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Notmyrealname wrote:
Declaring a border is good for security but depending on the loss of reputation a hostile group could use the defense as a means to send your reputation into the crapper.

This is what Ryan meant by making "meaningful choices". If you want to enforce an imaginary border (imaginary = no mechanics legitimizing it) and threatening to use force to respond to PVE activities, then you have to be willing to expend reputation to enforce it.

Players have become wise to the "Don't go Red" defense ploy. If you don't wish to lose reputation, then don't punish PVE with PVP attacks.

If I am gathering, or fighting an escalation, am I not as "adverse to PVP" as anyone else?

I am actually adverse to any offensive motivated PVP, I will only engage in PVP in a defensive posture (Towers or defending someone or their husk).

Qiang Tian Zsu (LN)
Samanen of Irori

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GripGuiness wrote:

Keep calm and kill Bonedancers.

Love always,

This is exactly what I have begun to do, under the tutelage of Thod, who has extensively mapped out the Bonedancer scourge.

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Thod wrote:

I know what I'm talking about. The Bonedancer fall into this category. Boring to fight. Full strength (350000) they are bad risk/benefit ratio as Death Squads are pretty deadly and very, very difficult to solo.
They hardly ever drop any T2 (I saw one from a Deathsquad - but never got a drop myself).

So the only reason I fight them at the moment is looking ahead to ensure lands close to EL will be free of these pests. And yes that might mean to have to travel 10 hexes from my own settlement to clean out a new mother hex if they grow again.

I noticed this myself last night Thod. You're surrounded by these fiends. I will gladly join up with you to smite them!

Just let me know, I begin a 10 day vacation tonight.

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LOL, what ever happened to "Emerald Lodge should be Switzerland"?

From what I hear, both Brighthaven and Phaeros have upwards of 30 towers each. Never mind the fact that the supposed diminishing returns would make much more than 15 useless. If Aragon had shown such aggression and gluttony, the self righteous of the South would label our actions as "turning PFO into a murder sim."

LOL, how these forums have been duped!

TEO under the leadership of Andius would not have walked this path, just saying. Clearly I believe we can all dispense with the plain truth, Brighthaven is no beacon of "Light".


[ICC: "Qiang Tian Zsu"]

"Historians, Lore Masters and Keepers of the Emerald Spire, I have heard of your plight at the hands of aggressive powers from the South, and it pains me to hear of this suffering."

"I as an unaffiliated wanderer, a healer and herbalist wish to travel to your lands and lend assistance in what capacity I may, if you will have my visitation?"

"I having traveled in the northern hill lands, have come across deposits of coal and I will gladly bring what I have or can gather along the way to donate to your need."

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It greatly saddens me to see the 36 Chambers set aside.

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Fult wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:

Considering many of us will have multiple characters, and some will be playing very different characters (mains vs alts) attributing IC comments to all characters of the same player is inaccurate.

But as I said, I'm not all that concerned about it. I have no problem with my character's statement either.

Now, it makes Fult sooo curious to know Bluddwolf's relatives... Maybe a benignant gnome with gardening skills and a passion for astronomy? or a lunatic sorcerer searching for old grimoires? <Fult let his mind consider all kinds of possibilities>

He could be a kind and gentle Lawful Good Monk who gathers herbs, makes healing salves and walks the Earth healing those in need. A man who will defend the weak but not to seek to harm the wicked, but to show them another way.

He could be a man who strives to reach perfection of body, mind and spirit and to have in balance his life internal and external.

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Monk, by a long shot.

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Pax Feydred wrote:
Going back to UO, I played a pacifist healer who would heal anyone in need, even murderers. If I came across PvP, I would wait to resurrect the dead with the condition that the resurrected players would go on their way without attacking eachother again. It gained me a LOT of friends so I was able to adventure unmolested about 99% of the time.

This is exactly what I intend to do, and what I predict will be the server reaction to my character. He will heal anyone, regardless of who they are, based solely on their need in that moment.

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Pax Shane Gifford wrote:
Ravenlute wrote:
I don't even know how it would be possible to be a pacifist in an open world PvP game like PFO.
Ask Hobs about that. He's regaled us with quite a few tales of pacifism in UO.

