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Guennarr wrote:

Hi there,

according to order history my latest superscriber parcel was sent on March, 10th. I am used to delivery times of three weeks, but by now it's more than one month.

So I ask you:
@ other european subscribers: Do you also still wait for your March order to be delivered?
@ Cosmo: Do you know about any delivery problems to Europe?

Thanks for your input!


I dont receive the Pathfinder #7 itoo

Professor Frankln Von Wolfstien wrote:
This power should be adjusted. 100% immuneity is a little much for the price.I think it should be 25% light armor,50% medium armor,75%heavy armor.I dont think padded armor should be allowed to have heavy fortification if you see my point of this thread.,but adding light fortification would be fine to padded armor.

Yes this power should be adjusted

Perhaps a reduction of damage against sneak attack

for example :
Light : 10
Medium : 20
Heavy : 30