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For a bit of context : I recently made a cave druid for a campaign, and I have come under a certain issue, for which I havent found an existing FAQ about :

Considering : "At 10th level, the cave druid can assume the form of a Small or Medium ooze as if using beast shape III, and at 12th level that of a Tiny or Large ooze as if using beast shape IV (treating the ooze as if it were a magical beast without a natural armor bonus). When in ooze form, the cave druid has no discernible anatomy and is immune to poison, sneak attacks, and critical hits."
Question : If I transform into an ooze, do I become blind as per the ooze trait (which should also give me blindsight as per the trait)?
or in other words
Question (alternative) : Is sight considered supernatural or extraordinary for the purpose of wild shape ?

My Opinion : Considering the only things you lose are extraordinary and supernatural abilities based on race (darkvision as a dwarf as exemple), it would odd to lose the most basic sense of all. The only exemple I have found is the "Sea Anemone, Giant", which is blind and has sightless as EX ability, which is not 'granted' by vermin shape. To add to all of that, the cave druid actually specifies that transforming into an ooze grants me the no poison/sneak/crit, I can still bleed however.

A FAQ/errata would be greatly appreciated, any sort of official clarification really.