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psionichamster wrote:

Start with Edge of Anarchy, but in Riddleport.

Go on to Children of the Void, then a mashup of Seven Days to the Grave/Hook Mountain Massacre.

Nice combo there.

I'm pondering a similar take, but with Shadow in the Sky shifted to Korvosa, and followed by a mix of Children of the Void and the urban segment of Skinsaw Murders.

Academy of Secrets might round it off nicely and the combo serves as a nice campaign to follow with Curse of the Crimson Throne.

All that said, I'm just about to backtrack and snag the Council of Thieves AP given your suggestion of looting the end of it.

1) A solidly science-fantasy styled campaign that draws on Numeria, Distant Worlds and Alkenstar among other elements. Perhaps the Azlant legacy would have a nice place here, with the obvious Atlantis/Ancient Astronauts type of vibe. Offset that with some savage tribal foes, barbaric PC types and you've got the tasty tasty soup of Kull, Conan and John Carter to enjoy.

2) A true mega-dungeon. Complete with surrounding wilderness, dungeon dwelling factions and mysteries to offset the exploration and hacking. A full 15 levels of dungeon crawling mayhem would be delicious.

Been a loooooong time since I was in these here parts, but I'm back running Pathfinder again and figured I should add to the chorus for Numeria.

I like aliens, tech and gonzo stuff in my fantasy. Whether it's Barsoom or Krull, there's plenty of room for that sort of thing in fantasy gaming.

David Fryer wrote:
I also apologize for any hostility on my part. You have every right to express your opinion and I should not have made light of it.

Nah, I was an arse and you called me on it.

No worries. As to Pathfinder? Whether I love or loathe the actual game, there's still Golarion and the Chronicles for me to steal stuff from. :)

You know what?

I owe Paizo an apology for my uncalled for hostility. I shouldn't have posted in the way I did.

I am dissapointed that Pathfinder isn't going to be the game I hoped it would, but so long as it provides fun for it's fans, then it's done the job.


So my fears are now confirmed.

Spellcasters are awesome, get cool options and toys in Pathfinder.

Fighters get to swing a sword and basically suck.

Oh well, I had hopes that the promises of a 'fixed' 3.5 would be true...not just a pipe dream.

Good day Paizo, I wish you luck.

You'll need it if you're assuming that the vocal minority here on your own site are going to keep you afloat. Somehow I don't see those 10,000 downloads of the free playtest being repeated when you ask us to pay money for lukewarm 3.x with all the same problems as before.

You do all realise that you cannot take more than one extended rest in a given game day right?

The 15 minute adventuring day is not possible by the rules, so not a problem.

Your players complain? Explain the logistics of having a full nights sleep an hour after getting up, then throw some goblin ninja at them.

Scott Betts wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Nah, I'm just poking fun at 4e monster naming convention... one can't have just a plain "wolf", it must be either "shadow wolf", "doomfire wolf" or "flumphtouched wolf". Smells awfully of WoW monster naming schemes...
On page 264 of your 4th Edition Monster Manual you will find the TOTALLY XTREME and ADJECTIVES EVERYWHERE "Gray Wolf" monster.


And let's not forget the extreme awesome of the half-fiend gnoll ranger 7/blackguard 6!

You know, only one thing could make this cooler. If every single gribblie were to be illustrated by WAR.

Of course, that's unpossible...but it'd be sooo cool.

15 minutes. That's all I could take of it I'm afraid.

And now I remember why I stopped watching TV after Supernatural and Sarah Connor Chronicles ended.

Ah well, at least I have plenty of DVDs to watch.

Wigan, England.

Famous for the canal pier, but mostly for the wonderful pie! Meat, Meat & Potato, Chicken & Mushroom, Steak, Cheese, Butter, Mince (No, the other kind), and whatever else you care to put in one...mmmm, pie :)

Mmm, beer...

