I'm paying for Disney+ at the moment, but I'm not impressed so far.

Wanda has been broken since the late 80's, early 90's. At least the show is consistent with the comics here. Similar to the comics I'm hoping the Vision is done with her. She is a toxic person who inherited the worse aspects of Magneto - power, rage, impulsiveness - without the dampening effects of his cunning, patience and genius.

The early comics had her more cheerful and happy-go-lucky, but the evolution of the Avengers and X-Men storylines gave her a bit of a raw deal as a character.

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
So... Wanda and Pietro are twins, right? Pietro ALSO survived exposure to the mind stone as well, right? Except, we never get any hints in Wanda's flashback that Pietro had "potential" for speed powers or his own brand of witchcraft.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch is a nexus entity that is present in all realities. I think this will develop in the next Doc Strange/Multiverse movie. She basically 'emulated' one of the infinity stones when recreating Fake Vision in her own fake world sitcom reality. Apparently she also emulated an infinity stone during the Hydra captivity when giving powers to MCU (now dead) Pietro. However, MCU (now dead) Pietro remains a part of the puzzle that hasn't been solved by the geek squads yet, so a potential Magneto appearance when the next episode drops could explain some of this (or just leave us hanging in unfair yet so sweet post credit exaltation!)

Aberzombie wrote:

Well, that last episode was interesting...

** spoiler omitted **
Looking forward to the finale.

Be careful when you deal with those 'Neutral' aligned types like Agatha... they're not all about zen and balance... :)

So... how many episodes left and how many before the Fantastic Four show up? (or at least, Franklin... ;) )

Marcus Samuel wrote:
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Mage of the Wyrmkin wrote:

The Moonscar (Levels 15-17). That could be fun.

I am hoping to get a run of that too as soon as I finish the Iron Medusa module we have just recently started!
Yuri is in the same boat.
Pretty much where Marcus is, too. Between him and my secondary seeker I think I've done almost all the 12+ scenarios. I've only done Iron Medusa out of the available modules, though.

I have a level 15 fighter almost at the end of Wardens of the Reborn Forge (will be level 16 at the end). He would no doubt be super interested in going to the moon with you all! ;)

Passing the Torch Part 1 would be cool I think. Would anyone like to run this? I got a level 15 fighter that could prove interesting...

Oh, and thanks for the PFS Tracking link Dennis. Very nice and searchable!

Would it be too late for someone to get a PF1 standard table going for Outpost in the range of level 15 or so? wondering what's even available around that level...

Edit: anyone knows a list of PF1 scenarios listed by level range?

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Ok. This show is good now. This is what a Marvel TV show should be.

Hopefully we find out that the entire Marvel Agents of SHIELD series was a blue HYDRA soap induced dream...

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About Episode 3...... was that...

Captain Marvel a.k.a. Monica Rambeau that Wanda just Force lightning'ed out of whatever parallel dimension they're in back into the real world??? oh snap!! YES!!!!!! YES IT IS!!! based on that, "The adult version of Rambeau appears in the Disney+ series WandaVision (2021) and will appear also in Captain Marvel 2 (2022) portrayed by Teyonah Parris in both."

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The prequels are the perfect example as to why gamers never flesh out their character's mom.

JoelF847 wrote:

I'm assuming based on the point in the timeline that Gideon is using the blood to pave the way for Snoke. He was genetically engineered/cloned from somewhere, and it looks like Mandalorian will show us that.

Hoping Mando has nothing to do with those 'future' movies... ;)

Anyone excited about that show?

I'm hoping everyone on this thread is aware of who the mysterious figure at the end was yes? :)

That was bloody gorgeous.

Seeking a replacement GM for a quick run of Fellnight Queen

Party assembled and ready to go.

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I do agree with several the post(s) above which describe the lack of politics/intrigue between nations of the Forgotten Realms setting. Golarion appears much more cohesive and plausible in comparison. Every sourcebook I've ever wanted back when I was playing in the Faerunian sandbox got published and addressed to my satisfaction with Pathfinder 1E (black markets, trade routes, neighboring continents/planets, etc.) while most of the plot points got addressed via APs. Well done.

Don't read if you haven't seen Joker or seen the Pennyworth TV show:
I am blown away by the recent implications of Thomas Wayne who could in fact be the Joker's true father, while Alfred Pennyworth's dalliances with pre-marital Martha Kane (who later becomes Martha Wayne) could mean Alfred is Bruce's true father... I would love a series or an arc that would explore the Joker inheriting the entire Wayne fortune while Batman having to do it the poor, cheap way (like Daredevil). What a reversal that would be! how can Bruce's genius thrive without the millions he had at his command? would he start his own company and seek wealth instead of crime fighting? (i.e. Pennyworth Enterprises) and would a rich Joker stop his revolutionary crusade against establishment and order to instead become a force of stability in order (albeit perhaps a cruel or evil one) to see his millions protected? or would he flush it all down the toilet with ludicrous ventures or expenditures?

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Just saw this... and it was without a doubt some of the best acting I've seen in my life. It made me take a conscious pause halfway through the movie: I had to remind myself that this was an actor playing a part, and not the actual complex, broken man that was being portrayed on-screen. The acting is so layered and complete... he truly bring this character to life.

I sincerely hope we see the same actor play this character again in a future DC movie, and that they do no disservice to this masterpiece by trying to change his acting method. I left the movie wishing there would have been another two hours left to it, or that one day we even see a Joker 2.

This movie was a blast. Go see it late, after the kids are all in bed though: very dark and unfiltered, and not for the faint of heart... if you are struggling with mental problems or depression, this is probably not for you either. Maturity required. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lathiira wrote:
Let us now ask a very important question: who will they cast for the role of Death? That's kinda important :)

Please cast her in that role. It is indeed too important to risk it with anyone else.

Another link... ... ...

Chief Cook and Bottlewasher wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
Hopefully Gaiman gets as much say in the series as he did with Good Omens. He's not the writer, though, so that's not a good sign in my eyes.
He was so closely involved only because it would have been a joint project with Terry Pratchett. He wanted it to be what Terry would have wanted.

According to the link he will be less involved than Good Omens (good) and more involved than American Gods (good).

I had high hopes for American Gods but season 2 proved less than awesome: it was too vague and all over the map, trying to catch up with the fact that not enough worldbuilding/fluff/lore was provided in the first season. As for Good Omens, it was great, but did feel a bit like there was too much hand-holding/narration going on there (i.e. too many writer's notes in the script's margins, perhaps?)

No God please no.