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I am just kicking of the mega-dungeon "Night Below". An Underdark 2E adventure.

I ran through most of it like 20 years ago when I started playing D&D but we never finished the campaign.

Now, I am picking it up, as GM. And converting it as good as possible to Pathfinder.

I skipped book 1 (my players don't like levels 1-5) so we kicked it off with the absolute end of Book 1 (Garlstone Mines) and we're now going into book 2 after 3 sessions.

Good Times!!! I am not changing the massive treasure haul, so I know full well that my 5 players will have 2,5X the normal equipment by the end of Book 2 (so around level 10). But that is part of the fun for me, and helps with the pacing. They should cut through most of the challenges with relative ease, making for a more-than-one-encounter-per-say play style (which is what we had when we ran it in 2E/3E mode).

And the true boss monsters and especially the long finale of Book 3 need either an army of NPC's and/or alliances, or wel-equipped smart players. I'm option for option 2.

That being said, where does one post his adventure logs on these forums these days? Been years since I posted on Paizo and a bit lost now :)

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Hi Guys,

I ordered 4 decks of items cards over a week ago (order 3698225) . Still pending.

I sent three mails about that, no reply.

I understand you are swamped from other posts, but I need some help here.

This item is supposed to ship to my company address in NJ, USA. I am there until coming Wednesday. Flight leaves Wednesday night. If the order has not made it to NJ by Wednesday noon, then I will have to cancel this order entirly.

Please let me know what the status is and whether you can still meet this deadline as I assumed two weeks would be enough...


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"Paizo's writers and editors are really awesome. They have such an amazing grasp of the rules and everything they touch turns to gold. I really, really, really like everything they're putting out. The balance, the flavor, the power level... it's just perfect. Kudos Paizo employees!"

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"Monks really can hold their own in the party against mostly anything our GM throws at us. In fact, he frequently outshines the barbarian and I think I need to take the barbarian's feelings into consideration and tone down my monk and take less of the spotlight in combat"

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I don't know how to do it mechanically, but a system without classes, just a menu of abilities to choose from at each level, with prerequisites of course.

Put simply:

The class is called 'hero'. The hero gets the following abilites:
Lvl1: Saves +1/+1/+1; BAB +1; 1 Feat; 4 skill points
Lvl2: -
Lvl3: Saves +1/+1/+1; BAB +1; 1 Feat; 4 skill points
Lvl4: -
Lvl5: Saves +1/+1/+1; BAB +1; 1 Feat; 4 skill points
Lvl6: -
Lvl7: Saves +1/+1/+1; BAB +1; 1 Feat; 4 skill points

A/ Three MINOR abilities (you can only select each ability once) at each level. You must meet the prereqs (if any) before you can select an ability with prereqs.
B/ One MINOR and one INTERMEDIATE abilty at each level. You must meet the prereqs (if any) before you can select an ability with prereqs.
C/ One MAJOR ability at each level. You must meet the prereqs (if any) before you can select an ability with prereqs.

MINOR abilities:
+2 Skill points; +1 Feat; +1D4 precision damage; +1 BAB; +1 Fort Save; +1 Reflex Save; +1 Will Save; +2 rounds of rage per day; +2 rounds of performance per day

+5 Skill points; +1 spell known & +1 spell slot of the highest level you can cast; ...

MAJOR abilities:
- +10 Skill points
- +10 base land speed (can only be taken 3 times in total)
- Magic user (you can learn and cast spells; only one spell list which is a combination of divine and arcane);
- Channeling (prereq: magic user; you can use a spell slot to channel energy, can be used for healing or damaging)
- Fury (you can rage: +4 strength, +4 con, +2 will saves while in rage. You can rage for 2+con mod rounds per day);
- Iron Skin (prereq Fury): DRx/- where x is half your class level
- Trap sense (you can detect and disable mechanical traps and gain a bonus on your save versus traps equal to 1/2 your level);
- Improved trap sense (prereq Trap Sense; you can detect and disable magical traps);
- Musician (something like the bardic songs with inspire courage)
- Vituoso (prereq musician; but can now inspire competence, etc)

Of course this is a flawed example, but I just wanted to get the idea across. Endless versatility with one core class :-)

Hope you get the jist :-)

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-Don't try to control other people's characters, or boggart their scene.

THIS :-)

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Oh oh oh... the 'Tom & ses Chums' movie... I love that one too!