I'm a cider supper lately, favouring Scrumpy Jack and Kopparberg Perry, but I do enjoy my beer as the colder months approach. (Cider being reserved only for the summer months of course).

Abbot Ale is a wonderful smooth ale, nice easy drinking for an afternoon session. A hand rolled smoke adds a lot to it's flavour.

Newcastle Brown is the nightclub beer of choice, since it's fairly light, and the indestructible bottles ensure a lack of breakage in case of dance-related accident :)

Pendle Witch is a local brew, so always welcome and I've a soft spot for Leffe at times.

If I'm drinking at home it's either Hobgoblin or Fiddler's Elbow. Maybe a bottle of Champion Badger. My indoors drinking is normally either Tequila or Johnny Walker Black Label though.

Not really new, although I rarely post hereabouts. I've met a few of you in the chatroom (which I've lamentably not visited in a while).

I was a big fan of Dragon since #189 (just a couple of months after getting into gaming), and Dungeon since just after 3e debuted. I hopped on the Pathfinder train immediately, and have no intention of getting off anytime soon. :)

I'm also one of the weirdos who's running 3.5 (Eberron), Pathfinder AND 4e games, and loving all three of them.

Anyway, it's nice to be back after far too long away.

SirUrza wrote:
I thought they were already taking cues from paizo.. started with adventure paths ya know? :)

You mean like the one that started with Sunless Citadel?

(Ok, so that was an AP in name only, but it's not as if Paizo came up with the idea of a linked campaign now is it? They just did it best :))

Gurubabaramalamaswami wrote:
So the PHB "series" is kind of the new "Complete Class" series, right?

Pretty much.

Jal Dorak wrote:
hogarth wrote:
Gurubabaramalamaswami wrote:
What exactly is the point of a playtest for a rules set that's already been released in its finished form? Are we talking 4.5 already!?
They're going to be releasing a new Player's Handbook every year (I think) with new classes, feats, etc.
I think of it as 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc.

Really? Why would that be, when the new PHBs won't be a revision of the earlier material?

The PHB II, III, etc will be introducing new races, classes etc not rewriting the previous books.

Oooh, I just found out (in the PF Companion forum of course!) that the first part is free with my guys rule!

Thanks very much.

Double Post!

Hi, I recently re-subscribed to Pathfinder, and just recieved an e-mail notifying my that my first order is about to ship.

I'm just curious as to the inclusion of Pathfinder Companion on the order? I'm pretty sure I didn't order it...or is my mind playing tricks on me again?

Sorry for asking stupid questions if I did order it and just forgot!

I'd at least give a Pathfinder manga a try, although I'm a relative novice when it comes to the format.

Long time fan of western comics though, and I'd love to see something in the Devil's Due style- that would be fried gold.

And happy to be here again :)

I subscribed for a few months, until the slow death of my job, combined with the new postage rates led me down different avenues for my gaming jollies.

Now though, I've got the funds, the players and the anticipation of Pathfinder goodies to keep me where I should be.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled threads...

I started running Castle Whiterock in January (after my group bought it for me as a Christmas pressie), and a couple of months in we decided to transplant the campaign to Golaron, using the awesome power of retcon.

I made some alterations to the map, and stuck Cillamar down on the northern border of Numeria and the River Kingdoms, about 120 miles northwest of Pitax. I've basically just pointed to the map and said 'Yeah, so there's a wee mountain range there, don't worry about it'.

The River Kingdoms made sense to me, just because it allows the campaign to progress without worrying after reworking details from either Pathfinder or CW to fit it in...plenty of room for another petty kingdom and a dungeon in the River Kingdoms.

No sale here, I'm afraid. It was looking pretty good up until Alpha 2 & 3...and if I do want to keep on playing 3.5?

Well, I still have 3.5 for that.
I'll be getting the setting stuff, and pathfinder ap's still, but no chance on the RPG.

joela wrote:
This sap needs some convincing.

