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I don't think my list has changed (though, the generic monsters in AA2 took away half my reason for wanting a beastiary and dropped it down on my list)...

1. Veskarium/Near Space source book a la Pact Worlds
2. Magic of the Pact Words source book with new spells, feats, magic items, archetypes, and class features a la armory but specifically related to magic/magitech.
3. Azlanti Star Empire/Vast source book a la Pact Worlds.
4. 'Advanced Players Guide' with new classes, class features, archetypes, feats, generic themes.
5. Ships of the Galaxy source book with new ships, ship parts, expanded starship combat rules, class features, feats, starship monsters, et al a la armory but specifically related to starships.
6. A full 300+ page bestiary with all the PF iconic monsters and new aliens (but no PC races).

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I have a Korasha Lashunta, though I've never actually gotten to play him. I think they make the best weapon solarians especially after Soulfire became legal.

Kasatha's frustrate me to no end. I really want to love them, but I feel like their lore really fails to match their stat array and it becomes difficult to do. It's like at one point Solarians were Wisdom based classes instead of Charisma and they never went back and fixed Kasatha after changing that.

The number of races for SF is over 60 and fast approaching 100. (13(CRB)+22(AA1)+10(DS)+6(PW)+5(AAT)+15(AA2)+2(SFS)=73 not including dimorphic and trimorphics like lashunta and ryphorian I think it's 85 if you count all those). We still don't know what the next rulebook is, but I suspect that by 2020 we'll be well over 100. We already know we're getting at least some genesi from DoF, and one would presume another 10-30 from AA3 (if that's happening).

For me, I really like the Alien races (scyphozoan, bantrid, astrazoan, barathu, et cetera) and the ones that fit classic tropes or are straightforward to roleplay (android, ysoki, goblin, shobhad, halfling, dwarf). Having stats that match the 'flavor' helps a lot, but isn't always necessary. I love my shirren exo-mechanic.

I'm hoping for an AA2 boon like the AA1 boon, but that it has, in addition to a couple races from AA2, more of the races from AA1 that were either never unlocked or only unlockable in certain regions.

I'd burn down a village to get to play a goblin.

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I'm running for 7 players, and I just double everything except the named encounters. Those I bump up by a CR or two or leave as is and add a mook to the fight. Between that and good tactics I'm able to easily challenge the party in every combat.

I hate to say this, but with 8 players, you're never going to be able to avoid phone surfing. That's just life in these modern times. Even with 4 players and 1 enemy, there's more than enough time between turns for people that care about such things to whip out their phone and check their facebook feed or what have you.

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I desperately want to build a formian sharp-shooter soldier 3/technomancer X and build it using all the wicked gun hacks.

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He said earlier today that it's going through layout. I think the answer is still, soon™.

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My party came in in stealth, and even though they had like an entire conversation about tactics and what to do about it, Rendell kept rolling poorly on his perception, so they ended up with plenty of time to figure it out.

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Really looking forward to both of these.

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They've actually been pretty good about doing that math for the planets. I doublechecked the ones in the CRB when it first came out and was shocked they all were listed correctly.

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I used this at the start of my AAT PbD and the group loved it.

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You can also do a 14 Str/14 Dex/16 Cha Solarian with all 10s in the other stats, or a 14/14/18 or 14/16/16 Mystic, Mechanic, or Technomancer.

I mean, that's not 'broken' in the sense that it fundamentally alters game play, but it's better than literally anyone else can do and you never need worry about the dreaded 17 in a stat anywhere.

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Just got copy of AA2 and was skimming through the new PC races. I came across this...

AA2 Spoiler:
Orcs have a racial feature that says the following, with emphasis added...

Conditioned Focus: Due to her conditioning, an orc can choose one skill that becomes a class skill for her. If the chosen skill is a class skill from the class she takes at 1st level, she instead gains a +1 bonus to checks with that skill. She also receives an adjustment of +1 to the ability score associated with the chosen skill. In addition, due to her confidence with that skill, once per day, before she attempts a check with the chosen skill, the orc can grant herself a +2 bonus to that check.

