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I bought the BB on a whim and decided to bust it out with some friends on one otherwise uneventful night. We got hooked on the first game, soon we were using CRB, APG, Bestiary, UC, and UM in our games, even handcrafting our dungeons out of cardboard and paint.

We still use the BB for the occasional pawn however


hehehe, I see optimized builds all the time. But none with this much flavor :)

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Cast it into the fiery pits of Mount Doom. In Mordor where the dice were forged.

Haha, ok.
Here's some info...
I'm 10th level summoner, no multiclassing.
I plan on dipping one level in a class with my eidolon at this point.
I've played a few summoners and I've personally found that the vanilla god wizard and melee brute style works best for me. (As our group only typically has 3 people not including the GM.)
The only Summoner Archetype I'm into is Master Summoner, but I'm not playing one this campaign. I needed a breath of fresh air from controlling 40 mooks at once.
I'm completely fine with giving up 7 points. No problem. Or 14.

Form: Quadruped
HP: 74
AC: 28
Speed: 40 ft, fly 40 ft.
Ability Scores: Str 28 (30) Dex 16 Con 17 Int 7 Wis 10 Cha 11
Saves: Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +2/+6
Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency: Falchion, Toughness, Improved Natural Attack: Claw, Lunge, Multiattack
Evolutions: Bite, Limbs (Legs), Limbs (Legs) Large , Pounce , Limbs (Arms), Limbs (Arms), Claws (Legs), Claws (Arms), Improved Damage (Claws), Rend
Special Abilities: Darkvision, Link, Share Spells, Devotion, Multiattack

He's doing quite alright...
First of all, where do you think I should divert points from?
And any new suggestions based on my build?

A group of friends and I love strange, off the wall concepts in our games.
And as I'm playing a Summoner, my GM is going to let my eidolon take levels in a class, one for seven evolution points. Now I really don't want to pass this up...

So now I'm curious, what classes do you think would synergize the best with my melee focused eidolon. I've been thinking about monk for the bonus to my unarmed attacks and flurry. But are there any other ideas floating around... It seems too obvious to be a monk.

Also, tell me if the evolution point cost is seemingly too low or too high, he is happy to change it if it is unbalanced.

Thanks a ton and sorry for the crazy curveball of a question :)