Sap? Real classy there...I'm sure having Paizo fans insult him on another board will be just the needed motive to buy into the company.

Hi Paizo folks,

Just letting you know I've fired an e-mail over about my order on the above number.

The account problems have been rectified, and the order can go ahead anytime.

Thanks for your help,

KnightErrantJR wrote:
Well, probably not in the Beta version, and it doesn't sound like the monsters will be part of it either, since Erik said a logical follow up to the RPG book would be a monster book.

Ah, I hadn't seen that. Still, it would be nice to have a selection of iconic monsters in the Pathfinder core. Just something to let folks run a game with the bare bones until a monster book comes along.

Thinking mainly of those people who might encounter the game once D&D is out of print here.

I'm still holding onto the hope that Pathfinder will be the new Rules Cyclopedia- all the rules, monsters and info needed in one tidy package.

That would make me dance with glee.

Dance, I say!

Let's see...ooooh, Super.

Me likey.

I've always been a shop customer in the past, and never even considered subscription.

I have to say though, 30% discount, free PDF AND a 15% discount on anything else? Paizo rock!

Looks around shiftily...Klaatu Verada...Smurf!

Smurfette? Giggety!

I'd be all for seeing a few cartoons. A little humour goes a long way, and it'd be a nice nod to the old 1e books.

That pic of the characters charging a giant snake with a big forked stick always makes me smile.

KaeYoss wrote:

Those skills are boring.

Where's "Operate Starship And Chew Gum At The Same Time", "Turn Radios Into Howitzers", "Make Someone Stop Living With Your Fist", "Making Sharp Things Go Thru Soft Things That Screem And Bleed", "Whining Until You Get What You Want", "Withstand Bagpipes", or "Tolerate Hideous Amounts Of Bloody Mutilation And Still Eat Fast Foods"?

Nice to see I'm not the only person who's a fan of HoL.


Make Anything You Say Sound More Important Than The Voice of God was always my favourite.

Taming the Chelaxian wilderness sounds like just what the doctor ordered for my game. Drool.

As for after that? Polymorph plague sounds cool, but I'd much rather see the Genie Wars. That sounds hardcore.

When I click on it, the page redirects to the front page.

Is it just me, or is there an issue with the link?

I don't often post here, being a die hard RPGnetter, but I just have to say a big Thankyou flavoured W000t! to Paizo for this.

I'd been hoping to see this happen, but never actually believed it would. I'm in, and for the long haul.

Nicolas Logue wrote:

Heh. Really, I'd love to guys, but really, I can't do it. It's just too f!&*ing sick. I feel dirty for writing it even. f!&*ing sick. Horribly sick. I just re-read some of it thinking I might post a tidbit, and I threw up in my mouth a little. I write a lot these days, and I quickly forget what I've written, and after re-reading the original section on Jeppo, Sugar and Hograth, I was like: "Why Nick!? Why did you write that!!!"

So, FATAL D20 then? Sounds...unpleasant.

QUOTE="Keith Richmond"] I assume you've looked at

Well...that is...Look out! Behind You!


Seriously though, thanks for the help folks, it's much appreciated.

Darn, now I want a copy of the book too! Well done Eric, you've served your dark Paizo masters well this day. :)

Basically, I'd like to see a quick synopsis of each adventure in the path, and of the campaign plot itself- as in, while AoW is about the return of Kyuss and the coming doom brought about by Dragotha and his minions, what's SCAP actually about?

Ok, long time lurker- first time poster, big fan etc, etc, blah, blah and so forth.

Now that that's out of the way, I've a quick question for one and all. I only managed to pick up the first two installments of Shackled City in Dungeon magazine way back in '03, and I'm pondering picking up the hardcover. What I'd like to see first though is a general overview of the campaign, as was done for Age of Worms and Savage Tide- does such a thing exist, and would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

Ta muchly in advance...and I'll see you all on the boards.