That makes it look like *spoiler* is an 11 point buy race, capable of ending up with all even abilities at level 1. They're already a really solid option for melee. Just curious if the above line was intentional or not.

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I thought it was already determined that 1-00 could be applied only to A-A brand new first level character, or B-A character that is 3-4 level?

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The numbers are a lot tighter in SF than in PF. A +1 or +2 in this game ends up being a pretty big deal for players in the moment.

With a Party of 2-3, you're probably going to have to make some adjustments. The first fight is probably fine, as is, because the gang members should mostly be shooting at each other, not the PC's. The fight in the fusion queen should probably have fewer mooks though and you may need to split up Ferani and Hatchbuster as the two of them together is a challenge for a party of four. You'll definitely want to take a look at the Akatas because they're dangerous even to a party of 6, especially once someone catches space herpes. I'd probably reduce their hitpoints a little and ER to 2, and maybe reduce the DC of the disease by 2 to compensate. Even with a party of 6, I had to pull punches a few times during the fight and fudge some stuff for the party.

Mostly though, you're going to want to let them get away with taking more 10 minute and long rests, and encourage them to be methodical rather than rushed.

The first book in this AP was written before the rules were completely finished, so it's a bit harsher than I think was intended. And it was intended to be harsh. Rob said at Gencon that when he was writing it, he wanted it to be deadly (but he thinks he may have gone farther than intended because of the rules being in flux). It's a harsh universe, and as a long time 3.5 player that's used to every fight being a cakewalk for my super optimized characters, I for one, can't be happier about it.

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Cloning is a thing in the setting. There's an entire ship full of clones mentioned in the backmatter of DS1 and Pact Worlds (it's in the Armada around Absalom Station). I'm pretty sure those are technological clones.

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Ellias Aubec wrote:
I believe the beginners box is the March release as it was mentioned in the blog thread by one of the devs that although it is not part of the subscription, the resources needed to make it meant that they couldn't do the hardback release that would otherwise be expected.

The full comment left the state of a March book (or no March book) entirely ambiguous. Yes, Owen mentioned that the beginner's box required resources, and they only have so much staff. He also mentioned that they try to give each product announcement its own time to shine, and that speculating on unannounced material (or lack thereof) would distract from that.

I'm hoping that there will still be a March book. Other than maybe participating in a Beginner Box Bash, and maybe the new Absalom Station Lore, the Beginner box does little for me.

I fear that you are correct, though, and they'll use the Beginner Box as an excuse for no book in March. If that's the case, I'm going to have to re-assess my commitment to the subscription. I subscribed with the expectation that I'd be getting regular releases. If they're going to be releasing books haphazardly "whenever they have time", then it'd be easier and more reliable to just buy them on Amazon and only buy the ones I'm interested in.

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Nicely done. I'm looking forward to this one.

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Isaac Zephyr wrote:
Dimity wrote:
Does anyone know why we haven't yet heard what the next book after Alien Archive 2 will be? Seems like we should know by now...
We did. It's the beginners box.

Per Paizo, that isn't a rulebook and isn't a part of the rulebook subscription (Vic confirmed in the product thread). Despite this, it may have taken the place of the March rulebook. Though, I really hope that isn't the case.

As to the OP's question. Some of what's happening now may also be (in addition the playtest and site issues) due to people starting back up in school. I know when the semester starts the first few weeks of it are always hell on my schedule, and hobbies suffer.

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Are the overlays on the maps and other images in the PDF intentional? I'm used to being able to simply select the images and copy/paste them out to Roll20 for use in play, but with this one that seems unworkable. I've managed to get what I need (I think), but I'm wondering if I should expect to have to do all the extra work on the upcoming AP's as well.

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Taking 1 or 3 levels of Soldier and then going drone mechanic can work out well. With a one level dip, you may have a little pain at level 3 or may have to take weapon spec as a feat at 3 and then retrain at 4, but otherwise, you'll be fine.

Taking 3 levels of drone mechanic with a combat drone and then using that drone to be an explode heavy weapons platform and going soldier the rest of the way would also work pretty well, I would bet.