I have full intentions of playing a pacifist, LG Monk. I'm hoping that the feats and skills if the Flowing Monk, unarmed and non lethal combat are fully realized in the game.

Pacifism does not mean you do not defend yourself or the "weak", it means (to me) you do not initiate violence. I would like to take this further by using evasive moves and fears that direct force from the attacker back at him. This way, I would not actually be causing harm, but instead redirecting it. But, in the event that an attacker needs to be reduced to unconsciousness and bleeding, I would then heal that person and try to convince him that he is walking an unfortunate path.

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Pax Areks wrote:
A lot folks were/are really behind either a church or monastery being a significant piece of the puzzle as far as New Kirke is concerned.

If Monks are done really well in PFO, I could actually see this character seeing equal time with Bluddwolf.

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Pax Shane Gifford wrote:
I would personally suppose that the Wardens would be the best fit of the three listed, though perhaps the best company for him is some company not yet created. :)

Or not yet brought into the fold /wink /wink.... Herbalism, Exploration, Cartography and Monastic studies.

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I certainly intend to visit this city of New Kirke. I may even call it home, if you will have me, but I intend to travel the River Kingdoms frequently.

I'm curious, which company would be best suited for a Monk, herbalist, explorer, healer?

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I would like to request my access as a citizen to one of Pax's settlements for my Lawful Good, Monk (Destiny's Twin). I feel that Pax's more open view of Kingdom / Nation.

This will be especially true if the Nettles falls within the chartered companies of Pax Aeternum.

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In another post, I wrote of how we will each gain a local knowledge of most of those who share our locality. We will learn through our own experiences and by word of mouth of those whom we share agency, of those acquaintances that we can trust, be wary of or shun.

Unlike flags or gestures, these that I mention can not be false. Even if those that we trusted bore false witness, upon meeting you for the first time, that new individual will show that witness to be false through your own experience.

If exploration is indeed a pillar of PFO, then isn't the discovery of the nature and hearts of others it's greatest form?

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Lifedragn wrote:

Mortal, Darkfall, etc... Full PvP MMOs just tend to not do too well when other games are better suited to the model.

This article does very well to highlight my thoughts. ffa-pvp-sandbox/

Please note that I did say that you should be wary. You COULD be attacked at any moment. But you should not be so paranoid to EXPECT that you will be. The difference is very stark in your assumption of how to interact with strangers. When you begin expecting that you are more likely to be attacked than not, then your firost instinct slowly evolves to being the one to attack first. The game becomes an unrealistic scenario where the first thing people do is not get to know each other and assess whether someone is peaceful or a threat, but to try to kill each other. Those games already exist.

I think that part of this concern will be alleviated by your own experience and interactions within your most common region traveled. What I mean by this is, you will develop a Local Knowledge of the people most likely encountered in your area.

Your first encounter with a complete stranger will establish many of your future encounters with that same person. It will also impact other members of his/her membership group. Over time you will eventually develop your own Blue, Grey, Red standings for virtually everyone who frequents your area.

It is important to remember that they are looking at you for the first time as well, and viewing you with equal suspicion.

Even in games a brutal (mostly by reputation) as Darkfall and EvE, there is usually a hesitation or pause before either party reacts. During this time both sides are sizing each other up. I have found that starting with a chat in local is usually received unexpectantly but favorably.

The best way to begin is to ask a fairly noobish question or to compliment the other for some aspect. Whether you know the answer or not, or like their armor or whatever, doesn't matter. You have peaked their interest to help you or you stroked their ego enough for them not to attack. Everyone likes to play the role of teacher, it gives them a sense of power. Same way everyone likes to be praised for something.

It is easy to find someone to fight. It is harder to find someone to talk to. Even the most blood thirsty, needs a break from the slaughter.

* Note the character I chose to write this from.

Bluddwolf would probably SAD you. Harbinger would either kill you or give you gifts, depends on if he or you are wearing a green hat.

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Lam wrote:

Lam d' Cort was a 3.5 cleric with a Vow of Poverty back when I first registered with Paizo and Pathfinder beta was out. I paid for beta as it was cheaper than printing the free pdf. That character is gone as are a couple more. That character is not feasible in PfO and the special benefits of VoP are not available.