It's a classic at our weekly table too :-)

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By the way, about the 'boring' stuff such as disable device to circumvent traps...

Yup, it's a roll, a d20+modifiers...

Pretty much like an attack roll of your favorite fighter or barbarian, yeah, that's a d20+modifiers too!

The magic starts when you describe the action. Everyone can imagine that sword strike gutting the opponent or chopping the head off.

What's needed is an evocative description by the DM of how the disable device roll of d20+X translates to the disabling of the trap.

Make the rogue fumble with those lockpicks, make him see an obscure opening in the wall, testing it with a rod and then his hands. Describe what he encounters with his hand. A rubbery bag, cold to the touch. It is still somewhat moist. Could be a poison bladder, connected to a tube and then to a nozzle under the lock... etc.

You're the DM, you make the story (and the magic) happen. So do your DM job and watch the smug look on the rogue's face as he just disabled that lethal trap by rolling a simple d20+X... :-)

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Guess I'm in this category too, whether you call it 'normal' or 'traditional' or not-overly optimized.

I've never level-dipped in the 15+ years of playing this game. My characters so far have been 100% cleric, 100% fighter, 100% sorcerer, 100% alchemist. I 'optimize' within the bounds of the class, usually only using CRB and part of the APG. (in 3.0 and 3.5 an occasional one-off feat from a splatbook which had to be DM approved)

As a DM, I expect the same from my players.

My play style is to do nifty stuff (but I'm never the DPR/DPS monster, don't overly care for that). My DM style is to continuously adapt to my players' needs. I feel the 'vibe' and I adapt. I can throw a CR 10 or a CR 6 at them in the same encounter, depending on how well they are organized/prepared/optimized. No worries. I wing it, just like that and the maths will be 80-90% correct, but no one will notice.

I have the luck that there are no true rules-lawyers at my table (well, one sometimes tries, but he is very reasonable).

So, +1 to 'normal' roleplaying games with lots of NPCs, lots of interaction, lots of coolness. And -1 to over-optimized stuff, makes for 1 or 2 round combats and I find that anti-climatic...

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Well well...

So I posted my opinion which does not seem to agree with most of the negative rogue-bashers on this forum.

And in that comment I wrote that I did not read 10 pages worth of comments and houseruled some of the spellcasters.

Result: I get shooed away... unworthy of stating my opinion. Quite literally.

I've got to say that the general attitude here (and yes, I can generalize too!) is making me stay away from the Paizo community. It used to be great. It used to be positive. It used to be fun. (for me, of course). But these days, it's one thread after another stating that virtually every class sucks (except barbarian with the invulnerable rager and superstition combo). The OP states that fighter is better than rogue for a few reasons, although I can find dozens of threads that fighter sucks and that even rogues do better at almost everything.

What I wrote was that I did not read all 10 pages of comments and yet it was interpreted as if I didn't read a single post and hence couldn't comment in this thread.

What I wrote was that I houseruled the caster class(es) and yet it was interpreted as if I had houseruled everything (nerfed it) to make sure the rogue stood a chance.

I didn't write any of that 'interpreted' stuff. I did read quite a few posts (although not 500 of them, mostly bashing on the rogue and by extension on the developpers). I didn't nerf all classes to make the rogue look better.

Please don't jump to conclusions that are not there.

All I was saying (and like all others here, I think I'm entitled to an opinion) is that I find the rogue does NOT suck. Sneak with bleed is vicious (especially if it can drain strength... I saw a rogue take down a strength 30 opponent to a measly strength 12 by the time the critter went down...).

It's about tactics, it's about teamwork, it's about playing smart.

And it's also about the ability to do a lot of things outside combat, things which the über barbarian or standard fighter can not do.

That makes the rogue versatile and that's what makes him cool.

That's my opinion anyway. And I'll probably stop reading and posting on the forums here, as it has a bad taste to it, especially the negativism (but I repeat myself)

Cheers all!

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No card list? What can we expect in this set. Interested, but need to know roughly what I'd get...


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Good luck man, and I'm sure we'll still see you around some day :-)

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@Eileen: do as I did; start a cool Greyhawk Campaign with all the nifty stuff Gary Gygax dreamed up (which I adapted to part homebrew, part canon) and just use the Pathfinder ruleset :-)

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And that kids... is why we say... don't do drugs like mr Owlbear does :-)

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mmmmm, too much opinions and text to read it all... but coming from Europe and looking at the US... why are you asking who will pay for a few hundred million for something as valuable as health care for all when you are a country who spends hundreds of BILLIONS on waging war (or keeping the peace) all over the world?

seriously, 'nough said!

