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After one of the best IRL nWoD: Mage sessions I have ever run I am currently on an inspired fire, so I am back (for now). I might relapse overnight, but I will update tomorrow. Am exhausted.

Thank you for the kind words and patience.

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I'm ambivalent about gunslingers in particular. I don't see anything inherently broken with the gunslinger as a whole - I raise an eyebrow at the pistelero archetype, though. I don't permit gunslingers in my games at the moment, however. While I think guns are a good fit in fantasy, I also prefer good ol' fashioned swords, hammers and fireballs.

What I do permit is the spellslinger. There's a very... scientific feel to guns, in my opinion, and I might be stereotyping slightly but I can imagine a "modern-esque" wizard creating the guns in Pathfinder. I've allowed them in my games, and I'm glad I have. Go go Professor Cain and your Kobold Riflemen Brigade.

Good times.

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Trista Goodheart wrote:
Marcellus Alazario wrote:
I'm only affected at heavy load or more though and i'm not going to let myself go into it.
**Leaps into Marcus' arms**

**Horrendously envious**

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If there's one incantation that would fit really well (I'd say), it would have to be Tales of the Abyss' English rendition of Indignation.

I, who stand in the full light of the heavens
command thee, who opens the gates of Hell!
Come forth, divine lightning!
This ends now!


And then a grand lightning tears the earth. I suppose Call Lightning could work, but then again it is far from epic enough.