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In the spirit of MTG:Unhinged, I thought it would be fun to list some of the more... unorthodox ideas that some of us have come up with. Truthfully it was inspired by some funny posts that I've already read. I'd love to get "official submission" style postings of some items that might not otherwise be selected.

Please keep them at a PG-13 rating and realize that this is an exercise in hilarity, not an additional contest, or anything that might resemble a serious matter in any way, shape or form.

With apologies to the original owners of these items, here are the items that spurred this exercise:

Kruelaid – Panties of the succubus, Britches of Stink Suppression

Nighthunter - Banana Hammock of the Todd

Ragwaine - Chair of Swordliness: when wielded as a weapon this large overstuffed chair acts in all ways as a long sword.

If you three would care to expand upon these ideas, I think it would be fun. For anyone who came up with similarly ridiculous items, feel free to post them.