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You could have a blast with this... make it not a 'five minute roleplay' or 'lucky D20 roll'

Instead, try this:

*** This is not mine (credit where credit is due, I don't know who originally wrote this), I picked it up from the internet a few years ago and it was too good not to use :-) ***

Thief: "The property must be worth thousands!!!"
Fighter: "Hey, we could move in! I'm tired of sleeping in lice-infested bunks at the Mercenarys' Guild."
Wizard: "And I could use the necromancer's lab instead of sharing bench space with a bunch of 1st year apprentices at the Wizards' Guild. Do you know how much it would cost me to set up my own private lab somewhere else?"
Thief: "But the property must be worth thousands!!!"
Priest: "I agree. We should move in and use this building as a new base of operations. The dorms at the Temple are the size of a closet, and Brother Tuck snores. We'll have to register the deed in our name, though, or the city will seize the property as ownerless. Besides, we'd have to register the deed before we could sell it off anyways."
Ranger: "I'd still rather sleep in the woods."

So, what's a DM to do? The easy solution is to say "Ok, you go to the courthouse, pay 100 gp, and register the deed." But why pass up a chance for some interesting role-playing, and the chance to frustrate your players at the same time! In my own campaign, the PC's completed an adventure where they had cleared out a City of Greyhawk residence that belonged to a sage. The sage had died an unfortunate death as a result of experiments that had gone very wrong. Those experiments were still wandering about the residence, and caused quite a bit of difficulty for the PCs. In the end, one of the more valuable pieces of "treasure" that they had found was the deed to the sage's residence, a deed that they became intent on registering. This is how I resolved the situation. Adjust any specific references to specific guilds (such as the Sages' Guild) as your needs require. What follows is the tangle of red tape the PCs were forced to run through. Paragraph headings indicate where the PCs are. When there, the clerk they meet generally requires them to explain why they are there and what they need (each and every time!). Below that, I list the questions the clerk asks, his actions in response to the answers, then what he requires from the PCs before he can give them what they came for. Keep track of the time it takes visiting all the locations, since the party will have to wait until the appropriate City Hall wickets are open.

The PCs approach the room within the City Hall or Courthouse they've been directed to. On the door is a sign that says:
Estate Dispensations 9:00-11:00 Property Registry 1:00-3:00
Entering the room they see a counter at the back with two wickets. "Estate Dispensations" and "Property Registry". Only one of the wickets will be open (depending on the time of day it is). A room behind the counter is filled with shelves and stacks of books. If they wish to register their deed, they must come when the Property Registry wicket is open. They will approach the wicket and ring a small bell. An elderly scribe will eventually emerge from the back room.

1. Property Registry
They will be asked "Where is the property?" The offiicial disappears into the back room for a while and looks up the address they give in the city property index.
Who is the currently registered owner? Looks up the official registry and finds the name of the sage.
"Our records indicate he is the registered owner and that he is still alive." To prove otherwise, the PCs must produce an official death certificate Form E71-c bearing the Embalmers' and Gravediggers' Guild seal.

2. Embalmers' and Gravediggers' Guild
Was the death of the sage reported to the City Watch? Was the cause of death investigated?
PCs must produce a favorable Incident Report, Form I-9a, from the City Watch.

3. City Watch
If the City Watch was not involved in the proceding adventure (for example, if the Watch asked the PCs to investigate, or were called in during the course of the adventure), the PCs may find it difficult explaining their actions. Once they can prove that their actions were well-intentioned, and may have even benefitted the city in some way, they will be issued a copy of the Incident Report Form I-9a (for a fee, of course). Whether the PCs's actions were on the up-and-up or not, the Watch may now mark them as potential troublemakers, and will be keeping an eye on them in the future.

4. Embalmers' and Gravediggers' Guild
When the PCs produce Form I-9a, which must indicate that the body was identified, and that the sage is indeed dead, they will be asked where the sage is buried. Lord's Tomb, Common Crypt, or New City Cemetary (the choices for the City of Greyhawk)? At this point, the PCs will be required to pay for the internment of the sage's body, if it hasn't been taken care of already.
After paying another fee, they will be issued a Death Certificate Form E71-c.