I don't think Exo Mech and soldier mix very well as they double-up on some stuff, Exo-Mechs are already pretty soldiery. But I've been wrong before.

The scenarios are (mostly) designed for any random group of players to be able to play in them, so you don't have to be especially optimized either as individuals or as a group for most of them. Depending on how you go there may be a couple where you might feel left out for part of them, or you might be behind if you built especially poorly. But I'd argue that they're the exception and not the rule.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
I should be clear I haven't actually run it yet, so I may be jumping at shadows. My players do tend to become consumed by "you're under time pressure" hints though.

I'm running Dead Suns and I have the same concerns. I'm handling it as follows, noting that the rules for starship upgrades say that it 'usually' takes 1d4 days. So I'm treating it like the ship gets 'downtime' for upgrades separate from the players, whenever the players aren't using it and that it doesn't have to take very long.

Dead Suns:
For Dead Suns 2, I'm going to have the ship in 'dry dock' getting upgraded/customized either before they leave for Castrovel (it may take a few days for the translations to go through), or while they're in Ukulam. Either way, the process is initiated by the Starfinder Society (if the players don't themselves) as a thank you present for joining and solving the murder.
For Dead Suns 3, while they're on Eox, doing their investigations, they get to upgrade their ship. The process would be initiated either by the Society or by Nor (depending on their relationship with Nor) again as a thank you.
For Dead Suns 4, I may have them get stopped in the Drift after the fight with the ASE ship by a passing Triunite docker that offers to upgrade as payment for clearing the area of the Azlanti.
For DS5, I may have the AI upgrade their ship after they deal with the Devourer cult on the first moon or when they return for the second (while it does all the calculations to open the stellar degenerator). But, then again, I don't think they'll need their ship in DS6 because of the stolen Corpse Fleet ship, so that may not be necessary.

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I think there are already a couple of specific things that are available from Armory via boon in the latest scenario(s). Beyond that, though, it's not in additional resources yet. I expect it to be in a week or three, though. They've been pretty on the ball about all the other books, thus far.

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IIRC [Death] effect is just a tag, or descriptor, like [Mind Affecting] or [Fire] or [Evil]. Certain creatures/types are naturally immune to [Death] effects and certain spells, class abilities, and so on, give you resistances or immunity to [Death] effects. I don't remember seeing the tag in the CRB, but I'm away from book. Historically though, things that were [Death] effects were things like Energy Drain, Ability Drain, insta-death spells, negative levels, or the like.

Oh, wait, I think I found it in one of the SRDs...


At least, it's in the list.

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BPorter wrote:
Skill system is great (and I think I prefer it to PF2).

From what little I know about PF2e's skill system so far, I'm likely to agree with you. I'm not sure the differences in the playtest are wide enough between someone that's supposed to be 'the best' at something versus someone just barely trained in it. I think their's is easier, certainly, but I would prefer at this point not to adopt it at all.

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This might be better if we flagged this to be moved to the Rules Forum so we can add the FAQ tag. I too, would like an answer to this question.

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Thank you both.

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1. What do you like about the current edition?

The rules are close enough to 3.5 and PF that I didn't feel like I had to do a lot of work to figure out how to play, but far enough away and in a completely new setting where it still feels like I'm playing a completely new game. They fixed a lot of my long time issues with 3.5 (some were fixed in PF, but my group didn't really switch). The setting is amazing. It sits in a unique head space, in that the only roleplaying games that are remotely similar are Star Wars, Shadowrun, Serenity, and possibly GURPS/RIFTS with some GMs. But, while I love the stories/settings in those games, I tend to hate the rules. The setting, in contrast, is completely open ended. You can play corporate (or anti-corporate) operatives a la Shadowrun or fantasy space wizards a la Star Wars, or both, at the same table, in the same game/story and make it all work pretty seamlessly (unlike RIFTS). Also Bantrids, Scyphozoans, Barathu, Morlamaw, and Astrazoans. I mean, seven-legged, knee-eyed, hermaphroditic, shape-shifting, space star-fish. What's not to love about that?

