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Starting to get serious


The adventure path continues strongly and the kiddy gloves are starting to come off.

This was a really good pack, both in terms of the scenarios, the boons and the theme. As with the previous packs the story doesn't come through quite as well as it might but the scenarios feel a lot more connected here so it isn't as noticeable.

As with previous packs, the intent seems to be that each one has a scenario that shakes up the standard explore, close locations defeat the villain mechanic. In this case the third scenario with Black Magga is very nicely done and the race to save the villagers was pretty intense.

The player boons are worth mentioning with some very nice new cards available for just about every character. Lini in particular loved this AP with lots of new allies and divine spells to pick-up.

The scenarios are starting to get tougher though. Some of the villains have an escape planned (curse that Mammy Graul), some scenarios throw party wide damage at you, and there are quite a few new encounters that will hurt an unprepared party.

All in all, this is an excellent addition to what was already a really strong game. Thoroughly recommended.

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Good Follow Up


Overall this is a very solid addition to the Pathfinder ACG but wasn't quite as good as the original.

The theme of the adventure pack is a murder mystery and undead uprising. The undead uprising comes through very nicely in the first few scenarios, however, the murder mystery won't be so obvious to people who haven't read (or played) the associated Adventure Path. Still, there is a lot of flavour and the third scenario with the haunts is very nicely done and shows just how interesting the game can get. Some other locations and scenarios are nice both in flavour and mechanics (such as the Clock tower and the Sanitarium) but the significance could again be lost on people unfamiliar with the AP.

The boons also haven't seemed like an upgrade in many cases and aside from some arcane spells and the loot at the end, most play throughs we prefer to keep the AP1 and base game cards which was a bit disappointing.

I ended up somewhere between 3 and 4 stars for this one, but the flavour and theme tipped it over to 4 in the end.

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Awesome Game


I've been playing the game for about six months now and feel I can finally write a considered review.

In short, it's fantastic.

The game makes for a very nice blend of card game and rpg. It contains the deck building and random draw aspects of card games, with the progression and campaign aspects of rpgs. The way that the game scales with more players, by focussing less on player resources and more on time (measured through a blessings deck) is a very nice mechanic and means that 2 and 3 character games play very differently to 5 and 6 player games.

Mechanically the game is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it, and has a lot of room for interesting tactical decisions during play about where to spend cards.

The game works very well solo, though they suggest playing multiple characters. This is easy enough to do, right up to 6 characters, with a bit of organisation. Also great with friends.

Only negatives are fairly minor. The rule book could better explain a few things (though the designers are very active on various forums and appear to be fixing this) . Additionally, the 'story' of the adventure path could be explained a bit more in the card game. This won't limit the enjoyment but the overall story arc makes a lot more sense now that I have read it.

Still, they are very minor quibbles and overall an excellent game.