Most likely, I will not be using Lam d' Cort as a character name.

When PfO came out, it was default to old forum name. Those who wanted new name had a lot of problems.

I don't see why following a vow of poverty won't work in PFO. Even if it has no mechanical effects, benefits or just disadvantages, it would still have role playing value.

I intend to follow this same vow, even if I have to simulate its mechanics.

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I would suggest that forum names, since they are already tied to our accounts, are already registered.

This would avoid anyone but Nihimon from taking the name "Nihimon". Many of us have established ourselves or our characters through these forums, and it would be detrimental to the community if others took those names and falsely portrayed themselves as the original person.

I would also hope that naming based on geographic features or place names, even if canon, be allowable because that is a very common derivation of names, particularly surnames.

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Greetings Brother Zael

I have been remiss in not introducing you to my other interest, that of my Destiny's Twin. Whereas Bluddwolf is filled with rampaging chaos and greed, Qiang Tian Zsu seeks tranquility of the spirit and the perfection of mind, body and soul.

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I came across this and found it most interesting, and a potential element of my character's being.

Nine Herbs Charm

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Any possibility of unarmed combat, or at least using just hand-wraps for the purpose of itemization?

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T7V Wexel Daventry wrote:
In Pathfinder TT there is unconsciousness before death. In the recent Video at 2:09 it looks like the fighter falls to the rogue with a small bit of red (HP) left. From checking the past threads I couldn't find anything definitive on this point. In PVP it looks to have unconsciousness where you could possibly be healed before dying or conquer your opponent without killing them and still loot them. In PvE it looked to be that the monsters went to 0 HP and fall. Anyone have some detail on this or know if it is set to have unconsciousness and an opportunity to heal before death or have mercy but still win in PVP?

It is my hope that there is a pre death state, where if aid is administered within a short period of time, the victim can be revived.

If however the victim chooses to "release" him/herself they must certainly have that option.

It would give me no greater pleasure than to be able to walk upon the battlefield and heal the fallen.

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There are quite a number of those that I'd be very much interested in. Perhaps there could even be more advanced feats created by having and using a combination of two or more?

Geography + Nature = feat that allows for more concealed travel through wilderness areas; reduction of aggro radius vs. natural beasts; etc.

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Quzon Mal wrote:
Sneaks up behind Diella and sprays agent orange on remaining holly.

Speaks to Quzon and explains how by releasing her bird she will set herself on a path of spiritual perfection and oneness with her life external.

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A meaningful bump!

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Shane Gifford wrote:

Atheistic would be a hard stretch in Golarion, but non-practicing I could definitely see. It seems to me like it'd be hard to not believe in any gods when those gods grant people spells, send physical divine emissaries to the world on a regular basis, etc. Then again, I suppose there are people who sincerely believe this sort of stuff happens in our world too...

IMO you should be free to ignore other people's alignment, but your own alignment should be something you are highly concerned with. Even if you ignore your alignment and become CE, that should have significant impact and not be something easily ignored.

It is not a given that if you ignore alignment, you will become Chaotic Evil. There are different variations of ignoring alignment.

I could be a healer that ignores the alignment of those I heal. Although the alignment system might make me Neutral Good; it could equally make me True Neutral or even Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good.

How would a game mechanic treat this dilemma? The action of healing anyone in need can be viewed in many ways.

Would it make a difference if I were a cleric healing, or an herbalist healing?

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Harad Navar wrote:
Go ahead and list the Nettles. They can be on the path to monk-hood from the start of EE.

There is a guide: The Genius Guide to the he Talented Monk PDF

For $3.99 it will at least be an interesting read!

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Pax Keovar wrote:
Also, Qiang, you mentioned Harad and the Netties, but he said he's unaffiliated not so long ago, so I'd like that cleared up.

I hope that is not true about The Nettles. I was really looking forward to playing in that role, and Harad's whole theme is by far the mist interesting I have seen on the PFO forums, to be honest.

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Xennkari wrote:

Hail and well-met, my name is Xennkari. I am a follower of Irori, seeking perfection. I am travelling to the River Kingdoms to continue my quest. I expect that we will encounter one another throughout our travels.

