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Hi Guys,

I ordered 4 decks of items cards over a week ago (order 3698225) . Still pending.

I sent three mails about that, no reply.

I understand you are swamped from other posts, but I need some help here.

This item is supposed to ship to my company address in NJ, USA. I am there until coming Wednesday. Flight leaves Wednesday night. If the order has not made it to NJ by Wednesday noon, then I will have to cancel this order entirly.

Please let me know what the status is and whether you can still meet this deadline as I assumed two weeks would be enough...


Howdy all,

I'm going to be a player again after nearly three years in the DM seat and this will be my first PF character that I get to play (i/o NPC)

We're playing Way of the Wicked, the 'evil' campaign by Firemountain Games.

Starting at lvl 1 and going to lvl 20!

So, an 'evil' Alchemist! I'm thinking about the Jeckyl & Hyde (mutagens), combined with bombing (should work although it's MAD!)

The plan is 7 levels of Alchemist, then 10 levels of Master Chymist, and then the last 3 levels of Alchemist.

Limited to CRB & APG (and a splash of ultimate equipment). No UM or UC (no exceptions!). Access to MIC and SC from 3.5 upon DM approval.

25 point buy will go a long way, and humans (my race) have been improved and can add +1 to three ability scores. With the 25 point buy, I can't go below 8 or above 16 (but can add three +1's, so it could be 17 max)

I'm going for:
STR 16 (for more damage in mutagen form, I'll be front line!)
DEX 16 (for bombing, better AC, better reflex, more initiative, ...)
CON 14
INT 16 (skills and number of bombs and bomb damage)
WIS 10 (will hurt, especially with low will save progression)
CHA 8 (bit of a dumpstat, but fits well with my background and there are 2 other CHA 16+ characters in the party)

Feats on level 1: Point Blank Shot and Extra Discovery (Feral Mutagen)

Very decent in melee, fair chance to hit with bombs (+5 touch attack at level 1 for 1d6+4 direct and 4 splash)

So: my questions... and I apologize if any have been asked before!

1/ I read on this forum and if the FAQ that drawing, preparing and drinking an extract is a standard action. So I can move 30' and draw/prepare & drink an extract? Or does it have to be prepared ahead of time to be quaffed as a standard action?

2/ The consensus is that there is no way to avoid the AoO for preparing and drinking the extract. Although, even if you take damage, there is no chance the extract will fail and you can still just drink it and have it take effect right?

3/ Can I end my mutagen prematurely? It is 10 minutes per level, what if I want 'out' after 3 minutes? :-)

4/ Point Blank Shot adds 1 damage within 30 feat on a ranged attack. Does it only add to the 'direct hit' damage or also to the splash damage?

5/Drawing and drinking a mutagen: is drawing the mutagen a move action and drinking it a standard action, or is it like an extract: standard action to draw & drink?

6/ What action (how long?) does it take to change shape to the mutated form? Immediately upon imbibing? After a lapse equal to a standard action? At the end of my turn?

I'll have more questions later probably, but I'll start small :-)

Thanks in advance!

This came up in yesterday's game.

I had a couple of rogues ambush the party. The resident sorcerer decided to feeblemind one of the rogues (not that hard!).

So the intelligence of the rogue drops to 1 (bare minimum, even below animal intelligence) and the caster (and the rest of the party for that matter) argue that with such a low intelligence, the rogue can now no longer sneak, as that requires precision, knowledge of anatomy and that a drooling wreck of a rogue who can't even remember his own name is no longer able to pull it off.

Not wanting to stall the game, I decided to follow their argument and will come back to them on this by next game.

So what did I miss in the RAW? I can see that a caster can no longer use spells (that's what the spell is intended to do) but nowhere can I find whether precision attacks are still possible...

Any suggestions / own findings / RAW I can use (both ways, I'll go with how the game is supposed to be played)