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trips Quiche Lisp and rolls a bowling ball over him

For the win!

Steve Gerber is a great comic book writer until Hollywood ruined his name.

The Next Poster will explain the necessities of a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I mean all three...

lucky7 is banned for being part lich.

Sissyl is banned for not serving my kind and hurting my feelings. I'm just a dretchling after all.

Fear Itself is banned for showing his pearly whites.

For a minute there I thought this thread said three way delusion...


Richard "Hamster" Hammond wrote:

Well, you should!

oh, D is for Drainage. Sinus drainage.

*Puts head on backwards

Damn! That hurt!

Shrimp Slaad wrote:
"pledge" is the sound it makes when you pour dretching on your slaad.

Don't pour me on a Slaad.

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Joy to the World.
All the Slaads and girls
Egg to the fishes in the deep limbo sea,
Egg to you and me.

Robert Paulson was an annoying orange and not very chaotic. Jeffrey Williams on the other hand like to rummage through other people's bank accounts.

42 is the number of the Beast and his name is Jeffrey Williams.

Tossed Slaad wrote:
Is the well full of creamy slaad dretchings?

Someone called?

I'm good with any slaad.

No. Sloppy seconds. Yes..., wait!

Don't Touch Me!