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Here's my issue: we've been campaigning since 4th level, and are now 6th. One of my players is rocking the summoner class, and it's quite tasty. However, it is very frustrating to her that she cannot summon monsters with her Spell-Like Ability (SLA) while her Eidolon is present. I'm aware of all the typical ways to get around this (Summon Eidolon, Summon Spells, dismiss as a Standard). Her gripe is that the summoner's abilities are redundant, and as GM I can't seem to disagree.

I presented the option of Master Summoner, which I felt would be ok since this player intends for her Eidolon to be on hand as often as possible, thus circumventing the standard cheese. We both agreed that the sudden reduction in power to the Eidolon would be jarring in game (it would lose its ability to fly and about 50% of its combat damage).

I considered simply reducing the SLA to the next-lowest-level spell, and allowing it to be used 5 + CHA times per day, and used alongside the Eidolon.

What are your opinions on allowing a feat that reduced the Eidolon's dismissal time from a Standard action to a Move, or even a Swift?

TL;DR I want a way for my player's summoner to be able to use her SLA and Eidolon concurrently without using the Master Summoner archetype.