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Well... DM ruled that because TWF works by rules clarification, and they use the same wording, Singleton also applies, because RAI, the important part is the free hand, not the weapon.

Thanks, fretgod, BTW for the rules pointer.

I'm trying to build an unarmed combat fighter, so I currently have a 3rd level Monk (Because bonus feats I would take anyway, class abilities, and the option to take Monastic Legacy later)

We just hit level 4, so I'm trying to decide whether to go normal fighter or Free Hand Fighter (APG), since I won't be wearing armor anyway, but I've run into a problem with the Singleton ability. It specifies that you get the bonus when "wielding a melee weapon in one hand and leaving your other hand free"

Does Improved Unarmed Strike count as "wielding a weapon"?

For that matter, can you Two-Weapon Fight with unarmed strikes? I've always assumed yes, but I see that uses the same wording.

illyume wrote:

I found this one out the hard way:

264. When offered food and drink at a shady tavern, always make sure a party member casts detect poison on it before you all dig in.

264a. Keep in mind that alcohol is listed as a poison. When in doubt, skip the brandy.

Sai Ling wrote:
I'll play this campaign in a heartbeat. I've always wanted to play a Mind Flayer. Not that there is any such thing in Pathfinder.

Pfffffffft. There is as far as I'm concerned. Ripping the stat block straight from MM1 works extremely well.

They live deep in the darklands, have many bizarrely organized societies bored into the rock deep underground, not unlike those described in Complete Psionics, have a pension for Drow brains, and sit a wee bit on the crazy and vindictive side, for the same reason as the Drow. (Earthfall, Rovagug)