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>>$20 Pathfinder messenger bag
>>Proceed to checkout as fast as possible
>>$17 to ship an item weighing less than 1 lb
>>Cancel order
>>Gripe on forum

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The thing that really bugs me about this thread is that it wouldn't even exist if the 7 was in Strength. It also wouldn't exist if the character was a sorcerer and the 7 was in, well, any other stat. I've seen barbarians with 3 Intelligence, and nobody even bats an eye, but as soon as you dump Charisma, somebody wants to complain about it like it's some sort of game breaking social disease. I'll really never understand the phenomena.

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Having a separate Fly skill is only slightly less stupid than having a Walk skill.

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Ion Raven wrote:

I also find it ironic that a pacifist would slay an enemy chained down. Just saying out of context...

Yeah...the paladin in my game was removed from service of his deity for violating the Paladin code, and was quickly offered his powers back by a Pit Fiend of Asmodeus. He could stay a "good guy", Asmodeus would grant him the ability to Smite Evil and everything; he just had to wear the symbol. Pally took the deal, and sealed it by banging a succubus. For two weeks. In her fleshy hotel room in the Abyss. The pair were then plane shifted back to the rest of the group, where the Pit Fiend ordered Pallypants to kill her as a display of the new power. She couldn't move due to a Power Word: Stun. The paladin then beat her to death with a mace, and the player was shocked. SHOCKED! That he was no longer of Lawful Good alignment. One of my players (who is an actual, honest to God (lol) Satanist) looked at him and said "dude, that's f~$$ed up," before going outside to smoke.

I've found that somewhere in the neighborhood of 95% of people I have gamed with share a similar opinion of the Paladin Code and Good alignments in general. Basically, if it's evil, you're not only allowed to kill it, you should kill it, and you can do so in any fashion, for any reason, at any time.