Yeah, I like to rp a bit. Been lurking here since the PFO forum was created but haven't decided on a community to join. I suppose I should start looking into that as the last information I remember says we will see EE start in just a few months.

See everyone there!

Well met Xennkari,

I recommend you speak with Harad Navar, of the Nettles Charter Company.

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Three-sectioned Staff, but I doubt GW would ever animate this.

Demonstration, Three-sectioned Staff

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I'll settle for the open hand and the bare foot.

However, a few martial arts weapons thrown in for good measure would be very welcomed as well.

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Andius wrote:
Qiang Tian Zsu wrote:
Andius wrote:
I threw it put there because Pathfinder is identical to how most of you will answer this. Using violence to intercede and stop a worse violence is always commendable, and the setting doesn't matter. That's why paladins carry weapons. Anyone trying to force a pacifist view or lawful perspective on the PFO morality system does so in error.
Are you saying the only expression of lawful good is through violence? Your perception of alignment is your own, but you should not project it upon others and how they choose to follow their alignment beliefs.
No, I'm saying that lawful-good and pacifism, while good, aren't the only expressions of good and you should stop trying to project your narrow view of good onto me.
Qiang Tian Zsu wrote:
Your perception of alignment is your own

I'm sorry, what part of this was a projection? You're entitled to your own views, I clearly wrote that. Do you always respond in such a hostile way? Hmmmm... That must be a Neutral Good trait... or perhaps not?

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Andius wrote:
I threw it put there because Pathfinder is identical to how most of you will answer this. Using violence to intercede and stop a worse violence is always commendable, and the setting doesn't matter. That's why paladins carry weapons. Anyone trying to force a pacifist view or lawful perspective on the PFO morality system does so in error.

Are you saying the only expression of lawful good is through violence? Your perception of alignment is your own, but you should not project it upon others and how they choose to follow their alignment beliefs.

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I am certainly hoping for a complex system that allows for gathering from a variety of sources (roots, bushes, trees, grasses, animals, etc); discovery of new resources (rare unknowns); experimentation of new concoctions; and the recording of new recipes.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion did have an excellent system. Killing critters in Darkfall, also dropped an interesting variety of items.

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I believe that Lawful Good would be more popular if players of LG characters would divorce themselves of the notion that lawful good means that you must thrust your beliefs onto others. Sometimes it is hard to tell Lawful Good from Lawful Evil.

Obedience leads to devotion, which leads to edict, which becomes zealotry, followed by oppression and settles into tyranny.

I plan to play Lawful Good in an introspective way. I will be lawful good, I don't expect any others to live that way. I will model that way of life, and hope it is followed. I will not ask others to change, and certainly not demand or force others to change.

I will defend myself, only when attacked. I will defend others, only when they are on the verge of defeat. I will heal anyone in need. I will give freely to anyone who asks for what I have in surplus. I will give to the truly needy the last of what I hold, if they ask for it. I will make no man, my enemy, in the hope that none view me as their's.

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I and several others have brought up the benefits of having a system of non-lethal combat or a system where a defeated opponent "bleeds out" over time, giving the attacker the opportunity to heal their victim, rather than let him/her die.

There are many role playing situations that this would be ideal. There are certain character classes that specifically include non-lethal combat (Monks).

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Papaver wrote:
So what is Brighthaven's policy on RL xenophobia and other bigotry?

Is there some question in your mind that it won't be the same for everyone else?

There is no room in my mind for RL bigotry or any negative ethnocentric view that disparages another's culture.

This question of your's seems to me, to be coming from left field.

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@ LifeDragn,

That was a well reasoned and honest answer and I appreciate that. As I have said, my two characters will be very different from each other. While I doubt very much Bluddolf would set foot in Brighthaven, it is very likely that my Monk would. I plan to have my Monk be far more well traveled than my bandit.

Brighthaven might not be the only Good aligned settlement, I'm sure even you hope it won't be, I do hope that it will flourish and provide that contrast.

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Nihimon wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:
Just for the record, I'm kind if a one toon, one company, one settlement and one faction kind of player.

What does Qiang Tian Zsu think of that?

