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When starting a new campaign, what guidance do folks use for incorporating Uncommon and Rare level items, ancestries, options, etc.?

Do you let the party as a whole have access to X number of these options over the course of a campaign? Or maybe each character gets access to one only? Is there "official" advice somewhere that I have missed?

I am really curious how this super interesting mechanic is getting used at actual tables as I plan for the next campaign. Thanks!

Can you hold a 2H (not 1+, actual 2H)weapon and cast spells that have the Somatic component?

The text of somatic components seems to imply you can:

CRB wrote:
A somatic component is a specific hand movement or gesture that generates a magical nexus. The spell gains the manipulate trait and requires you to make gestures. You can use this component while holding something in your hand, but not if you are restrained or otherwise unable to gesture freely.

but the Interact action seems to imply that any changing of hand placement is an Action.

So do I cast while holding my polearm normally? Do I have to pay an Action to take my hand off the weapon? How about to put it back on the weapon?

Do we have a definitive answer for this? I tried searching but failed miserably.

Been trying to post this for two weeks. Hopefully it will help with playtesting for folks with different party sizes or when GMs make tweaks to encounters.

Step 1 - Encounter Budget by Party Size

Step 2 - Encounter Building by Party Level

with creatures marked "X" being too hard, and "-" being too easy.

Still to do: page numbers and frequency for most of the critters.

Enjoy. Let me know if you have feedback