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I have a question regarding a possible Errata issue.

On Pg. 62 of the Full PDF, under the Vitalist Soultheif Method, the Ability "Soulthief's Touch" Seems to have an issue. In the second paragraph, second sentence it reads:

"Collective members may use this ability on creatures with a total number of hit dice less than half the vitalist’s level, but they gain no healing from it."

Is this a typo/errata need? Or can a Soulthief Vitalist's Collective members really use this ability?
In the single PDF "Mind Over Body" It reads:

"A soulthief may use this ability on creatures with a total number of hit dice less than half his vitalist level, but he gains no healing from it."

This is what makes me think it is a typo.

*raises hand* Questions..

I'm aware these things have been playtested, but That doesn't mean these questions aren't valid. Even with playtesting things get missed.. also, who knows, maybe these have been addressed and I'll get the answer.

1.) Collective Healing states:
** The vitalist may choose to redirect any or all of that healing to one or more other willing members of the collective as a free action. This can transfer instantaneous healing (such as a body adjustment power), healing from ongoing healing effects, such as fast healing, and even hit points gained from rest (in which case, a member of the collective would rest for a period of time as normal, and the amount of hit points and ability damage healed would go to another).**

So does this mean you can use it unlimited times a round (a.k.a Free Action useable even when it isn't your turn).
Or is there some limit? (a.k.a. Should it be an Immediate Action?)

Or should it be an Immediate Action if you are using it off turn, and a Free Action if you are using it during your turn?

2.) Knacks state they are Psi-Like (Assuming that is what Ps stands for) Abilities.
Shouldn't there be a times per day for them?

3.) Pulse
Isn't it a little 'powerful' to be a free action for 1 power point? I mean, you're able to give this ability to all your Collective Members, regardless of distance from you.

Also, Compared to the Guardian Pulse and Soulthief Pulse, Mender's Pulse seems a bit weak.

Guardian's Pulse: DR 2/- for one round.
Mender's Pulse: fast healing 1 for one round.
Soulthief's Pulse: Any successful damaging attack made with an attack roll made by a member of the collective heals the attacker for the damage dealt, up to 2 hit points of damage. (for 1 round)

Guardian's Pulse can potentially stave off a lot of damage, Soultheif's Pulse can potentially give a lot of health (Depending on number of attacks a person has/Attacks of Opportunity).
Mender's Pulse however, gives a single hit point (And they have to wait for their turn to get it).

This is just a minor bit of Errata I believe you missed.

The Vitalist Ability Knacks, is currently listed as talents in the chart - Table: The Vitalist.

Now, A couple of questions.

1.) When manifesting a power through a member of a Collective, do you treat them as the source of the spell? (i.e. you determine range from them) Or does the spell have to target them?

2.) When manifesting a power through a member of a Collective, do you need line of sight/line of effect to that member? (i.e one of your collective members, is behind a brick wall or a Wall of Force.)

3.) Am I correct in the knowledge that, as of this book, only 4 powers have the 'Network' Descriptor?

The 4 being:
Old Powers: Dimension Swap, Empathic Transfer, and Sense Link
New Power: Psychic Bodyguard