I am not intellectually or spiritually bound to this individual known as "Bluddwolf". He seems to be an erratic type, his life internal and external are at odds and he is far from the path of perfecting one's mind and soul. He is both consumed by greed and yet generous towards those that he respects or calls his friends.

He is beyond my guidance, which is my failing, not his. Perhaps one day, when I have achieved perfection, I could heal the chaotic heart, mind or soul. I shall strive to bring such order in my life external.

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Harad Navar wrote:
As Qiang Tian Zsu pointed out, the figure is wearing metal armor which is usually prohibited (in Pathfinder TT) to a mage. He also has what appears to be a set of "steel knuckles" on his right hand. This suggests to me an unarmed strike item that could hold keywords.

Even hand-wrappings can have progressive quality levels and hold key words.

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As much as I wanted to see this, I could not. The 'stance" you were referring to, was this the figure at the front-left? Yes he had no weapon, but he was also wearing metal armor.

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Lifedragn wrote:
As for having quite the disparity between your two characters, that is not an issue that has been discussed for Brighthaven internally yet. Definitely room for discussion there. There may be security concerns, but there is always security concerns. And the ones you know are usually more tolerable than the ones you don't.

I very much appreciate this response. As someone capable of role playing two very different characters, and believe it or not, capable of keeping them "unaware" of each other, your stance is very welcome.

Of course I would not expect that "Qiang Tian Zsu" would ever be more than a welcomed visitor or at most a citizen (and this is doubtful as part of my character concept).

Again, much appreciated response Lifedragn

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First, Congratulations on your announcement.

Being someone interested in serving the community has a "helping hand" and wandering the lands of the River Kingdoms, healing and defending those in need, I have a few questions.

How does a solo traveler, unaffliloated with any company or other settlement gain access to or become a citizen of Brighthaven?

As someone who intends to craft natural remedies and healign salves, for the purpose of healing those in need, will I be taxed for my wares even if I give them away freely?

Although your settleemnt is declared a Neutral Good settleemnt, do you have plans on building and maintaining Lawful Good structures? Of particular interest to me are monestaries and or temples dedicated to Irori.

As it is my intention to play this character, a Destiny's Twin, as a Lawful Good Monk of the highest reputation and a completely separate entity from my other character, what is your settlement's stance as it relates to disparate Mains and DTs?

PS. This post is written in the best of intentions and in all serousness.

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AvenaOats wrote:

Conditions for Adding Roles: It's not just animations. There's an art component, and that's meaningful. But there's also a design component. It will take time to ensure that we're happy with the balance and flow of the "basic" class features. That's part of Crowdforging. We need some space between when various roles go into the game for testing and evaluation. We also need time to do development on the way features get implemented.

Monks, for example, aren't just "fighters who use their fists". They're characters with extremely complex features.

I can appreciate that, but the delay could be on those more complex features that wouldn't be available until perhaps level 15+. The basic features such as Unarmed Combat could be implemented much sooner, or at least I hope so.

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Harad Navar wrote:
There is also the consideration of factions based on roles(classes) that are not available in EE. For example, you are only eligible to join the Kusari-Gama faction if you have either a natural attack or the Improved Unarmed Strike feat. Neither of these may be available to characters in EE. Since we may not even have a monk skill/feat tree until after OE we may not see this faction for a long time.

I believe it would be a good idea to push for and resurrect the "Unarmed Combat" possibility that was discussed many months ago.

The argument against it at the time was the concern for the animation and the need for itemization (item slot usage to be on par with others).

The second is an easy fix: Hand Wrappings

These Hand Wrapping could be made of different materials, therefore different tier. They fulfil the need to take up item slots. Have the same need for gathering and crafting that any other weapon. They can have the same key word usage that any other weapon has.

The first issue, animation, is outside of my knowledge as to why it is difficult to animate weaponless combat?

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Here is an interesting dilemma. As a LG (or perhaps LN) Monk, I would be intrigued to serve within the faction of the Kusari-Gama - Martial Arts Mastery, however if I rise to the rank of 4+ that will then open me up to participating in faction wars.

As someone who would only participate in PVP as a matter of self defense or the defense of a weaker person beset by stronger opponents, I would find that war is in conflict with my internal beliefs.