2. What would you change?

I would have more thoroughly embraced the 'undead are people too' part of the story and made corpsefolk, ghouls, and bone troopers playable. I probably would have added a more magical class or two, in spite of the risks, something like a sorcerer and/or oracle, and a lot more spells/magic items. We could also use a more nature/primitive oriented class; something like a cross between ranger (sans spells) and barbarian, for all the 'savages' we'll be coming across. I would have liked a little more fantasy in my science-fantasy game. In addition to what we got in the AA, I probably would have done a full on Bestiary with most of the iconic PF Bestiary 1 monsters and also probably 20-60 pages of tables for 'generic large herbivores', 'small flying creatures' or the like. Stuff to populate random planets with. The AA gave us rules to create our own, but if I had time for that, I wouldn't be buying books. I'd also like to see class/feat/archetype options that made non-Operative small arm wielders more viable. It's part of the trope. Plus, it's weird to see literally everyone that isn't an Operative walking around with rifles all the time. I probably would prefer the PF2 action economy, as, on paper, it looks both better and easier, but I've yet to play it to be sure. Starship combat and vehicle chases probably could have used another couple passes.

3. Is there anything you wouldn't want to change?

The new way they're managing alignment. All the stuff in the 'I like' section above. The game balance between players and monsters is much better. Combat feels real and dangerous for me for the first time in like 20 years.

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It is not cheaper to upgrade this way, even if only paying the one X-level price.

I showed above that even if you only pay the level 10 price for a level 10 battle harness is 26,199cr. That makes it more expensive than the extant Spider Harness at 19,500cr and it's also more expensive (and in some ways worse) than the new level 10 Ironclad Bulwark in the Armory which is only 19,250cr. It's almost as expensive at that price as the new level 11 Stag-Step suit which is 26,400cr.

The way you're proposing it's 'supposed' to work, would mean, that, instead of spending 26,199cr for a level 10 Battle Harness (a price already demonstrably higher than any other level 10 armor), I'd instead have to spend 71,696cr which is 5,000cr over WBL for a 10th level character.

The way you're doing it can't work, but it's the way everyone seems to be assuming it's somehow supposed to work.

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Even if there's room on the subscription schedule, and without talking about the release dates of things we haven't announced, please keep in mind that things like the beginner box take time to design, playtest, write, edit, lay out, and so on. We can't do more work than we can do in a given timeframe just because we are changing the details of the product we are working on.

I understand that Paizo only has X number of content creators for Starfinder and they can only create Y amount of content in a given period of time. I also understand that the company sets priorities for that content, based on what they think will sell well, bring in new or excite old customers, and/or is most profitable. I've been very happy and excited by all the content I've purchased thus far. That's all given.

But, I also subscribed to the rulebook subscription because I want new rulebooks and was under the impression (from things said in interviews) that I'd be getting 3 a year (dependent on continued demand). If that's not the case, it would be nice to know sooner, rather than later, because I don't think that I'm the only customer that would need to adjust expectations for next year. The beginner box isn't a new rulebook and isn't a part of a subscription. That, at least, has been confirmed. I already have the rules and dice and what-not, so it would only be something I'd consider ordering as a souvenir.

Rather than be one of those customers that gets super pissy on the internet about things unannounced, though, I'm going to step back and wait on the official announcement about what is or isn't coming in March '19. It's far too late for anyone to do anything about it, now.

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No. If you can build/buy the level 8 directly, the cost is 11,643.

Here is the rules quoted from the book, so we're all clear on what, exactly it says...

Armory Page 74 wrote:

It is possible (though expensive) to improve powered armor to

make it a more effective, higher-level piece of equipment. It costs
a number of credits equal to 150% of the armor’s current price to
improve the armor’s item level by 1 and takes at least 24 hours
for each level gained. Thus improving an ironclad bulwark to
11th level would cost 28,875 credits. The price paid to improve
powered armor by 1 level becomes its new current price, so selling
an ironclad bulwark improved to 11th level would bring in 2,887
while improving it to 12th level would cost 43,312 credits.

Emphasis Added.

