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OK, I'm going through this. Looks like the school should have a classroom and a book repository ...he could afford that.

Not super familiar with the building/business rules, so I just didn't spend most of his 1000. He's got over 700 in gold to use for hiring builders and such. I'll reread the campaign/building rules now to see if that helps.

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1. Why is your character fleeing Galt? Are they from a neighboring nation? What attracts them to this expedition? Be specific!

Yeoffrey is actually already fled Cheliax to Galt, and is now fleeing again. He THINKS he fled Cheliax due to persecution of his "radical" ideas. In fact, Thrune-employed genealogists found evidence of Aasimar blood in his family (something Yeoffrey knows nothing about). As for Galt, while the lack of diabolists watching your every move was appealing, a place of constant upheaval isn't a great place for schools. Naive and overconfident, Yeoffrey thinks a fresh start will allow him to form his OWN school, run "the right way!"

2. In character, write your pitch to the noble as to why your character should be taken along. The rendezvous point is a secret, so you must convince the noble that your character is trustworthy.

Noble Viscount Aristides,

I write to you today with both great excitement and great grace. Through you and your settlement, I can make my greatest dream come true: the founding of a school ...without limits! In Cheliax, House Thrune controls what gets taught. In Galt, the curriculum changes with each revolution, leaving faculty and students outright confused.

In this new settlement, though, a school can be founded with a focus purely on education! As a lifelong educator, I will take everything I've learned and create a school unlike any seen before! I, of course, will bring funding for the labor necessary, as my pension has barely been dipped into. However, I also plan on a revolutionary barter system where labor for the school can purchase special training and classes more easily than gold! Soon, everyone from the common timbersman to the guard to the children will have access to knowledge in all areas!

Just think of it ...the Viscount Aristides College of Learning!

3. Long term, what role does your character hope to play in the fledgling community? Start a business? Range outside the town to scout for threats? Serve in or lead the militia? Found a temple to their deity? Establish a thieves' guild? Dream as big as you like!

As is probably obvious, Yeoffrey wants to start a school where his knowledge and the expertise of others can be shared with children and adults alike. He's not travelling with anyone; making friends has never been easy for him. But he hopes to "befriend" many on this journey, and recruit them to share their expertise with the others as well. Let the ranger teach ranging, the wizard teach wizardry, etc.

I submitted this guy in the original thread. Will level him up.

We can do this, guys! The frontier needs KNOWLEDGE! And probably some badasses too.

Should be finished up here.

This is Digger Chandler's submission. Rolled him up at the bar the other night and haven't done equipment or a detailed background. A pompous academic thrown out of a Chelish university. He thinks it was for his radical ideas (no one bothered to read his stuff), it's because the genealogical team traced his ancestry to perikin, which he doesn't know about.