The study and mastery of Martial Arts is not a preparation for warfare, it is a preparation of internal and external balance, discipline, defense, and a means to attain physical and mental perfection.

So my question is, shouldn't there be a way to move up in the ranks of CERTAIN factions without them automatically leading to violence and particularly war?

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Perhaps we could crowd forge these POI structures to have functions similar to settlements, but at a much more limited scale.

Feudal Manor (is. Monestary) could train just Lawful based skills and be limited to 1/10th the training slots of a settlement.

Forts could train just martial skills, also Lawful.

Hideouts could train just Chaotic skills, those associated most with banditry and or theft.

A Tower (Wizard's / Sorcerer's) could be Good, Neutral or Evil (but not Lawful or Chaotic).

Each of the POIs would be limited to just one aspect of alignment, still requiring the need for individuals to visit settlements for the other training that they may need.

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Name: Qiang Tian Zsu
Alignment: Lawful Good
Organization: NA, put possibly The Nettles
Rank: None

Settlement Aspirations: A Monastery, POI

Play Styles:

Wanderer, Healer, Guardian, Gatherer / Craftsmen (Herbalist)

History / Philosophy:

Qiang Tian Zsu wrote:

The meaning of my name....

"Qiang Tian" literally means "Wall of Heaven" in the Tian language. There is also a geographic feature (Mountain Range) of that same name.

It is often that travelers, especially those who wish to leave something of their family connections behind, often name themselves after geographic features.

"Zsu" comes from the "Zsu Zsu's petals", from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". The petals in the movie represent a restored hope in having a second chance to make things right in life.

Combining the two results in "Wall of Heaven and Restored Hope". Taking this as the central purpose in my character's "being", he will be Lawful Good.

However, based on Navar's podcast interview, and his view of slavery in the River Kingdoms, I have a slight disagreement with him as it pertains to the Hellknights and their use of slavery.

One can not restore hope, by just trying to improve an abhorrent condition. Hope can only be restored in the absence of such conditions. In believing this, I will not adhere to the "laws" of the Hellknights, but I will actively work to change them. This may shift my active alignment to Chaotic Good and create an inner turmoil within me, but that may be a necessary price to pay Internal spirit.

There will often times be a conflict between the internal and external. In the teachings of Irori and within the cultural beliefs of the Samsaran race, perfection is sought internally. The only external manifestation of perfection may be in the perfection of one's physical being, but that does not necessarily extend to perfection of action externally.

Previous Leadership experience: This character has no intentions of leading anything, so the experience has nothing to add.

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Chief Abbot Navar,

Have you considered looking into The Age of Wushu? I could definitely see myself giving this a test run, you can try it for free.

I will be returning from vacation on Wednesday, so it will not be until then, that I get a chance to check it out myself.

The cost: $19.99 (US) which includes 60 days paid + $15.00 worth of in-game items.

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@ Lifedragn,

I support your idea of creating a truly cooperative and benevolent community. I will protect the weak and ward off those that threaten them. I will wander the River Kingdoms and through my deeds of healing and generosity, affect the change you wish to represent.

When confronted with evil, I will try to dissuade it from its path, resist it at my own demise, or defeat it if all else fails. I will not seek it out or kill it where it sleeps.

If this fits within your concept, then I may find myself supporting such an endeavor.

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Hobs the Short wrote:

*must...avoid...being dragged into...heated discussion*

Being a follower of Sarenrae (far more heavily on the "hope they repent" side than the "and if they don't, whack them" side), Hobs will likely be willing to heal any injured character that staggers across his path. Will he attempt to discern their alignment first - no. Frankly, I believe casting a spell on anyone to detect their alignment should be viewed as an aggressive act, so not being the attacker type, Hobs wouldn't be making a practice of it. If this altruistic, good Samaritan behavior gives me a reputation hit, I'm willing to live with that. However, in that I don't plan to fly any flags (the use of which seems to be the main means to raise reputation), I'm a bit concerned about how this behavior will eventually make me appear from a reputation standpoint.

This is the point that I was making, but perhaps when it comes from someone else it will be received differently. Not all of my postings come from my bandit's perspective or agenda...

Hobs and Qiang Tain Zsu will be very similar, although I was leaning more towards Irori as a Deity.

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