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Thanks for this! I posted about PFS campaigns a couple years ago and I got blasted for suggesting this. It's great to see some people have the same idea. Once again, thank you.

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The main reason is because we will be meeting sporadically and they have zero interest in actual society play. I originally brought up the idea of adventure paths but they are worried of the time gaps that may occur in between sessions, where as the scenarios are a bit more self contained. I do have a good chunk of the modules and was planning on integrating them in. I know this may not seem popular to some people but I have already played most of the seasons and just thought it would be neat to make a "loose" campaign based on PFS scenarios.

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Hey everybody, got a question I need help with. I usually run the adventure paths but have recently gotten into running Society games. The group I will be starting with is for the most part newbies. My plan is to make a "loose" campaign out of each season. Now I know that Season 0 is somewhat unbalanced and some are retired, but I will be running it as a campaign and not a society so I will probably run the retired scenarios. I guess my question comes down to "What is the best order to run the scenarios in for maximum story effect by season?" I have seen similar posts about this but I am more curious about doing it by season. I know some changes will have to be made to make it more campaign like, but I just need to know the best order to run them in. I got all of season 0 and season 1 and will be getting season 2 and season 3. Thank you in advance for any help I can get.