So, the price for the 8th level version is the cost to raise it from 7 to 8. It is not the cost to raise it from 5 to 6 then 6 to 7 then 7 to 8 all rolled up together. It also only sells for 10% of the price to raise it from 7 to 8, as the example in the book shows.

That's the crux of this contention/question. If it has a price and a level, and I know the stats, for a level 8 Battle Harness, I think I should be able to just buy/craft the level 8 version. But that isn't the way anyone's been interpreting it thus far that I've talked to. They've all been making the same assumption that you are, that you have to pay for the level 5+6+7+8 versions, which is, like your math shows, well over double the price. At those prices, this option is essentially worthless, as noone in a normal campaign can afford that.

I'm hoping for a FAQ on this.

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There are better power armors in Armory to use for higher levels than an upgraded Battle Harness. You can effectively switch chassis every 5 levels or so. But yeah, if you wanted to use the upgrades without buying new and selling old, that's about what it'd cost you (and the final armor would suck compared to the other PA/Heavy available to choose from at 20).

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Hiruma Kai wrote:
As far as heavy armor, its just comparing the typical costs of keeping up to date with heavy armor to upgrading power armor. If you're forced to go through every upgrade level, you're going to be behind on the wealth by level chart for simply for wanting to use the same style power as opposed to buying higher level base types every 3-4 levels.

Yeah, this is why I mentioned heavy armor. It's purely a cost/benefit comparison. I'm saying that if I buy heavy armor, I get a set of benefits called A and it costs X, but if I buy a base power armor and using the upgrade rules upgrade it every level, I get a set of benfits very similar to A (call it A+1), but it costs 2.3X which doesn't seem correct. If I'm allowed to just buy higher level pre-upgraded power armor, or make it myself, I'm still getting only A+1 but it now costs 1.2X instead (ish), and that seems more in line with what the +1 was worth.

Starfinder Superscriber

The Beginner's Box isn't a rulebook. Or, at least, it's not part of the rulebook subscription, according to Vic. There aught to be space for the Rulebook sub in March, and I hope they didn't get crazy enough to cancel that in order to put out the Beginner's Box instead.

They said in a long ago interview that we should expect 3 rulebooks a year unless sales dictate otherwise. Assuming the pattern holds, that's an AA in October, a 'fluff' book in March (that's where I want my Veskarium book), and a 'crunch' book in August (maybe a magic book, though I wouldn't be opposed to a ship book if it updated starship combat rules).

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It's more expensive to do the upgraded suit.

To upgrade power armor by 1 level, you calculate the new level's price (150% of the old level's price), and then pay that to upgrade. The upgrade gets you +1 to both ACs. If the new level is evenly divisible by 5, it's +2 to both AC's instead. If you upgrade by a total of five levels, Strength on the suit goes up by 2, Max Dex goes up by 1, and it gains an armor upgrade slot.

Nothing else changes.

So, if you look at the Battle Harness, for example, a level 6 version would have a price of 5175cr and have an EAC/KAC of 10/13. A level 10 version of it would have a price of 26,199cr and have an EAC/KAC of 15/18 and a Strength of 20 and Max Dex of 3 and 2 upgrade slots.

Compare that to the extant level 10 power armor, the Spider Harness and you can see it's both significantly more expensive, but also better. Compare it to the most expensive heavy armor, AG Battledress and it's still far more expensive, but not much better.

However, to upgrade it from level 5 to level 10 would cost you...71,696cr total. That's insanely more expensive. Whereas, if you bought the most expensive heavy armor at every level from 5-10 and sold the old one, it would only cost you...54,948cr, or 1.3 times as much to upgrade Power Armor every level versus heavy. If you only upgraded at 5, 8, and 10 (which is more likely) it would only cost you 30,945cr, or 2.32 times as much.

What I'm suggesting/questioning is, is you do the same thing you'd do for heavy, there, and instead of upgrading and paying 150%, you make new armor at 150% and sell the old armor at 90%, which means you're only paying 60% of the previous price at every level instead of 150%.

