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So I suffered the Curse of Withering. And my highest die on a check is a d4. (Yes, that's correct). What happens? The card says:
"While displayed, during your check, when you assemble your dice, replace all of your highest-size dice with the same number of the next lower-size dice."
There are no lower-sized dice. So, my options:
1. Roll d4s. Those are the lowest-sized dice and the Curse cannot reduce them further.
2. I can't make the check. Effectively, my dice are d0s.
3. Some other interpretation...

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UPS has lost my order. They inform me that the sender (Paizo) has to file the claim.
I sent an email but haven't heard back from you.
Can you file the claim with UPS, cancel the order, and refund my payment?

I was willing to pay more (Paizo price with discount + shipping is more than Amazon cost) to get the game earlier, but that's not going to happen. I wanted to bring it to a family reunion next week, but if I can't have it by then, there's no urgency. I'll get it later this summer or whenever.

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I enjoy playing and running PFS adventures. However, I'd like to recommend a couple of improvements to the scenarios.

1. Take stat blocks out of the text and include them as appendices by sub-tier, with no stat block spilling to another page. I find having the stat blocks for multiple sub-tiers right in the text, breaking across pages, to be difficult to use. I would much rather have an appendix for each sub-tier. Since we DMs print out the modules, I don't expect that page length is a concern to Paizo. I don't want the scenarios to have many extra pages, but the trade-off is that I wouldn't have to print stat blocks for other sub-tiers. I'd probably print less this way, in fact.

2. Provide a simple way to make each encounter a little more challenging. For example, I've run scenarios for 4 PCs at level 4 in sub-tier 3-4. Every time, they walk through the combats. This phenomenon is even more pronounced in sub-tier 1-2 with a group of 2nd level PCs. Perhaps provide one or two other creatures to the encounter, or a terrain obstacle or a buff (potion or scroll) for the enemies to use.

3. Eliminate sub-tier 1-2 and have a simple sub-tier 1. Then 2-3, 4-5, etc. There's just no comparison between 1st and 2nd level characters. Four 2nd level PCs have blasted through every sub-tier 1-2 scenario I've played or run. They're exponentially more powerful than 1st level, what with many more HP and the gear.

4. Provide read-aloud text that includes the creature(s) in the room. So many times, the read-aloud text describes the room, but leaves out the creatures/villains in the room. I recommend including that information with the excellent descriptive text. If, for some reason, the creature isn't there, it's easier for me to skip the text than to ad-lib it. And, the majority of the time, the creature will be there.

These are humble suggestions and I recognize there may be reasons they aren't feasible--reasons I haven't thought of. What do you all think?