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Hello everyone, I am homebrewing a campaign and for story reasons I need a creature that I would call an "Earth Hag." She will be in charge of a mining operation so she needs to be focused for that environment. I need ideas please. I was going to reskin a Hag and change abilities such as giving her a burrow speed, etc. Does anyone happen to have something like this already worked up? She is going to be working with a Night Hag and a Sea Hag so the level needs to be between 3 and 9. I may give the Sea Hag the elite template and the Night Hag the weak template to bring them all closer together in strength. If there is a 3rd party creature already designed that's OK too I don't mind 3rd party stuff.

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Grankless wrote:
You may have accidentally been downloading one of their packs by mistake - I just went and checked, and downloading a specific asset just gives me a single .png download of the image. That's all I can think of.

No, I double checked. I am on their live gallery where it says you can download individual files.

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narchy wrote:

I posted the first map last week in the Gauntlight thread, but I have now completed the full set for Book 1 - Ruins of Gauntlight (yay!)

You can find them here on Google Drive

It's also available as a Foundry VTT module, complete with a setup for the walls and doors.

Install link available on Gitlab.

Maps included are:

- Level 1 - Gauntlight Ruins
- Level 2 - Servant's Quarters
- Level 3 - Library
- Level 4 - Belcorra's Retreat
- Otari Graveyard (this is a little bit rough round the edges compared to the other maps, and may get updared more)

Big shout out to www.forgotten-adventures.net for their rockin' assets, which are 99.99% of the maps. And of course to Paizo for this AP that I can't wait to run!

As always, feedback welcome and appreciated. :)

These maps are amazing. I used the first one last night and my players loved it.

I went to Forgotten-Adventures.net though and when I tried to download a single asset to test I got a message I have never seen before. It said the download was blocked because the site tried to download multiple files, even though I was only trying to download 1 image. Can you shed some light on that please. I am not super computer savvy. My fear was that it was also trying to download a virus or spyware. Obviously Microsoft Edge thought it suspicious since it blocked it. Anybody reading this PLEASE do not think I am accusing the site of having malware, I'm just not sure why it was trying to download multiple files when I was only trying to download 1 image. Thanks.

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Scryvnr wrote:

Two Questions:

1) Is Adobe Reader the only way to use the untag function? I tried it in preview and it doesn't seem to be working.

2) Is there a way to untag and then save the untagged version (apart from taking a screen shot) as an upload? I tried this with Adobe and it reverted it when I reopened in another viewer.

I use PDF-XChange Editor (the free version) to untag the stuff and then just use the snip tool from windows and save as a PNG. Works for me.

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I am kinda liking the idea that it already happened to them and they wake up and begin to investigate what happened. The last thing they remember is being at a dinner party and drinking a really expensive bottle of wine.......

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I am working on a home brew adventure. I won't get into the details but I need a way to secretly make an entire party of low level ( lvl 1-5ish) characters unconscious for at least a day. Slumber Wine does exactly what I need but it is a 12th level item with a DC 32 Fort save. Should I use this anyway to advance the story the way I want (allow them a save only on a nat 20) or would this be a total jerk move? Is there another level appropriate way to do this? I need the characters unconscious for at least 1 day for my plot line to work. Any help? Please and thanks. Also to add, the antagonist is high enough level to be able to obtain the Slumber Wine. And this will not be to harm or kill their characters. It is a way to put them into a certain situation that they will have to overcome through exploration and investigation.

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Thanks guys.

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I am working on a home brew and need a Banderhobb but can not find a PF2e version. I am lost as to how to convert one. Is there already a PF2e version? Is someone here feeling kind enough to convert one for me? Thanks for any help.

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I placed the order on August 14 and have patiently waited for the items, most notably the PDFs so I can start preparing to run the AP. Today I finally get an email only to open it and find that the payment was declined. I corrected the issue and resubmitted but I have no clue if it went through and the order still says pending. The PDFs are not in my digital content. I called customer service literally 70 times and no answer and the voicemail is not accepting messages.