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*gawks at the new final covers' art and colour scheme*
Ooooo... Shiny. I'm more and more hyped by the possibilities of hobgoblin centralised, war infused fantasy campaigning. This has a potential of including some very good times indeed!

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Liz Courts wrote:
...I had to cut so much from that Sellen River article. ;_; (It's a really really really big river, you guys.)

Well, on the bright side, since the river is vast and deep with LOTS of shores, perhaps there is a possibility for a whole CS book of the topic somewehere in the future? I wouldn't mind. :)

Heine Stick wrote:
Petrus Malleus wrote:
Wait, what? This is out now? I wonder where's my subscription copy and the pdf? I believe I haven't had any email notifications, plus it's not shown in my subscription status at all. Is this normal? Anyone else having any possible issues with their subscription concidering the 3rd part of Strange Aeons?
It's not out yet. Shipping to subscribers starts Monday.

Phew. Got me worried for a while - especially when my shopping cart is acting out at the sime time, not reducing the 15% discount on the other products. Might as well try again tomorrow to get the goods shipped in one go. Thanks for the info, mate.

Wait, what? This is out now? I wonder where's my subscription copy and the pdf? I believe I haven't had any email notifications, plus it's not shown in my subscription status at all. Is this normal? Anyone else having any possible issues with their subscription concidering the 3rd part of Strange Aeons?

One of my wishes was granted when they announced Ironfang Invasion. I really didn't have any high hopes for a proper insight on Molthune-Nirmathas tensions, but I shall receive - with hobgoblins!!! Stoked.

Now that this one's already on its way, my current Top 3 AP locations would be:
1. Alkenstar
2. Qadira and/or Taldor
3. Geb and/or Nex

Oh, how sweet it would be to have a CS book and a whole AP of steampunkiness with Alkenstar and Mana Wastes! When Iron Gods went totally bonkers with all the scifi stuff, couldn't we do the same with magic and more primitive machines, pretty please?

Once again I don't have high hopes for the Qadira vs. Taldor package, since we now are having one "nations under war" AP coming up, but one can always hope? Qadira is having its own CS book on the way (also the one I've been hoping for some time), so maybe they'll throw in Taldor too? It would be reasonable enough assumption that we could have an AP concentrating on the long lasting rivalry, simmering hate and distrust between these two nations.

Then the undead menace of the whole frigging Geb. Now, if Paizo pulls this one off I'm damn sure to buy Horror Adventures straight off the bat. (I'll do it anyway eventually, but this kind of baby wwould definitely loosen my purse strings way quicker.) If it will be any rewarming of old hate between Geb and Nex, I wouldn't mind because Nex also deserves a CS book of it own and this kind of thing would be a perfect excuse to release one for bouth nations. However, all-Geb campaign would be most heart warming experience - maybe with a possibility to play as an undead? Hmmm...

This may have been wished for elsewhere, but here goes... Cavalier Orders of the Inner Sea. Cavalier Orders scream for more Inner Sea fluff, since I feel the game mechanics for the orders also affect the way we see cavalier characters or NPCs as part of Golarion or homebrew worlds a lot. A good dose of background material would help me immensely in tiying the orders up tightly with the campaign world and different nations. What little fluff we already have, like in Inner Sea Combat, I like very much. (Order of the Beast, especially!) Order histories in Golarion, methods, organizations (whether loose, non-existent or highly organized...), all this would be a very welcome and time-saving material for some campaign and NPC designing. I'd definitely by this book if it were available.

JiCi wrote:

"troops of goblins"

Please tell me that there's a troop template :D

This would be appreciated. I loved the troop concepts in Rasputin Must Die! The template would make many low level adversaries more easy-to-use and useful in higher level games without relying on creating smaller groups of class-statted NPCs / monsters. Plus, I just LOVE the good old "few heroes against a throng of enemies" scenario - this would be easy to simulate with troop template without clogging the grid and taking loads of everyone's precious game in turns that go on forever.

In case we don't get the troop template now, in next installments, pretty please?

Oh my... oh my! Of course, this was to be expected after the pre-release info on Ironfang Invasion, but that does not diminish the feel of me getting SO stoked for this! I've been waiting for some Molthune goodness on my way ever since I laid my eyes on the country in the pages of Inner Sea World Guide. To get their adversary neighbor in the same package is the welcome plus, although normally I would prefer that both would get their own 64-page treatments.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

At last Lirgen is explored!

I hope this has a map of Hyrantam on one side of the battlemap!

The Sodden Lands are a great setting and i hope we get a Campaign Setting book one day.

A definite +1 for The Sodden Lands Campaign Setting book in the future!

UnArcaneElection wrote:

I wouldn't mind seeing Paizo's answer to Planescape, but more closely tied to Golarion (not that anything was wrong with the original Planescape being a whole essentially separate setting, but this would guard against the risk of splitting their own setting market, as well as discourage the WotC lawyers).

Planar Adventures - as a huge Planescape fan, yes, please! The form you suggest here would also please me very much. Of course, the subject has been handled in different Campaign Setting and older Chronicles line books, also in GameMastery Guide, but the whole hardcover dedicated to planar settings would be a VERY welcome way to open up a huge sandbox to play with. To me this feels like a very welcome addition to Campaign Setting hardcovers.

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello The_True_Meller,

[Cropped all the cool customer service stuff]

Yes! Much obliged. This is one of the reasons I love you guys - your customer service is as top notch as the products. Rock on and thanks again!

Hi there! I'm having the same issue with my Humble Bundle Beginner's Box as few people above have declared. After the redeeming I accepted the delivery costs with my PayPal account, but there's no pending order on my Paizo account. Could you please check if something's wrong or if I've done something wrong in the process? Thanks!