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When I got my hands on the armory a bit ago, one of the main things a lot of people were interested in spoilers on was the Power Armor upgrades. This led to a huge discussion on the starfinder discord about the cost of doing this. Because, frankly it's pretty insane.

Upgrading power armor is expensive. Buying a suit of, say, level 5 power armor and then upgrading it to level 6, then 7, and so on would cost something like 150% of buying the most expensive new heavy armor every level and selling your old stuff. What's worse, after a couple levels, you actually end up worse off on AC if you do it that way. If you were to upgrade Heavy Armor every 2-3 levels (which I suspect is more likely), the cost of upgrading Power Armor is well over double the cost of heavy armor.

I didn't think this could be correct, so after thinking about it some, I brought myself to a question, according to the Crafting Rules (CRB page 235), all you need to craft gear is:


He must have a number of ranks

in the appropriate skill equal to the item level of the item to
be created. For weapons, armor, vehicles, and technological
equipment, the appropriate skill is Engineering.



Crafting items requires you to have access to tools and a

workshop or similar space.



To create an item, you must have UPBs with a total value

equal to the price of the item to be created. At the GM’s
discretion, you can scavenge similar items for parts, allowing
10% of the scavenged item’s value to count toward the UPBs

So basically, if you have tools, time, UPBs, Skill ranks == item level, and an item with a level and a price, you should (I think), be able to craft it.

So, all that brings me to what my sort of question is, in that, I think we aren't intended as players (or GM's) to be buying a level 5 Power Armor, then upgrading it to 6, then 7 and so on. I think the intent may be for us to buy (or craft) new power armor at the appropriate upgraded level when we're ready to upgrade, and selling the old one same as we would for heavy armor. That would mean buying level 5 power armor (or making it), then around level 8 crafting a new 'upgraded' level 8 version of the same armor and selling the level 5 stuff, then repeating it at 10, and so on, replacing the old armor with a completely different level appropriate chassis when that makes sense to do so.

I know this isn't RAW, because the CRB also limits the crafting rules (explicitly) to the items in the CRB. But I also think that any GM that allows crafting and also allows other books is likely to ignore that, and probably most developers assume that people ignore that line as well. Crafting in SF is a lot less broken than it is in PF, so I suspect this may a fair assumption.

If you do the math on crafting new power armor this way (and selling the old stuff), it's still more expensive than doing the same thing with Heavy Armor, and upgraded power armor (at least for the ones I did the math on) were more expensive than even other power armors of the same level. So, I don't think you're giving away the goose by allowing this.

I'm mostly curious if other GM's are reading it this way, or ideally, if this was the intent of the upgrade rules by the developers? I haven't seen any of them speak to that in the twitch streams, but I'm nowhere near omnipresent or anything, so I may have missed it if they did.

Thoughts? Concerns? Insults to my general intelligence?

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I managed to put together an ANS24 News Bulletin and the Letter from Nor yesterday afternoon. If anyone wants to use these, feel free. I didn't have good fonts for the lettering, but it works for me (my group usually couldn't see the images in roll20 anyway, so my handout included both an image and the actual raw text).

EDIT: Oh, and I blatantly stole most of the 'news' headlines from the other thread with just the list of bulletins. I'm going with a sort of 'coverup' angle on the initial reporting, only to have a later article blow up the fact that Astral Extractions was in on the docking bay attack.

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Please let March 19 be Vesk book...Please let March 19 be Vesk book...Please let March 19 be Vesk book...

I could go all day.

Starfinder Superscriber

Does anyone have a handout made for Ambassador Nor's invitation to the Embassy?

Also, is there an ASN24 bulletin for after the fight in the Fusion Queen?

Starfinder Superscriber

That's sqox (squirrel + fox), I'm pretty sure Rob discussed them at the Paizocon banquet as well (I remember the art).

