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Suprisingly good change in style


This so far has been the most enjoyable part of the campaign. At the end of the last part, the PC's were wary of leaving Sandpoint but once they got underway they got more comfortable with it. The Graul homestead is a memorable sidequest that we still talk about to this day. Fort Rannick was also memorable in the planning on how to retake a fort taken over by ogres. Overall I like how this takes the game away from "civilization" and puts them more in a frontier type setting with the threat of ogres looming over. One thing that can happen is the PCs can gain control of a fort and that seems to be the most controversial thing about this book. I went ahead and gave it to the PCs and that in itself has turned into a mini-game for them, on how to run the fort when there is downtime. Be warned that the difficulty does increase for this part as a couple of the encounters I was able to take down some PCs. It may not seem like it to the PCs but the whole thing is a set up for the metaplot of the endgame. This volume includes the adventure "The Hook Mountain Massacre", an article of how to run a keep, a Varisian gazetteer (which was very good), another chapter of the Pathfinder journal, and a Bestiary with some unique creatures.

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Just got these in today and was quite surprised at them. The pictures do not do these justice. The amount of detail on Kyra and Ezren was awesome. The other 2 were good also, but the above 2 just had more details on them. These are the iconic characters of Pathfinder but honestly they can be used for any fantasy mini game. Hoping they will release the rest of the iconics in mini form soon.

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Solid followup to a great first chapter!


Just finished this part of the adventure path over the weekend and it was a great adventure path. It is divided into about 3 parts. The first part is in Sandpoint and the surrounding area and is mainly a murder mystery that ties to Burnt Offerings. The second part is a haunted manor house that had great atmosphere and lethal haunts. They were bad enough that the PCs were actually drawing straws as to who would enter a room first. The last part takes the PCs to the city of Magnimar to confront the mastermind behind the murders in Sandpoint. I liked that this module was not as combat heavy as the first part, this one had more roleplaying opportunities and a city for a DM to play with. The last combat that is famous as a TPK I toned down some and while still challenging the PCs were able to overcome her. The only reason I knocked a star off was the transition into the next part. A couple of my players were pretty attached to the Sandpoint area and were wondering if it was worth going so far away to do a quest for the mayor of Magnimar since the main threat they were dealing with seemed to have been defeated. While in the end they decided to move on it doesn't really have any connection to the previous parts. Overall though it was a solid module and any DM should have a blast running certain parts of it. Also, the book includes the adventure "The Skinsaw Murders", a gazeteer on Magnimar, the first of the Pathfinder Journal series, and a bestiary.

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A great first adventure for the Pathfinder Society


Just ran this adventure the other day and everyone had a blast. The storyline is pretty strong and the faction quests were nice and simple. Most people playing it were newbies to Pathfinder and they all loved it. None of the encounters were overly tough, though the last one did cause them some headaches until they were able to strategize a plan together. The only gripes I had was the "save the world in an evening" feel the scenario had. While I thought it was written well it just seems odd that some lower level pathfinders would be the ones to save the day.

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Awesome intro for a campaign!!


I just completed this part of the adventure path and it was a blast to run. My group consists of a couple long term players and some newbies and both loved the game. It gives you a nice coastal town as a home base, breathes new life into goblins, and has a couple high end encounters to challenge the PCs. The back story is very well fleshed out and was simple to integrate my PCs back stories into it. The rest of the book contains a chapter on ancient Thassilonian which was an interesting read but doesn't come into play much later in the game. A chapter on the town of Sandpoint which a smart DM could have fun with. A chapter of the Pathfinder Chronicles though in this issue it is more of an introduction. And to finish it out is a bestiary, including new creatures in this adventure and a couple others to use as DM discretion. Note: this was published before Pathfinder RPG was out so it uses 3.5 rules and will require minor conversion. All in all this is a great beginning to a campaign and everyone that has played said that it was fun, which to me is what a game should be.

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Good Idea but not the best end result


I recently decided to start running Paizo's Adventure Paths and I am starting with Rise of the Runelords. I got excited when I saw this and thought it would be a great idea to have seperate maps for the game instead of drawing a map over and over. When this finally came in I was a little disappointed in what it contained. It has two poster size maps which are very nice, one of the town Sandpoint and one of Varisia, where the adventure path takes place. Note, the Varisia map has a couple discrepancies that the gazetteer in Pathfinder #3 corrects. The rest of the maps are all the same size as in the book. Now what I do is scan them in, paintshop over the room numbers and secret rooms/doors and then blow it up to 1" squares so it is mini friendly. While I enjoy the product after this, it is a little bit of a pain to do this work for something that should of already been done. They are also not including 2 of the dungeons for some odd reason. All in all, it is handy to have for reference but if you want to play with them you will need to do some creative editing.