5. Property Registry
PCs produce form E71-c. They may now request to reregister the property. They will only now be told that in order to do that, they must have a Form LC207-a Certificate of Legal Claim from "Estate Dispensation". Since it is now afternoon, and the Estate Dispensation wicket is closed, they will have to return the next day.

6. Estate Dispensation
When the PCs arrive the next morning, they see the Estate Dispensation wicket open. When the bell is rung, a scribe emerges from the back room. The same scribe that they had been dealing with behind the Property Registry wicket, of course. The scribe will not acknowledge that he knows who the PCs are, what their story is, or what they want. They will have to explain everything from the start. After they have done that...
Was there a will? The scribe checks to see if there is an official Last Will and Testament registered with the office. If not, the PCs must verify the absence of a will with the Lawyers' and Scribes' Guild, and if there isn't, must return with a Form EW222-3b as proof.

7. Lawyers' and Scribes' Guild
If there is a will, the PCs' quest ends here. The DM could then use the will, and the named (potentially mysterious) beneficiary, as a jumping off point for a new adventure. If there is no will, they get their EW222-3b (after a fee, of course).

8. Estate Dispensation
Upon return, they will be told that if there is no will, all property goes to whichever guild the deceased belonged to. The deceased's guild can waive all rights to the property if an official from the guild fills out a Form PRW27-42-1c. They will then be handed the appropriate blank form. If the previous owner was not a member of a guild (unlikely for an NPC wealthy enough to own their own property), skip to step 10.

9. Union of Sages and Academics (varies according to your campaign)
The guild will not relinquish rights. "Give up a claim on a property worth over 15,000 gold pieces? You've got to be kidding!" There no doubt will some arguement from the PCs. In a more chaotic or lawless town, the PCs may be able to bribe the official (raising potential adventures in the future when the guild hierarchy finds out) to sign the paperwork. A more likely response would be.... "You're adventures are you? Well maybe we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement." The agreement will vary according to what type of guild is involved. In the case of the Union of Sages and Academics (in my campaign example) the guild asked that the PCs allow the guild to copy any maps or books the PCs find over the next 5 years, and just hand over materials that the PCs do not want to keep. Provide copies of any maps the PCs make. Finally, the dead sage's library was to be handed over, and then the PCs could keep the property, furniture, and equipment for a 2000gp donation to the guild. The PCs sadly informed the official that the library was destroyed by fire sparked by a spell cast in combat during exploration of the residence (they were lying, of course). After agreeing to the guild's conditions (the PCs may be required to sign a document), the official signs the Form PRW27-42-1c and affixes the seal.

10. Estate Dispensation
The PCs produce the deed, the Waiver of Property Rights PRW27-42-1c from the guild, and the Form EW222-3b (Absence of Last Will). They will then be asked for their Form R87-401T. "What?" "No transfer of property can be made unless all outstanding taxes are paid. Form R87-401T certifies that there are no outstanding taxes."

11. GRS (Greyhawk Revenue Service)
Well, it turned out that the very busy sage had been too busy to pay his taxes. After the PC's coughed up 587gp in back taxes, the GRS issued an R87-401T certifying that there were no longer any outstanding taxes.

12. Estate Dispensation
Now the PCs produce the deed, the Form EW222-3b (Absence of Last Will), the Waiver of Property Rights PRW27-42-1c from the guild, and the GRS Form R87-401T. Now the clerk fills out the Form LC207-a Certificate of Legal Claim. "Bring this form to the Property Registry Office and you may register your property." By now, the PCs shouldn't even have to be told. They will have to return in the afternoon when the clerk is behind the wicket that lies just a few feet away.

13.Property Registry
The PCs proudly produce Form LC207-a Certificate of Legal Claim. They can taste victory! The clerk then asks for their C95 Citizenship papers. Doh! "Only citizens and permanent residents can own property within the walls of the City of Greyhawk. It is the law." If none of the PCs are citizens, they can prove residency if they get a Form R1-p, Certificate of Permanent Residency, from the Office of Immigration and signed by an official from a city registered guild or temple stating that the person in question has been a resident of the City for at least 6 months of every year for a period of not less then 7 years. Once they produce either a C95 or an R1-p, pay a 100 gp fee (of course!), their claim is registered (Form PR-c). If no other claims on the property are filed over the next 90 days, the property is theirs. If any other claims are filed, the case will go to court and you will have to hire a lawyer.
"At the end of the year you will be assessed your property taxes."

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The Rock
Top Gun

Many more, but those two more than anything else :-)