Starfinder Superscriber

Okay, I'd really like to avoid a full on grammar debate here, but the verb here is not "increased", the full verb is "is increased," which makes it present tense because the state of being verb "is" is in present tense. The same would be true for verbs "is raised" or "is boosted". These things are all happening, essentially, 'now' as you read them. It's just passive voice, which can cause subject/verb confusion and makes some things in a sentence ambiguous. In this case, it makes it confusing which noun in the sentence is the subject being increased or when it gets increased. I feel pretty confident in this because passive voice is a bad habit in my own writing, and I have been dinged on it (see what I did there) multiple times in essays.

All that being said, I kind of hope my reading is incorrect, as I'm pretty sure they intended for it to be read how you are reading it. I just don't think it reads that way.

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Isaac Zephyr wrote:
The big thing to note is the verb conjugation on the Polarize; "damage from each such strike after the first is increased by the listed amount.". If it were cumulative then the correct wording would be "damage from each such strike after the first increases by the listed amount.". Is increased reads as once, where you see in Punishing, the correct term increases is used in it's second sentence.

I don't believe that is correct.

"Damage is increased by X" and "Damage increases by X" mean the exact same thing. The first is just passive voice (and generally considered bad writing) if you run a sentence like the first one through a grammar check, the latter is what the app will suggest as the correct wording. (At least, that's what it does for me.) The appropriate part of the phrase is "each strike after the first is increased", which implies each strike gets increased by the listed amount each time the same as "each strike after the first increases".

Starfinder Superscriber

That quote is still considerably backwards.

The space horse is supposed to be before the space cart. I mean, unless space horses push carts instead of pull them, unlike earth horses, for some reason.

Starfinder Superscriber

Thank you.

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Based on what was mentioned in the AP panel at both Gencon and Paizocon, it only starts in the Burning Archipelago. Specifically at the Far Portal station on the opposite side of the sun. It then moves from there to little Asana (the Lashunta Enclave in the Burning Archipelago) and later deeper into the sun and the plane of fire.

Confirmed during the AP panel, Ifrit will be a PC race in the back of DoF1, Suli will be in the back of DoF 1 or 2, Hobgoblins will be in AA2, and there are a new 'Walking Sea Anemone' playable race in the 2nd or 3rd installment of AtAT. Trox, which are also in AA2, may or may not be playable.

I heard somewhere that Bone Troopers will be in AA2, but frankly, if they do that without making them playable, it's a waste of page space.

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I didn't get to watch any of yesterdays videos (I think there was just one Starfinder one on making planets), but I watched all the ones from Friday/Sat and the only thing I saw announced was the beginner box.

I was really hoping for the March rulebook announcement and though I really want that Beginner Box, I'm hoping that isn't it.

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I went back and re-watched the twitch, but I didn't see them mention this and I don't see it above in the blog or in any Paizo comments...

Will this be a part of a subscription plan, and if so, which one?

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The Armory wrote:


A weapon with the polarize special property briefly builds up
a polarized charge in a target. When striking a target multiple
times with a weapon with the polarize special property in the
same round, damage from each such strike after the first is
increased by the listed amount. This resets at the beginning of
your next turn.

Emphasis Added.

Increased implies that it's additive/cumulative. So, assuming you quad attack and get an AOO in the same round and all hit (5 total attacks), that means damage should go...


If you add the Punishing fusion...


At least, that's how I was reading it. It'd be nice to get clarification if that isn't the case.

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I think the only one that worries me is the polarity gauntlets. The polarize effect paired with Quad Attack might get out of hand. Especially if you add in the punishing fusion.

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Yes. But I've yet to see anything that wasn't a tradeoff.

For example, I just got a regimental dress I armor for a level 3 character. It's level 3, light armor.
Regimental dress I 3 1,450 +2 +3 +5 — — 1 L

It compares, to me, pretty favorably to Graphite Carbon Skin, also level 3 and light:
Carbon skin, graphite 3 1220 +3 +4 +4 -1 — 1 1

As you can see, it's more expensive and the base AC isn't as high, but the max dex is higher, it has light bulk, and it doesn't have ACP. Most of the Armors I'd take over the ones in the CRB are either like that or they're ones that have RP connotations.

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That was my plan. Assuming I can find a group for Signal of Screams online.

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I tested on my machine in chrome and it worked just like the video. So I'm golden.

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